Cu Digest is a more-or-less weekly digest/newsletter/journal of debates,
news, research, and discussion of legal, social, and other
issues related to computer culture. 
Subscriptions can be obtained by dropping a note to:
It should be a one-line note that says:   SUB CU-DIGEST 
in the Subject line. No message in the body is necessary.
To UNSUB, drop a note to the same address, saying UNSUB CU-DIGEST
Contributions can be sent to the editors. Guidelines for contributions to CuD are broad, but must be relevant.

How to Contact Us

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  • Any questions, drop us a note. Jim Thomas and Gordon Meyer -
    Or write:

    Jim Thomas
    Dept of Sociology
    Northern Illinois University
    DeKalb, IL 60115
    Voice: (815) 753-0303 / Fax: (815) 753-6302
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