WHAT KINDS OF THINGS DOES CuD PUBLISH? We encourage submissions on a broad range of topics, from articulate short responses and longer opinion pieces to book reviews, summaries of research, and academic papers. We especially encourage: 1. Reasoned and thoughtful articles on economic, ethical, legal, and other issues related to the computer underground. 2. Verbatim printed newspaper or magazine articles containing relevant stories. If you send a transcription of an article, be sure it contains the source *and* the page numbers so references can be checked. Also be sure that no copyright protections are infringed. 3. Public domain legal documents (affidavits, indictments, court records) that pertain to relevant topics. 4. General discussion of news, problems, or other issues that contributors feel should be aired. 5. Unpublished academic papers, "think pieces," or research results are strongly encouraged. These would presumably be long, and we would limit the size to about 800 lines (or 40 K). Longer articles appropriate for distribution would be sent as a single file and so-marked in the header. 6. Book reviews that address the social implications of computer technology. 7. Bibliographies (especially annotated), transcripts of relevant radio or television programs (it is the poster's responsibility to assure that copyrights are not violated), and announcements and reports of relevant conferences and conference papers are strongly encouraged. 8. Announcements for conferences, meetings, and other events as well as summaries after they've occurred. 9. Suggestions for improvement, general comments or criticisms of CuD, and ideas for articles are especially helpful. 10. Interviews with relevant people involved in law, policy, culture, or some other aspect of computer culture. 11. Conference panel transcripts relevant to computer culture Although we encourage debate, we stress that ad hominem attacks or personal squabbles will not be printed. Although we encourage different opinion, we suggest that these be well-reasoned and substantiated with facts, citations, or other "evidence" that would bolster claims. Although CuD is a Usenet group, it does not, except in the rarest of cases, print post-response-counterresponse in the style common among most other groups. WE DO NOT PUBLISH: 1) flames, 2) short "me too" blurbs, 3) Usenet style responses of 5-line knee-jerk opinion; 5) articles in bad taste. HOW CAN I PUBLISH IN CUD? To submit an article, simply send it to the editors at tk0jut2@mvs.cso.niu.edu or tk0jut2@niu.bitnet. If you receive CuD on Usenet, you can use your favorite reply command and your response will come directly to the editors and will not be distributed across the nets. If you do not have an article, but know of people who do, encourage them to send their work along. Although CuD is a forum for opposing points of view, we do prefer that articles a) be written in English, b) make sense, and c) are not out-dated. Submissions should be formatted at 70 characters per line and should include a blank space separating individual paragraphs. Submissions may be edited for spelling and format, but no other changes are ever intentionally made without permission. Sigs are also removed to save bandwidth. If you do not have internet access, you can send an article on an IBM compatible floppy disk to: Cu-Digest, Dept. of Sociology, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL 60015.