==Phrack Inc.== Volume One, Issue Six, Phile 1 of 13 Introduction ------------ Welcome to Phrack Inc. VI! We have been somewhat delayed in our release due to problems with my home life (see PWN in this issue for details) but here we go! Right now, Metal Shop Private is down, but when I return to real life, it should re-emerge with a new BBS program and hopefully will be better than ever. Now, with the release of Telecomputist Newsletter, we have the capabilities to have Phrack Inc. printed out. If you feel you'd like to subscribe to something like this, it would be operated in this manner: being one of our positive points, it will be free to an extent. You, the subscriber, will be paying for postage and if necessary, envelopes as well as P.O. Box rental, but none of this should amount to much. If you are interested in getting this, please contact any member of the Metal Shop Family or Phantom Phreaker of The Alliance with your opinions on this. If we get enough support, we'll get this rolling. Later on. TARAN KING Sysop of Metal Shop Private This issue of Phrack Inc. includes the following philes: Title by Author (amount in K) 1 Index by Taran King (1k) 2 Pro-Phile on Groups by Knight Lightning (14k) 3 The Technical Revolution by Dr. Crash (4k) 4 Fun with Lighters by The Leftist (2k) 5 Nasty Unix Tricks by Shooting Shark (4k) 6 Smoke Bombs by Alpine Kracker (2k) 7 Cellular Telephones by High Evolutionary (5k) 8 Wide Area Networks by Jester Sluggo (10k) 9-13 Phrack World News by Knight Lightning (16,15,15,16,15K) _______________________________________________________________________________ ========================================================================= ==Phrack Inc.== Volume One, Issue Six, Phile 2 of 13 \`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\` \ Phrack Pro-Phile 3 Featuring: User Groups and Clubs Written By Knight Lightning and Taran King On June 10, 2024 \`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\` \ Welcome to issue 3 of Phrack Pro-Phile. The information herein was originally supposed to appear as a special issue of PWN, but instead was made this issue' s Phrack Pro-Phile. Taran King and I have collected much information about the different clubs and groups of today and yesterday and compiled in the form tha t you will now see. \`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\` \ Extasyy Elite: The story of Extasyy Elite is a sad one for the group was literally destroyed by its own members. The Poltergeist turne d in all of Extasyy after he got busted for carding. This led the authorities to The Mentor who had stolen 30 Apple //es. Mentor's bust almost led to The Protestor, but luckily, The Mentor was able to warn Protestor in time. (See Phrack World News Issue III). The membership of the club included: Bit Blitz Cisban Evil Priest Crustaceo Mutoid Kleptic Wizard The Mentor The Poltergeist The Protestor Crustaceo Mutoid later joined the Racketeers, but now he and The Mentor write for a California newsletter called the Underground Informer. Extasyy hung out on Hack Net BBS and FWSO, a bbs in Colorado. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Fargo 4A: This group was started on a conference consisting of Bioc Agent 003 , TUC, Big Brother, Quasi-Moto, Video Warhead, and the Wizard of Arpanet. What they did was get several Directory Assistants on the conference, and each person assumed a role of some sort of telco agent. Now they told the DA's that all their calls were going to b e re-routed to a different location. They got some of the DA's to believe them, and some of them were almost laid off because of this conference. By the way, Fargo is in North Dakota, that's where the first DA was from. It is believed that Wizard of ARPAnet was busted by John Maxfield and that BIOC completely retired from the phreak world. This group was unofficially disbanded, but several of the members are still active. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Five-O: A reasonably new IBM kracking group, which was formally the Imperial Warlords. Currently they are re-kracking software and claiming it to be original by themselves. They are known for placing insulting messages towards certain people inside their re-kracked software. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - IBM Syndicate: This group was formed around April 6, 2024. Its charter members included; Dark Creaper (916), Brew Associates (215), Major Havoc (301), and one other whose handle remains unknown to me at the current time. They were a new phreak/hack/pirate group. Unfortunately, this group (like so many others) died within its first month. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Icub (International Computer Underground Bandits): This is a hack/phreak group who's main emphasis is on phreaking. It is based in Memphis, Tennessee. It has 10 members in it, and the only semi-active member left is Doc Holiday. Not much else is really known about this group except that it is inactive and there have not been any announced plans to revive it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - LOD/H: Legion Of Doom/Hackers These two groups are very closely intertwined. They both were formed on Plovernet. The founding member was Lex Luthor. Through the years, there have been LOD/H bulletin boards such as Blottoland, LOD, FOD, etc. Today there is Catch 22 and a new LOD bbs, supposedly being run by King Blotto. The current member list of the group is as follows: Legion Of Hackers Legion Of Doom ----------------- -------------- Blue Archer Phucked Agent 04 Gary Seven Compu-Phreak Kerrang Khan Lex Luthor Master Of Impact Silver Spy (Sysop of Catch 22) The Marauder The Videosmith LOD/H is known for being one of the oldest and most knowledgeable of all groups. In the past they have written many extensive g-philes about various topics. (Please forgive any mistakes in the member list since this list was provided by Lex Luthor approximately 1 1/2 - 2 months ago). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Metal Communications: A very large group that has written many files throughou t its existence. Some of the boards in its menagerie include Speed Demon Elite, Metal AE, Metal Works AE, Metalland I and several others. The membership of Metal Communications includes: Cobalt 60/Crimson Pirate/Dr. Local/Red Pirate/Shadow Lord/The Angel Of Destiny The Apothecary/The Byte/The Byte Byter/The Dark Wizard/The Duke/The Dutchman The Man In Black/The Prophet/The Pink Panther/The Voice Over/The Radical Rocke r The Warlock Lord/White Knight Red Pirate, Crimson Pirate, and Dr. Local are the group's main ware distributors. A subsidiary of Metal Communications is the Neon Knights whose membership includes: Baby Demon/Jolly*Roger/The Blade aka Killer Kurt/The Master of Reality The Metallian/The Outland/Zandar Zan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - PAG/PAP: Phreaks Against Geeks/Phreaks Against Phreaks Against Geeks PAG: This group was formed by TWCB Inc. as a joke on a conference in December, 1985. The charter members were TWCB, Inc. taRfruS, Blue Adept, The Clashmaster and a few others. Later, Catcher i n the Rye and the Slovak wanted to join. PAP: In resistance to PAG, Boston Stangler and Micro Man formed PAP. Several others sided with them but were never formal members. All of this nonsense was really started on the Dartmouth system and was mainly a feud between phreaks in the Boston (617) area until TWCB got involved. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - The Administration: This group was sort of in two parts; The Administration and Team Hackers '86. The membership of these groups include: Adolph Hitler...............Team Hackers '86 Alpha Centauri Author Unknown..............Team Hackers '86 British Bloke...............Team Hackers '86 Dark Priest David Lightman (214)........Administration Leader/ Team Hackers '86 Dr. Pepper Hewlett Hackard Major Havock................Team Hackers '86 Mane Phrame Mark Twain Phoneline Phantom 1 - *Not* a member of Phoneline Phantoms. Red Baron Renegade Rebel Sasha Kinski................Team Hackers '86 The President Walter Mitty The group did disband temporarily for reasons dealing with security, but now i s back together. For other news about this group see the current PWN. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - The Nihilist Order: This group was really a loosely connected bunch of friend s and phreaks and not a true club. It is based in Fremont and Sunnyvale, California. It was started by TRASk and The Highwayman. The membership includes: BelGarion/Ogre Ogre/The Animator/The Highwayman/TRASk All of the members of the group have been busted or been involved in busts in the past few months. The Highwayman bit it in the Phoenix Phortress Sting Operation, and the others all got caught on a carding scam. Although BelGario n was later released with no record. One of the boards in the Nihilist Order's network is the Shattered World Elite , which is sysoped by TRASk. The group is currently inactive. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - The P.H.I.R.M.: A somewhat new group that recently has been accused (without proof) of being fed invested. Not much is really known about this group as they would disclose very little information. Some of the boards that ar e now P.H.I.R.M operated include Thieve's Underworld, sysoped b y Jack The Ripper, World's Grave Elite sysoped by Sir Gamelord, and SATCOM IV. The P.H.I.R.M. reportedly will be releasing a newsletter. The membership of the P.H.I.R.M. supposedly includes: Archangel Blade Runner Jack The Ripper Sir Gamelord The Stingray It is rumored that Blade Runner is the same person as Archangel and/or The Stingray. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - TPM (The Punk Mafia): This group when last checked had eight members. The following is a complete listing. Arthur Dent Creative Chaos Erik Bloodaxe Gin Fizz Ninja NYC Peter Gunn Rudolph Smith (703) The Godfather (703) The group will be going through a rebirth this summer. Their main goals include burglary, fraud, hacking, and phreaking. Most recently The Godfather retired and Ninja NYC came very close to being busted. See Phrack World News Issue V. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - The Racketeers: The new Apple pirating group was assembled by Apple Rebel. Th e membership now includes: Apple Rebel/Crustaceo Mutoid/Hot Rod/The Micron/The Warezird ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Tribunal Of Knowledge: This group was formed very recently by Blue Buccaneer and High Evolutionary with one purpose in mind: to ge t together to trade knowledge and information and to discuss this information until all the members had a good working knowledge of it. The final result would be g-philes written by the group about the topic. On the whole it was a good idea. The complete membership includes: Blue Buccaneer Chef Boy R Dee Cyclone II High Evolutionary Night Stalker Paradox Professor Pixel Slave Driver The Inspectre The Seker The Wild Phreak ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - 2300 Club: Based in Cleveland, Ohio. The 2300 Club is now being compared and treated as miniature mafia by local authorities. This is mainly for crimes including the blowing up of cars. Two of the members were caught for fraudulent use of a credit card and one has been arrested for car theft. Which of the members that refers to, I don't know, but the membership of the 2300 Club included: Dr. Gorey Dr. No Eagle Eyes Judge Dredd King Blotto Mr. Modem Prince Squid Spectreman The Formatter ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - 2600 Club/New 2600 Club: Both groups are no longer in existence. Originally started as a local group of friends in St. Louis, Missouri, it gained members quickly, too quickly, an d as the membership grew, the unity and productivity o f the group lessened until the group(s) finally broke up. However many of the members of 2600 Club now write (or have in the past) for Phrack Inc. Among them are: Cheap Shades/Data Line/Dr. Crash/Forest Ranger/Gin Fizz/Jester Sluggo Knight Lightning/Monty Python/Phantom Phreaker/Taran King/The Clashmaster 2600 Club had no relation to 2600 Magazine. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Warelords: There are 13 members in the Warelords and they are based in California, Maryland, Tennessee, Washington D.C., and Wyoming. Billibuster, a member of the group, said that the Warelords are a phreaking and carding group that also writes programs and sells them. He claims that they are not pirates. The group isn't very active. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Other groups: ------------ Catholics Anonymous: A pirate group Elite Phreakers and Hackers Club: From World of Cryton Feds R Us: Joke by King Blotto High Mountain Hackers Imperial Warlords: See Five-O Inner Circle: The Cracker (Author of "Out of The Inner Circle") Kaos Inc. Knights of Shadow: Sir Knight MPG: Midwestern Pirates Guild NASA Elite: Captain Kid Neon Knights: See Metal Communications Phlash: A relatively new Amiga kracking group. Phoneline Phantoms: The Colonel, The Duke, The Executioner, and The Sprinter. Phreak Hack Delinquents: Metro Man and the Reaper (212) Project Genesis: Sigmund Fraud RDTF: Red Dawn Text-Files, Saltheart Foamfollower (SE) and Brain Gadget (Ca.) Shadow Brotherhood 65C02 Elite (612): Wizard of ARPAnet and The Count. BBSes: Irongate, North Pole, The Guild, and The Graveyard. The Dange Gang: Maxwell's Demon Triple Entente 2601 Club: Formed by taRfruS to combat 2600 Club. 1200 Club Ware Brigade ______________________________________________________________________________ _ Volume One, Issue Six, Phile 3 of 13 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $ The Techno-Revolution by Doctor Crash $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $ Hacking. It is a full time hobby, taking countless hours per week to learn , experiment, and execute the art of penetrating multi-user computers. Why do hackers spend a good portion of their time hacking? Some might say it is scientific curiosity, others that it is for mental stimulation. But the true roots of hacker motives run much deeper than that. In this file I will describe the underlying motives of the aware hackers, make known the connections between Hacking, Phreaking, Carding, and Anarchy, and make known the "techno-revolution" which is laying seeds in the mind of every hacker. To fully explain the true motives behind hacking, we must first take a quick look into the past. In the 1960's, a group of MIT student built the first modern computer system. This wild, rebellious group of young men were the first to bear the name "hackers". The systems that they developed were intended to be used to solve world problems and to benefit all of mankind. As we can see, this has not been the case. The computer system has been solely in the hands of big businesses and the government. The wonderful devic e meant to enrich life has become a weapon which dehumanizes people. To the government and large businesses, people are no more than disk space, and the government doesn't use computers to arrange aid for the poor, but to control nuclear death weapons. The average American can only have access to a small microcomputer which is worth only a fraction of what they pay for it. The businesses keep the true state of the art equipment away from the people behin d a steel wall of incredibly high prices and bureaucracy. It is because of this state of affairs that hacking was born. Hackers realize that the businesses aren't the only ones who are entitled to modern technology. They tap into online systems and use them to their own advantage. Of course, the government doesn't want the monopoly of technology broken, so they have outlawed hacking and arrest anyone who is caught. Even worse than the government is the security departments of businesses and companies. They act as their own "private armies" and their ruthless tactics are overlooked by the government, as it also serves their needs. Hacking is a major facet of the fight against the computer monopoly. One of the ways hackers accomplish their means has developed into an art in itself : Phone Phreaking. It is essential that every Hacker also be a Phreak, because it is necessary to utilize the technology of the phone company to access computers far from where they live. The phone company is another example of technology abused and kept from people with high prices. Hackers often find that their existing equipment, due to the monopoly tactics of computer companies, is inefficient for their purposes. Due to the inexorbitantly high prices, it is impossible to legally purchase the necessary equipment. This need has given still another segment of the fight: Credit Carding. Carding is a way of obtaining the necessary goods without paying for them. It is again due to the companies stupidity that Carding is so easy, and shows that the world's businesses are in the hands of those with considerably less technical know-how than we, the hackers. There is one last method of this war against computer abusers. This is a less subtle, less electronic method, but much more direct and gets the message across. I am speaking of what is called Anarchy. Anarchy as we know it does not refer to the true meaning of the word (no ruling body), but to the process of physically destroying buildings and governmental establishments. This is a very drastic, yet vital part of this "techno-revolution." Hacking must continue. We must train newcomers to the art of hacking. We must also increase computer Crashing. I know that crashing a computer seems a waste, but when there is no other way to subvert a business, their system must be shut down. As I stated above, this is only on the motives. If you need a tutorial on how to perform any of the above stated methods, please read a file on it. And whatever you do, continue the fight. Whether you know it or not, if you are a hacker, you are a revolutionary. Don't worry, you're on the right side. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - If you have a question or comment about this file or the "techno- revolution" just leave mail for me on the Metal Shop AE (314)256-7284, or any other BBS I may happen to be on. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ========================================================================= Volume One, Issue Six, Phile 4 of 13 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- = "How To Have Fun With a Bic Lighter" by The Leftist =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- = First off, let me say, that I am not responsible for any personal damage done by the use of the information in this file. Shower of sparks from nowhere: ----------------------------- This trick is done usually with an empty lighter. Disassemble the top, being careful not to loose the flint, and the spring, which are under the striker wheel. Throw away everything else, unless there is still some fluid in the lighter, which can be used for some of the other things in this file. Save th e flint and spring. Ok, now take the spring, and pull on the end a little, and stretch the spring out a little longer than the flint. Next, take the flint, and kind of wrap th e end of the spring around it. It should look sort of like fig. A. Next, the fun part. Take the spring, and hold it by the end that doesn't have flint on it, and heat the flint till it glows. Don't worry, the heat won't burn your fingers. Then, throw it flint first at victim, pavement, or whatever. Fig. A \/\/\//\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\------ /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\------ <- heat this end ^ ^ | | spring flint What to do with leftover lighter casing: --------------------------------------- Light one of the striker wheel supports, and lay it upside down in a corner an d run like hell! This will blow pretty good. You can also take the casing and wrap it loosely in a paper towel, light the towel, step back, and shoot it wit h a BB gun. Fun. Experiment, but don't ever puncture the lighter, while you're holding it, that would be foolish. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Any questions or comments? Contact me on the 2400 Baud Exchange 404-925-9657. The Leftist. ^*^ ______________________________________________________________________________ _ ========================================================================= ==Phrack Inc.== Volume One, Issue Six, Phile 5 of 13 ============================================================================== = ------------ Unix Nasties ------------ By Shooting Shark Written on April 3, 2024 ============================================================================== = Summary: Methods of sabotaging your favorite Unix system. Preface: I do not advocate utilizing ANY of the methods I put forth in this file. Unix is a cool operating system, perhaps one of the best systems ever designed in many respects. If you have access to a Uni x system, you should LEARN UNIX AND LEARN C, because that is where the money is in the computer world. However, Unix is a relatively insecure operating system which is easy to fuck up. This file explains a few ways of doing so. Crash The System ---------------- Unix has no built-in provision for the maximum amount of disk space allowed pe r user. Thus, one user can grab all the disk space on the system and effectivel y prevent anyone else from writing to the disk. A simple way of grabbing all th e disk space is to create subdirectory after subdirectory until it is no longer possible. Here are a few ways of doing it. 1> Create a file with the following lines: mkdir subdir cd subdir source /u1/mydir/crash Call it crash. The last line ("source /u1/mydir/crash") should be altered so that it will look for the file in your directory. If your directory is /u3/students/jeff, the last line should say "source /u3/students/jeff/crash". After you write the above file, type: % source crash and wait...within a few minutes the program will abort because it won't have any more room on the disk. Neither will anyone else. 2> Here's a more elegant way of doing the same thing. Create this "endless loop" shellscript: while : ; do mkdir subdir cd subdir done and then "source" the file. If you are in the "sh" shell (if you are, you will probably have a "$" prompt) you can type "while : ; do" from the $ prompt. You will then get a > prompt. Type the next three lines and sit back. 3> If you'd like to set the process in motion and hang up, and the file is called crash, type: % nohup source crash & and log off. This will start it as a background process, allowing you to log off. However, log off QUICKLY, since if you used the first example fo r your crash file, it will also eat up background processes like crazy which will also fuck up the system to some extent. Which brings us to... Slow Down The System Immensely ------------------------------ There are many ways of doing this, the method being creating a sufficiently large number of background processes. Here's one specific example. Create a file called "slow1" with the following lines: w & source slow1 create a file called "slow2" with: source slow1 & source slow2 and execute slow2 with % slow2 or % slow2 & This will create 25 background processes, each one running 25 background processes. The system will hardly move after you've got each one running. Messing Up A Directory ---------------------- Many file-handling commands use "-" options. Create a file with a "-" at the beginning of its name by doing this: cat > -filename [now type a few lines, maybe something rude like "ha ha you can't delete this file".] Type a ^D (control-d) to end input. You now have a file called -filename in your directory. It will be VERY difficult to remove this file. If you were to try rm (remove) -filename or mv (rename) -filename, the rm or m v program would interpret -filename as an option, not a file, and would give you an error message telling you that -filename was not a valid option...thus, the file stays there obnoxiously. Create a couple of hundred files with "-" as the first characters in their names...it will be a royal pain for the person who is blessed with these new files, and they will probably just have to get a new login. Conclusion The use of any of these techniques is quite irresponsible, and if anyone did this to my Unix system, I'd be quite pissed. That is why I strongly recommend that you never use these tricks. So Long, Shooting Shark "Some people have a bad attitude, and I say, if they want to act tough, beat 'em up!" - Blue Oyster Cult ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - For more information on UNIX sabotage and cracking, see the following articles : Ritchie, Dennis M. [he wrote Unix] "On the Security of UNIX." Programmers Manual for UNIX System III Volume II. Supplementary Documents. Filipski, Alan and Hanko, James. "Making UNIX Secure." BYTE Magazine, April 1986, pp 113-128. ============================================================================== = ========================================================================= ==Phrack Inc.== Volume One, Issue Six, Phile 6 of 13 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - * / /=-=-=-=-=-\ < Smoke Bomb > >----------< < by > > Alpine < < Kracker > \-=-=-=-=-=/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Ingredients- Saltpetre (Potassium Nitrate) Sugar Alcohol (100% is best, but plain rubbing alcohol will work) Gunpowder (or some ground-up rocket engines) Matches (Get a box of 50 packs -they can be very useful.) Coffee can Cigarette Instructions: ------------ Combine the sugar and saltpetre in a 3:1 ratio (Sugar:saltpetre) and heat over a low flame until the mixture has thoroughly melted together. (It will look like sticky white lumps when ready) You need to stir this continually while heating, and remove it from the flame at the very first sign of smoke. I had a batch go off in my face once, and the workroom was filled with smoke for a good half hour. It is easier and safer to work with smaller batches. Now, dump all of this "smoke powder" into a coffee can, add some match heads, moisten it with a little alcohol, and add gunpowder until all the smoke powder is coated. Now tape a cigarette between the match heads in an unopened book. Imbed the book into the mixture. Light the but, and walk casually away to find a nice alibi within 5 minutes. Notes: ----- You should be able to find some Saltpeter in a local drug store. All of the gunpowder, match heads, and alcohol is simply to insure good ignition. You can omit them, but if you have them, mix them in for reliability's sake. For the fuse, you can either use the one listed, or either some canon fuse, or a rocket igniter and an electrical system. A quarter pound of this stuff is supposed to fill a city block. I'm not sure i f that is accurate, but it sure fills a public bathroom nicely. /\ | / / \ | / /====\ | / | | | \ | lpine | racker ______________________________________________________________________________ _ ========================================================================= ==Phrack Inc.== ==Phrack Inc.== ==Phrack Inc.== Volume One, Issue Six, Phile 7 of 13 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- = Cellular Telephones [Written By The High Evolutionary] =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- = I assume that most of us know many of the technical aspects of Cellular Phreaking therefore this file is intended for general information as to how these unique devices operate. -------------------------------------------------------------- Cellular is likely to be successful because it provides dramatic improvements over the historic automobile phones. For years, mobile radio-telephone service was an extremely limited proposition. There were only forty-four radio channels available, and a maximum of about thirty were assigned to any one area. That meant if all thirty channels were occupied-one conversation per channel-and you were the thirty-first mobile phone user who wished to make a call, you would have to wait thirty minutes or more, even in a city the size of New York. As you can imagine, mobile radio-telephone service like that could not become very popular. Even with the limited number of channels, long delays in making calls during busy periods, and often poor quality transmission, there were big waiting lists for mobile service. But with a fully equipped cellular radio-telephone system, it is possible to make 5000 times as many calls simultaneously in the same metropolitan area, opening up the service to anyone that can pay the hefty prices. That is because cellular radio-telephones systems are technically quite different from traditional mobile telephones. First, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has allocated far more channels to cellular, 666 in all. Second, those 666 channels are broadcast from many different locations. In the old mobile telephone systems, there was one powerful radio station with a large antenna that served an entire city. In the new system, a geographical area is honeycombed with many cells, hence the name 'Cellular'. Each cell has its own low-powered radio transmitter and receiver. As a car with a cellular telephone or a person carrying a portable moves from one cell to the next, the call is transferred automatically. You're unlikely to notice when this transfer takes place, even though your phone is suddenly switched to a different radio station and to another channel while you are talking. Because the cellular signal is low-powered, it doesn't go very far. This permits the same channel you are talking on to be used for calls in other part s of the same metropolitan area without interference. This would mean cellular radio-telephone systems can serve a very large number of customers in an area because there are more channels than before-and the larger number of channels are reused. Unlike local telephone service, which is provided by a monopoly, there is competition in cellular. Two classes of companies are allowed to offer cellular telephone service in every market. One cellular system can be owned by a telephone company, the other by someone else. The two-company rule was adopted by the FCC so that AT&T, which developed cellular, could not monopoliz e the whole thing. Cellular Telephones come in two basic versions, as car phones and portable phones, with a briefcase hybrid. Car phones are by far the most common, because they are much cheaper. But most believe that, ultimately, portables will be the most popular. Washington Post Company president Richard Simmons, whose company is a partner in several cellular systems, even predicts that by the early 1990's "There will be phones roughly the size of a calculators that you carry around in your pocket. They will cost no more than five hundred dollars. They will emancipate people from the necessity of locating a phone t o make calls. The bad news is, you will never be able to get away from the phone , and we'll call it progress." Car telephones include a small transmitter-receiver unit that is usually mounted in the trunk, an antenna and a control head that includes the handset. In most cellular systems, the telephone touchpad is located on the handset. Many domestic and foreign manufacturers make cellular car phones, but so far only Motorola makes portables, the DYNA T-A-C 8000X and 8000S. Motorola's portables look like a slightly enlarged, somewhat chunky telephone handset, with a stubby antenna at one end. Portables are less powerful than car units, so they can't be used with som e cellular systems. The portable's other limitation is battery life. A portabl e can listen for calls for about eight hours, but it can only transmit for only thirty minutes. After that time it must be charged for a minimum of an hour. The following American cities have cellular telephone service or soon will get it: New York Denver Los Angeles Seattle Chicago Milwaukee Philadelphia Tampa Detroit Cincinnati Boston Kansas City San Francisco Buffalo Washington Phoenix Dallas San Jose Houston Indianapolis St. Louis New Orleans Miami Portland Pittsburgh Cleveland San Diego Atlanta Baltimore Minneapolis -------------------------------------------------------------- ========================================================================= ==Phrack Inc.== Volume One, Issue Six, Phile 8 of 13 !.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!. ! Jester Sluggo presents an insight on Wide-Area Networks Part 2 !.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!. ! Part 1 contains information on ARPANET and CSNET. Part 2 contains information on BITNET, MFENET, UUCP and USENET. It is best if you read both files to better understand each other. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - These files will cover general information on wide-area networks, (I.E. ARPANET, CSNET, BITNET, MFENET, UUCP and USENET), but may contain information in relationship with other networks not emphasized in these files. These file s are NOT a hacker's tutorial/guide on these systems. BITNET ~~~~~~ BITNET. In 1981, City University of New York (CUNY) surveyed universities on the East Coast of the U.S. and Canada, inquiring whether there was interest in creating and easy-to-use, economical network for interuniversity communication between scholars. The response was positive. Many shared the CUNY belief in the importance of computer-assisted communication between scholars. The first link of the new network, called BITNET, was established between CUNY and Yale University in May 1981. The network technology chosen for BITNET was determined by the availability of the RSCS software on the IBM computers at the initial sites. [The name BITNET stands for Because It's Time NETwork.] The RSCS software is simple but effective, and most IBM VM-CMS computer systems have it installed for local communications, supporting file transfer and remote job entry services. The standard BITNET links are leased telephone lines running at 960 0 bps. Although all the initial nodes were IBM machines in university computer centers, the network is in no way restricted to such systems. Any computer with an RSCS emulator can be connected to BITNET. Emulators are available for DEC VAX-VMS systems, VAX-UNIX systems, and for Control Data Corp. Cyber system s and others. Today, more than one-third of the computers on BITNET are non-IBM systems. BITNET is a store-and-forward network with files and messages sent from computer to computer across the network. It provides electronic mail, remote job entry, and file transfer services, and supports and interactive message facility and a limited remote logon facility. Most BITNET sites use the same electronic mail procedures and standards as the ARPANET, and as a result of th e installation of electronic mail gateway systems at the University of Californi a at Berkley and at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, most BITNET users can communicate electronically with users on CSNET and the ARPANET. BITNET has expanded extremely rapidly -- a clear indication that is providing service that people need and want. The simplicity of the connection to the network -- acquiring a 9600-bps leased line to the nearest neighboring computer node and in installing an additional line interface and modem -- provides the service at the right price. By the end of 1985 the number of computers connected was expected to exceed 600, at more than 175 institutions of higher education throughout the U.S. BITNET is open without restriction to any college or university. It is not limited to specific academic disciplines , and may be used for any academic purpose. However, use for commercial purpose s is prohibited. In special cases, connection of commercial organizations may b e sponsored by universities. A particular case is the connection of Boeing Computer Services to BITNET, as part of the NSFnet initiative, to provide remote job entry services to their Cray X-MP/24 to NSF supercomputer grantees who have access to BITNET. Until recently BITNET had no central management structure, and was coordinated by an executive board consisting of members from the major institutions participating. This worked because most of the computers connected were managed and operated by professional service organizations in university computer centers. However, the growth in the network made it possible to continue in this ad hoc fashion, and a central support organizatio n was established with support from an IBM grant. The central support organization, called the BITNET network support center (BITNSC), has two parts : A user services organization, the network information center (BITNSC), which provides user support, a name server and a variety of databases, and the development and operations center (BITDOC) to develop and operate the network. A major question facing the members of BITNET is how the funding of this central organization will be continued when the IBM grant expires in 1987. BITNET, with support from the NSFnet Program, is now examining ways to provide ARPANET-like services to existing BITNET sites. The project, which is similar to the CSNET CYPRESS project, will explore a strategy to provide an optional path to the use of the TCP-IP procedures on existing 9.6-kbps leased lines. The possibility of upgrading these lines to multiple alternate links, providing higher reliability and availability, or to higher speed 56-kbps link s is also being studied. The project will offer a higher level of service to BITNET sites choosing this path and also enable a low-cost connection to NSFnet. MFENET ~~~~~~ MFENET. The DOE's magnetic fusion energy research network was established in the mid-1970's to support access to the MFE Cray 1 supercomputer at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The network uses 56-kbs satellite links, and is designed to provide terminal access to the Cray time-sharing system (CTSS), also developed at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. The network currently supports access to Cray 1, Cray X-MP/2, Cray 2, and Cyber 20 5 supercomputers. The network uses special-purpose networking software develope d at Livermore, and, in addition to terminal access, provides file transfer, remote output queuing, and electronic mail, and includes some specialized application procedures supporting interactive graphics terminals and local personal computer (PC)-based editing. Access to the network is in general restricted to DOE-funded researchers. Recently the network has been expanded to include the DOE-funded supercomputer at Florida State University. MFENET is funded by DOE and managed by Livermore. MFENET has been successful in supporting DOE supercomputer users. However , the specialized nature of the communications protocols is now creating difficulties for researchers who need advanced graphics workstations that use the UNIX BSD 4.2 operating system and the TCP-IP protocols on LAN's. For these and other reasons, DOE is examining how best to migrate MFENET to the TCP-IP, and later to the OSI, protocols. The combination of the CTSS operating system and the MFENET protocols creates an effective interactive computing environment for researchers using Cray supercomputers. For this reason, two of the new NSF national supercomputer centers -- San Diego (SDSC) and Illinois -- have chosen the CTSS operating system. In SDSC's case, the MFENET protocols have also been chosen to support the SDSC Consortium network. In Illinois case, a project to implement the TCP-IP protocols for the CTSS operating system has been funded b y the NSFnet program, and these developments will be shared with SDSC (and with DOE) to provide a migration path for the SDSC Consortium network. UUCP and USENET ~~~~ ~~~~~~ UUCP and USENET. The UUCP network was started in the 1970's to provide electronic mail and file transfer between UNIX systems. The network is a host-based store-and-forward network using dialup telephone circuits and operates by having each member site dialup the next UUCP host computer and sen d and receive files and electronic mail messages. The network uses addresses based on the physical path established by this sequence of dialups connections . UUCP is open to any UNIX system which chooses to participate. There are "informal" electronic mail gateways between UUCP and ARPANET, BITNET, or CSNET , so that users of any of these networks can exchange electronic mail. USENET is a UNIX news facility based on the UUCP network that provides a news bulletin board service. Neither UUCP nor USENET has a central management ; volunteers maintain and distribute the routing tables for the network. Each member site pays its own costs and agrees to carry traffic. Despite this reliance on mutual cooperation and anarchic management style, the network operates and provides a useful, if somewhat unreliable, and low-cost service t o its members. Over the years the network has grown into a world-wide network with thousands of computers participating. OTHERS ~~~~~~ Other Wide-Area Networks. Of necessity this file of wide-area networks has been incomplete: Other networks of interest include the Space Plasma Analysis Network (SPAN) -- a network of DEC VAX computers using 9.6-kbps links and the DECNET protocols for National Aeronautics and Space Administration's researchers; the planned Numerical and Atmospheric Sciences (NAS) network centered at Ames Research Center -- a network that is expected to use existing and planned NASA communications links and the TCP-IP protocols; and the planne d high-energy physics network -- a network based largely on VAX computers and using the standard X.25 network level protocols plus the so called "coloured books" protocols developed in the United Kingdom. Also, many high-energy physicists, at the Stanford Linear Accelerator, at the Lawrence Berkley Laboratory, and at Fermi Laboratory, among others, have used DECNET to connect their DEC VAX computers together. / \ / luggo !! Please give full credit for references to the following: Dennis M. Jennings, Lawrence H. Landweber, Ira H. Fuchs, David J. Faber, and W . Richards Adrion. Any questions, comments or Sluggestions can be emailed to me at Metal Shop, or sent via snailmail to the following address until 12-31-1986: J. Sluggo P.O. Box 93 East Grand Forks, MN 56721 ==Phrack Inc.== Volume One, Issue Six, Phile 9 of 13 ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~- ~ *-=+^ Phrack World News ^+=-* Issue Five/Part 1 Compiled and Written By Knight Lightning ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~- ~ Where is Taran King? May 10, 198 6 -------------------- Taran King is generally thought to be a very mellow, easy going person. For the most part this is true. However he also gets into major fights with his dad. When Taran does get pissed he, gets violent. In the past he has punched a hole into his bedroom door and put dents in his refrigerator with his fists. Most recently his dad found out about his collection of illegal knives, including stilettos, butterflies, and survival knives. They got into an argument about this and eventually into a fight. Taran stormed off to his room. Meanwhile, unknown to him, his dad called the police. They took him to a nearby hospital's adolescent psychiatric ward, supposedly for evaluation. A s of June 14, 2024 he has been there for five weeks and the end isn't in sight. For a while he had no phone of visitor privileges and there was no way of contacting him. This now has changed, but the problems have not been solved. On May 23, 2024 he was let out on a pass to go see Judas Priest in concert (it was great). He has been let out on pass several times since then as well, mostly on weekends. As far as Metal Shop Private... Well on May 12, 2024, the /\/impha and I decided to go to Taran's house to collect the Phrack files and to add a few new modifications to the bbs so that I could control it better remotely. Taran's sister let us in, no problem. Unfortunately, before we were done Taran's dad came home. He immediately spotted my car outside and burst into the house. He was pissed that we were there and made sure we weren't stealing anything (like I am really going to steal from my best friend right?). He assumed that the bbs had crashed and that we were there fixing it. He then decided that he didn't want us to come over every time the board crashed and TOOK IT DOWN! Metal Shop Private will return when Taran gets out, hopefully sometime in June . ______________________________________________________________________________ _ Metal Shop AE April 27, 198 6 ------------- Metal Shop AE is now the proud possessor of a full 40 megs of online storage. It also has added an individual password system for greater board security and now has an email messaging service online. Metal Shop AE is sysoped by Cheap Shades. It is one of the main distribution centers for Phrack Inc. It has the complete Phrack series online as well as almost 1000 other files. To become a member of Metal Shop AE, contact Cheap Shades, Taran King, or Knight Lightning. To upload files for distribution in Phrack Inc. be sure to upload them to driv e E which will save your file to a non-public viewable drive where it will stay until it is edited for Phrack. ______________________________________________________________________________ _ Mark Tabas and Karl Marx Busted May 2, 198 6 ------------------------------- The story goes like this; Mark Tabas was working at a plant in Denver where credit card blanks are manufactured. He decided to take a few. He and Karl Marx then went about finding someone with an embossing machine to print some stuff onto the blanks. They were able to find someone and agreed to meet at a motel to do the work. Everything went well. They were able to print card numbers, names, and expiration dates that they had gotten onto the blanks. To celebrate they ordered a bottle of champagne from room service, and paid for i t with one of the cards. At that point the guy with the embosser pulled his badge, Secret Service! Now Mark Tabas and Karl Marx are facing forgery and carding charges along with theft for the blanks. Information provided by Sally Ride...Space Cadet (Editor's Note: At the time that this information was gained, Sally Ride commented that it may be a rumor. Any inconsistencies are not his fault) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - May 15, 198 6 We at Phrack have since uncovered more information about this bust. Apparentl y a guy named Will Bell, who's handle was Jack Bell, set up Karl Marx and Mark Tabas. Will Bell had the embossing machine and was not a member of the Secret Service. Instead, he was the son of a member of the Secret Service (although maybe he was the son of a member of the FBI). Since he was not a fed, this wa s not a case of entrapment. It is believed that Will/Jack Bell is originally from the 312 (Chicago) area. Information Provided by Jester Sluggo and The Sprinter ______________________________________________________________________________ _ FBI/Wylon In Action ------------------- On May 2, 2024, the homes of Cheap Shades and Kleptic Wizard received visits from Edward P. Nowicki, Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This was not a bust in any way. This agent was trying to gain evidence for a telecommunications company known as Wylon, which is mainly based in the Colorado/Wyoming area. Apparently someone or several people had been calling Kleptic Palace AE and Metal Shop AE illegally and Mr. Nowicki wanted to know who had been placing these calls. As far as Kleptic Palace AE, the calls in question were made on 2/9/86 5:12 AM , 2/9/86 4:33 PM, and 2/10/86 7:30 AM. Although no specific order is mentioned. The times of the calls made to Metal Shop AE are not available. A third place called was the home of TWCB Inc. At the time of these calls Whackoland was still up. The agent expected all of them to have a caller log on the board but of course neither of their AEs kept caller logs. Not to mention the fact that no one would kept a caller log for three months anyway. Kleptic Wizard got a message to Taran King which was then sent to me, and within the hour I arrived at Klepto's house where I discovered the FBI still around, so after killing another 45 minutes, I went inside and met with Klepto . Mr. Nowicki had left behind two things, his business card and a list of four suspects that he was specifically trying to bust. Apparently all four had bee n caught for Wylon abuse in the past. I recognized the name at the top of the list almost instantly and as a result, saved a fellow phreak from a possible bust. Two of the others are rumored to have been warned as well. However if this is untrue then the other three stil l may be in great danger as of this writing. All of the suspects live in the Wyoming/Colorado area. The homes of Cheap Shades and Kleptic Wizard were not searched and their board s were not looked at. The FBI agent even declined an invitation from Kleptic Wizard to see the bbs. This may be because he didn't have a warrant. Information provided by Kleptic Wizard and Cheap Shades ______________________________________________________________________________ _ Administration Nominations? May 6, 198 6 --------------------------- In late April 1986, The Administration decided to have their yearly membership drive for the group. The phreaks/hackers being voted on for membership included: Blade Runner/Jester Sluggo/Knight Lightning/Oryan Quest/Phlash Gordon Recent Change/Sally Ride/Slave Driver/Taran King/The Marauder Many of the above and others had thought that they had been voted into the Administration without even being asked. However this was not the case. David Lightman stated that the nominations were made public so that the Administration members would know of the vote taking place on Administration BBS 1. Once the nominations were voted on, then the phreaks/hacks would be formally invited. I now pose an important question. If David Lightman is the only regular board caller of the Administration, then how would the other members know how to vote? So far the results of the votes have not been made public. Not that it matter s that much because The Administration has now more or less completely fallen apart. It would appear that this new membership drive was an attempt to reviv e the group with new blood. However the group has been revived on its own, sinc e the formers members regrouped again...at least temporarily. Some Information Provided by David Lightman ______________________________________________________________________________ _ Trouble in Texas June 2, 198 6 ---------------- In the last week of May, David Lightman, decided to do a credimatic check on Blade Runner. To his great surprise, he found that Blade Runner worked for Southwestern Bell Security. He confronted Blade Runner with this information and shortly afterward received a visit from Southwestern Bell Security, who confiscated his terminal programs, his user files, notebooks, and g-phile disks. He claims that his user files and g-philes were scrambled so no one should worry too much. Later that day, Sir Gamelord, sysop of World's Grave Elite, called David Lightman and said that Blade Runner was on the board and acting really strange . David Lightman told him what happened and they then hung up. The next day Blade Runner is a cosysop of World's Grave Elite as well as Thieve's Underground, sysoped by Jack The Ripper. Now Sir Gamelord denies the incident ever occurred. At this writing, David Lightman is laying low and retiring fro m the phreak world until things clear up. Sir Gamelord's side to this story is quite different. Sir Gamelord said that he, Blade Runner, and Jack the Ripper were forming a group called the P.H.I.R.M. (see Phrack Pro-Phile 3 this issue) and that Lightman wanted to be in and to lead the group as a subsidiary of The Administration (like Team Hackers'86). They refused, and took away his cosysop access on their boards. Sir Gamelord says that Lightman is making this whole Southwestern Bell Securit y story up to get revenge on them. However, Lightman claims that he was asked to be a member of The P.H.I.R.M., but refused because he didn't have the time. He did however recommend Digital Logic, Ford Prefect, and The Lineman (sysop of the Lost City Of Atlantis). David Lightman has since received his disks back but will not be around on boards very much. The decision is up to you. I will try to get more information out on boards as soon as possible. Information provided by David Lightman and Sir Gamelord ______________________________________________________________________________ _ Ninja NYC/Sigmund Fraud; Close Calls ------------------------------------ Sigmund Fraud, famous for his incredible proficiency at "social engineering" i s now laying incredibly low after what is considered the closest call of his life. The following must be regarded as pure rumor for the sake of non-incrimination of those involved. You readers know what I mean. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - The story goes like this, Sigmund Fraud and a friend (the same one who went to the Telepub'86 meeting in New York, however he has no handle) were able to convince their local Bell company that they were another part of the same company and were able to acquire; Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Speed Calling , and Three Way Calling on to Sigmud Fraud's personal phone line. Since SF's friend lived in a Cross Bar (X-Bar) area he could not get these services so they decided to get them for Ninja NYC. They told him about it later. Less than a week later, on the first Thursday of May 1986, Ninja NYC came home to discover 2 telco agents awaiting his return from school. What it boiled down to was that "he" had committed several felonies and to make matters worse , the people at the local Bell company identified Ninja NYC's voice as being the caller, AND HE ISN'T THE ONE WHO MADE THE CALL!!!! What it finally boiled down to was that Ninja NYC had really received a very scary personal warning. About this same time Sigmund Fraud is getting home and to his great dismay, al l of his new found phone features have been turned off!!?! Sometime later (most likely after the telco agents had left) Sigmund gets a call from Ninja NYC. Ninja NYC of course tells him everything that had happened and warned him that he was next. Sigmund immediately called me. We both thought Sigmund was doomed and would be picked up very soon. However this was not the case. The agents didn't show up and Sigmund had been given a golden opportunity to dump all his illegal items and get his story right. That night I received a call from Slave Driver and Sigmund call me on three-way and we discussed what to do next. The problem was that Sigmund didn't want to get rid of his illegal items. He had boxes, manuals, notebooks , and even a PBX in his room. I told he had 2 choices; Choice A: SF gets rid o f his shit somewhere anywhere, and the telcos don't get any more evidence or, Choice B: SF leaves the stuff where it is, the telcos come over and take it and SF gets nailed worse. When I left the conversation SF was still discussing what he should do. The next day, he was not visited by the telcos, he was not busted, but instead received a call from his local bell company and was given a very strong verbal warning. Since that time, He has stopped answering his personal phone and believes that line to be monitored. Ninja NYC is almost definitely being monitored and people have been asked not to call him. Of course that didn't stop Daniel Zigmond from calling him. This was in an attempt to help Sigmund Fraud, but regardless may have done more damage than good. Information Provided by Sigmund Fraud/Slave Driver/Knight Lightning ______________________________________________________________________________ _ Telecomputist; Printed Newsletter June 8, 198 6 ---------------------------------- From: Forest Ranger and "TeleComputist" staff, To: You! I have drafted the idea for a newsletter and I stress the word newsletter. TWCB had promised everyone a 40+, glossy page magazine for an outrageous amount. I do not want to say that we are taking TAP over because we are not, but instead making amends for what TWCB did not do. To show our sincerity we will be offering the first issue free. It will be your basic newsletter with exceptional articles from experienced phone phreaks, computer hackers, and telecom buffs. Each issue will be a set four pages but since this is the gran d opening issue it will be longer (20 pages). For the first free issue please send a postage paid, self addressed envelope to: TeleComputist Newsletter P.O. Box 2024 Florissant, Mo. 63032 Also, please send subscriptions to the same address. The subscription fee for the newsletter will be twelve dollars a year, fifty cents for back issues. This is a monthly circulation and we encourage letters. The "TeleComputist" Staff includes: Forest Ranger/Data Line/Reverend Enge Ax Murderer/Chris Jones/Knight Lightning/Taran King/Mad Molester Information Provided by Telecomputist Staff ______________________________________________________________________________ _ ========================================================================= ==Phrack Inc.== Volume One, Issue Six, Phile 10 of 13 \`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\` \ *-=+^ Phrack World News ^+=-* Issue Five/Part 2 Compiled and Written By Knight Lightning \`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\`\` \ Captain Midnight's Sneak Attack May 12, 198 6 ------------------------------- "A daring intruder airs the beefs of dish owners" In the old days, people with complaints against the media had few recourses: A stern letter to the editor, perhaps, or a protesting phone call. "Captain Midnight," an outraged consumer of the space age, took more daring action. In a sneak attack made on Sunday of last week, the self-appointed video avenger broke into an HBO presentation of the movie "The Falcon and the Snowman" with a cryptic message: Good evening HBO From Captain Midnight $12.95/Month? No Way! (Showtime/The Movie Channel Beware) The mysterious dispatch, seen for several minutes in the East and Midwest by hundreds of thousands of subscribers to the pay-cable service, was clearly intended as a rallying cry for the more than 1.5 million owners of home satellite dishes in the U.S. These video free-lancers are angry because many of the TV signals they have been plucking from the sky are done by one tuning into jumble. In January, HBO and Cinemax (both owned by Time Inc.) became the first two cable services to scramble their signals, thus preventing dish owner s from watching them without paying a monthly subscription fee. Showtime and th e Movie Channel will begin similar scrambling on May 27, and most other satellite-beamed cable channels, including ESPN, MTV, the Disney Channel, Cabl e News Network and Superstation WTBS, will follow suit before the end of the year. Their actions have set off a heated battle over just who has the right to TV signals bouncing through the skies. In one blow, Captain Midnight has become a folk hero in that struggle, though his identity remains a mystery. Ordinary home dishes are able only to receive signals, not to send them; thus experts think the pirate signal probably came from a TV station or other commercial facility. Wherever the stunt originated, TV executives were not amused. HBO has lodged a complaint with th e FCC, threatened to prosecute the pirate, and made technical adjustments that i t claims will prevent any repeat attack. "He probably thinks this was a prank," says HBO Vice President Dave Pritchard. "But the fact is someone has interfered with authorized satellite transmissions." The incident has raised concerns that other satellite-borne communications, including sensitive data transmitted by business and the military, could be similarly disrupted. Representatives of the three broadcas t networks insist that a 'hacker' would have difficulty breaking into their programming. But any satellite signal could theoretically be disrupted, experts say "Most satellites are built with some safety measures," explains Karl Savatiel, director of satellite communications for AT&T. "But all satellites, including military satellites, are vulnerable if a person knows where the satellite is located, the frequency it uses for satellite transmissions, and the sender's code." (This wasn't the full article, just the important part) Taken from Time Magazine May 12, 2024 Reported by Jim Byers/Los Angeles and Jerome Cramer/Washington. Typed for PWN's usage by The Seker ______________________________________________________________________________ _ News On Captain Midnight April 28, 198 6 ------------------------ "Search for Cable TV Prankster Leads to North Texas" The search for Captain Midnight, the disgruntled video prankster who briefly commandeered Home Box Office's satellite transmissions over the eastern two-thirds of the country early Sunday, has led federal investigators to North Texas, a Justice Department official said Monday. John K. Russell, a Justice Department spokesman in Washington, told Knight-Ridder Newspapers that "the perpetrator is believed to be in North Texas." Later he said the search was in Texas "as well as other areas." Other authorities told Knight-Ridder that investigators in the Dallas field offices of the FBI and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have been focusing on a tip that Sunday's four-minute cable interruption originated in North Texas. FBI and FCC officials in Dallas could not be reached for comment Monday. Captain Midnight interrupted a movie broadcast Sunday with a message protestin g new fees being charged the owners of satellite dishes for access to HBO. The five line message, superimposed on a test pattern, said: "Good evening HBO from Captain Midnight. $12.95 a month? No way! (Showtime-Movie Channel Beware.)" In January, HBO began scrambling its broadcasts to prevent owners of satellite dishes from unauthorized interception of the signal as it bounced from a satellite to cable television systems. HBO told dish owners that they would have to buy a descrambler for $395 and pay $12.95 a month. "While the man on the street may have once thought that Captain Midnight's message was limited to being a prank, it does represent a very serious threat to any company or entity using satellites to transmit information," said Alan Levi, HBO's manager of corporate public relations. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Other: Alan Levi: [212] 512-1659 (Cooperate affairs) David Pritchard: [212] 512-1413 (Cooperate affairs) Tim Larker: [212] 512-5666 (Network scrambler assistant) New York City FCC: [212] 620-3438 (Federal Communications Commission) HBO Cooperate Offices: [212] 512-1000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - David Lightman: I have spoken with several people about 'Captain Midnight'. I have spoken to everyone above. This David Pritchard tried to tell me this: DP = David Pritchard DL = David Lightman ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - DL: Where do you think this 'Captain Midnight' is? DP: Would assume he is in the North Texas region. Possibly 214. DL: What makes you think this? DP: We believe this is true due to a tip from a Dallas resident. DL: How do you know that he was not lying to lead you away from the real Captain Midnight? DP: I know he was probably not lying because he left us his mailbox number. DL: Which is? DP: I cannot release that information right now. (This conversation went on for a while. Possibly 10-15 minutes...) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - David Lightman earlier had spoken with Alan Levi... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - DL: Yes. Do you have any idea who this Captain Midnight might be? Alan: No, but we are fairly certain it is someone in the 212 area with access to the scrambling offices of HBO. The knowledge necessary for what this guy did could not be gotten very easily without getting it from ou r departments. DL: Well, I believe I know who this Captain Midnight is. Alan: Could you please tell me who you think Captain Midnight is? DL: No. If it is the person I suspect, I would rather not cause any trouble for them. Alan: You wouldn't cause much trouble for him. DL: Isn't what this guy did a federal offense? Alan: Well, yes it is, but you would be surprised how many people get away with breaking federal laws. (He actually said that guys!) DL: Hmm.... What would happen to him? Alan: We would just let him know that what he did was not a prank. It was very serious. It could possibly change the entire industry and unless he stops transmitting over our satellites, we will ask the Department o f Defense to handle it from then on. DL: Well, I would need to think about it a little more. Can I call you back a little later? Alan: Could you just give me your number and I will have David Pritchard call you back? DL: It depends on who else will get my number. Alan: Just me. I will consider this conversation and all of the conversation s that follow to be an anonymous tip. DL: Sure then. It is (214) 733-5162. Alan: Thanks. Then I will have David call you if you do not call me back before tomorrow evening. DL: That would be fine. Thanks. Alan: Thank you. ------------------------------End of Conversation----------------------------- - Well as you may have guessed, my number (mailbox) was given to the FCC, FBI, and David Pritchard as well as Tim Larker. I got pretty pissed so I called David Pritchard. That was the first conversation I posted. We (Alan Levi, David Pritchard, Tim Larker, the FCC, the FBI, Knight-Ridder Newspapers, and I ) now have the country believing that the transmission originated in Dallas. Of course it did, but you may see that changed soon. I plan on another conversation with these intelligent people tomorrow 5:00 PM. If you do call these guys, please do not mention the Administration, Team Hackers'86, any member of either group or me to them as being the transmitter. You have no proof at all about that. I did not say if we were involved or not . That will be left up to your imagination. Information and Interviews Provided by David Lightman ______________________________________________________________________________ _ Captain Midnight Busted! June 6, 198 6 ------------------------ Captain Midnight probably isn't sleeping too well these days. His name, still publicly unannounced, is probably known by many, including the FBI. He has already been reported to have been fired from his job at an uplink facility, o f which there are only around 100 in this country. The facility is east of the Rockies and does not operate after midnight. Also, a newer type of equipment was used of which there are only a few in the country. We expect charges to b e filed any day now, possibly just in time for the June 12th congressional hearings on signal jamming. Penalties could include a one year jail sentence and up to $50,000 in fines; $10,000 maximum of which would be for jamming only . We expect FM America to come to Captain Midnight's rescue financially by raising defense money. All segments of the TVRO industry condemned the signal jamming. It is interesting to note the grins and smiles while discussing the subject, however, FM America knows who "Captain Midnight" is and even interviewed him live on the air on "FM America." Tapes of FM America includin g Captain Midnight's interview have been turned over to federal investigators. Several benefits can be realized by Captain Midnight's signal "interruption." Mainly, the fact is now known by everyone that it can be done. There are no secrets either in that a transponder can easily be confused into locking onto another signal and ignoring the correct signal as interference. Also, the signal that controls the satellite's positioning could also be accessed. The overall possibility that our entire "satellite system" in general can be rendered ineffective from the ground is kind of unnerving. Signal scrambling did not interfere with the HBO signal lockout because a higher wattage beam over-powered it. The networks all use pretty powerful beams which are used 24 hours-a-day so they would be harder to jam. If we had to guess which uplink was used to jam HBO, we would pick one that was already locked into the same satellite, such as one of the superstations. (Hint, Hint! ) Information provided by Handsomest One ______________________________________________________________________________ _ Who is Ralph Meola? May 20, 198 6 ------------------- Ralph Meola is the Head of AT&T Security in New Jersey and theoretically everywhere else as well. He is known to have a computer file on hackers and phreaks, and an investigative team, that rivals John Maxfield's "BoardScan". How did Meola enter into the public eye? Well, we at Phrack really aren't completely sure but, the general idea is that a friend of Sigmund Fraud (See TelePub'86 in PWN issue III), using social engineering in order to gain information from AT&T, somehow came into contact with Ralph Meola. Later, Sigmund Fraud was also brought into this and decided to give Ralph Meol a a call himself. With Gin Fizz on Sigmund's 3-Way, he got Meola on the phone and said,"Hey! This is Sigmund Fraud!" Typing sounds could be heard in the background and in a few seconds Meola responded with Sigmund Fraud's real name , address, phone numbers, and the names of several BBSes that he was on. Meola then insisted that Sigmund Fraud give him his account on Stronghold East or at the very least, all of the newuser logon procedures and passwords. Failure to do so would mean big trouble for Sigmund Fraud. Sigmund of course gave Meola the always nice "fuck you!" and hung up on Meola. Although Sigmund Fraud was (at the time) on Metal Shop Private, Meola didn't know it, or at least he didn't mention it as a BBS that Sigmund was on. This means that Meola has no agents on Metal Shop Private. It is also known that Meola has no agents on Stronghold East. Otherwise he wouldn't have needed the password information from Sigmund. It is believed that Meola was on Stronghol d East before the MASSIVE purge several months ago. Information Provided by Sigmund Fraud/Gin Fizz/Slave Driver The assumptions and theories are my own -KL ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Slave Driver has since sent Ralph Meola the following letter: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - TO: Ralph Meeola Head AT&T Security From: Slave Driver Re: My user. Hello. I find it rather hard to get in touch with you through normal means, but give me some time. I was told you have been threatening my users, trying to get access here. That is not good. Ralph, if you want access just ask for it, don't go threatening my users. That was not an intelligent idea, Ralph. If you are such a big guy [in your mind, and uh, hand] why not give me a call. I'm sure you have my number. I would be very interested in talking to you. So, you decide, Ralph. Either way, we'll talk one day. Bye Ralph, Slave Driver ______________________________________________________________________________ _ !.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!. ! ========================================================================= ==Phrack Inc.== Volume One, Issue Six, Phile 11 of 13 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- = *-=+^ Phrack World News ^+=-* Issue Five/Part 3 Compiled and Written By Knight Lightning =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- = Cracking Down On Abuse ---------------------- This article is from the January issue of MCI World, a monthly newsletter published by MCI for it's employees. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - The nationwide attack on telephone fraud got a boost recently when the U.S. Secret Service joined the effort to curb the crime that costs the industry millions in lost revenue annually. The Secret Service used new jurisdiction over the telephone fraud for the firs t time to arrest five individuals in raids on four illegal "Call-Sell" operation s in New York City last November. The five suspects are awaiting trial in federal court on charges based on a Secret Service investigation conducted in cooperation with MCI and other members of the long distance telephone industry. The defendants were charged with violation of a law on Fraud In Connection Wit h Access Devices which carries maximum penalties of 15 years imprisonment and a fine of $50,000, or twice the value of the fraudulent activity. Several other investigations are under way and future arrests are expected, according to a Secret Service spokesman. MCI cooperated in the investigation as a company and through membership in the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA), made up of some 35 telephone industry firms. "Because it's an industry-wide problem, we have organized to crack down on all kinds of fraud, from the isolated 'hacker' to more organized schemes to use long distance lines illegally," said Everick Bowens, senior manager of MCI security investigations and president of CFCA. The Secret Service said that in the New York cases, the defendants operated Call-Sell businesses out of their homes and charged "customers" a flat fee for making long distance calls. They used "Blue Boxes" and stolen or compromised authorization codes or credit card numbers to use the long-distance networks of several companies. Blue Boxes are electronic tone-generating devices used to bypass billing systems and gain access to company networks. They can be assembled from generally available electronic parts or they can be purchased ready-made through illegal sources. In the New York raids, agents seized unauthorized cods and credit card numbers , four Blue Boxes and more than 20 telephones. It is estimated that in 1984, fraud in the telecommunications industry totaled $500 million nationwide, and approximately $70 million in the New York City area. CFCA members are primarily inter-exchange carriers, such as MCI, but resale carriers and some Bell Operating Companies (BOCs) are also members, along with representatives of computer services and credit card companies. Bowens says CFCA is intensifying efforts to stop the spread of fraud. Among other things, CFCA is developing educational packages for carriers and the public to promote widespread understanding of telephone fraud and ways to counter the crime. "Our aim is jointly to prevent, detect, investigate and prosecute any fraudulent use of our long-distance networks," Bowens said. Authorization codes are obtained by theft from individuals and by "hackers" wh o randomly try combinations of numbers by telephone or through computer scanning of number combinations until a working code is "hit." Illegally obtained code s are fraudulently used by "boiler room" telemarketing operations, for example, or are passed along for use by individuals. MCI had developed software to detect illegal entry into its network and it is expected that the spread of dial 1 service, in which authorization codes are not used, will help reduce the incidence of telephone fraud. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Comments from the Bootleg: You reckon they mean us??????????????? What's wrong with them, can't they take a joke??????????? ______________________________________________________________________________ _ The Many Faces Of Fraud ----------------------- The following is an article from the January issue of MCI World, a monthly newsletter published by MCI for it's employees. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - This new year will see a stepped up MCI attack on telephone fraud--illegal use of the long distance network through access by stolen authorization codes or electronic devices. The offensive is led by Everick Bowens, senior manager of MCI's security investigations department and president of the industry-wide Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA). Success in curbing this thef t of service has earned MCI security investigators a reputation as super sleuths at headquarters and in the divisions. New teeth were added to the attack on telephone fraud when the U.S. Secret Service was assigned to augment continuing investigative efforts by the FBI an d other law enforcement agencies. Because telephone fraud is outright theft from the company, MCI is determined to prevent, detect, investigate and prosecute any illicit use of its network. To learn more about how MCI conducts its anti-fraud campaign, MCI World talked with Bowens. MCI World: Is it true that MCI has systems that can detect fraudulent activity while it is occurring? Bowens: Yes, our fraud systems detect abnormal usage and hacking. The systems also help us to track down offenders even when we have only the authorization code he or she is abusing. Because we can profile abusers and trace phone calls, it is easier for us to prepare cases for prosecution. MCI World: Abuses involving computer "hacking" to get authorization codes seem to attract public attention. But there are other types of fraud equally damaging to the telecommunications industry. Would you identify some of these? Bowens: The primary form of abuse is by "hackers," who use computer programs t o derive customers' authorization codes. These codes can be widely disseminated via electronic bulletin boards. Because many of these boards are public, the codes fall into the hands of anyone with access to the boards. We also encounter electronic toll fraud, which involve s tone-generating devices that allow offenders to place fraudulent calls . MCI World: Is one type of fraudulent activity more prevalent than another? Bowens: Nationwide, fraud most frequently originates from military posts, college campuses, and prisons--places where there are numbers of peopl e far from home, or who have little else to do but manipulate the telephone. This type of abuse prompts the bulk of our investigations. MCI World: Who is most likely to commit fraud? Is there a general profile of the common offender? Bowens: Computer crime typically occurs in affluent, metropolitan suburbs and involves juveniles. Electronic fraud also occurs in major metropolitan areas. Other abusers, such as high-pressure tele-marketeers, usually follow the coast lines. California and Florida, for "boiler room" operations in which phone service is used illegally to sell merchandise. However, fraud can't be totally attributed to any specific group at any particular time. MCI World: How can you keep up with code abuse and fraud? Don't offenders change frequently? Bowens: Interestingly enough, the patterns don't change much. Those who commi t fraud form a finite community that doesn't expand a great a great deal over time. Casual offenders, individuals who may take advantage of a "hot" toll free number, will use the number only when it's hot. Once the number no longer works, they're not likely to repeat the offense. On the other hand, repeat offenders are dedicated to getting something for nothing. They're somewhat easier to identify because they commit the same offense over and over. MCI World: How does MCI know when it is the target of fraudulent activity? Bowens: Our systems generally alert us, or an employee or a customer informs us. People know the MCI name. When they recognize something happenin g illegally with an authorization code, they'll get in touch with us. People generally feel that a cheat is a cheat, a crook is a crook, and if they have to pay full value for a phone call they see no reason why someone else shouldn't. There also are professional tipsters who go from one company to another offering information for a price. However , we rarely deal with them. MCI World: Which MCI people, by the nature of their jobs, are most likely to detect or at least suspect, fraudulent activity? Bowens: Our switch technicians have been very instrumental in detecting abuse. They're in a position to identify extensive busy signals on circuits, abnormal calling patterns, and code use. They've identified many hackers just by reviewing their daily call statistics. Employees in ou r billing department are also good at spotting unusually large bills and abnormal patterns. Though most fraud is detected by the systems we have in place, the human eye continues to be extremely helpful. MCI World: In addition to working with internal people to help detect fraudulent activity, you also rely on the expertise of external agencies. Which outside agencies assist you with investigations. Bowens: When fraudulent activity involves the theft or illicit use of authorization codes or credit calling cards, MCI and the Secret Servic e work together to investigate the case. If other activity is involved, such as the use of our service in furtherance of other crime, MCI work s with the FBI. When the U.S. Postal Service is manipulated in a fraud case, MCI and postal inspectors investigate together. Additionally, Bell Operating Companies (BOCs) often provide hard evidence in cases that MCI prosecutes. MCI World: When you are alerted to suspected fraudulent activity, what steps d o you take to open and pursue the case? Bowens: Security investigators contact the customer whose code is being abused , advise them of MCI's suspicions, and attempt to confirm them. If the response confirms their suspicion of fraud, they open the case. Normally, an investigation entails much research into toll records to identify abusers, unusual call patterns and the parties who might be involved in illicit activity. We also interview parties receiving the calls and document their statements. Once we collect sufficient evidence, we decide whether a case should be pursued as a criminal or civil action. MCI World: How long does it normally take MCI's investigators to "crack" a case? Bowens: Typically, investigators can crack a case within hours. Identifying fraud suspects is the easy part. Amassing the evidence--dotting all of the legal i's and crossing the t's--is tougher. Gathering evidence may take weeks and large cases involving many parties can take months to solve. MCI World: With fraudulent activity knowing no geographical restrictions, how do you segment the problem divisionally? Bowens: The security investigations department acts primarily in an advisory capacity, helping investigators in the divisions with procedural matters. The divisions generally take responsibility for investigatin g fraudulent activity within their jurisdictions and corporate investigators pursue cases that are large in scope or require specific expertise. Corporate also takes on cases involving offenders operatin g in more than one division. MCI World: Can you elaborate on MCI's goals for reducing the level of fraudulent activity? Bowens: We want to reduce fraud to the lowest possible level. One of MCI's goals is to cut fraud by more than half in 1986. We want to be the industry leader in curbing this illegal activity. ______________________________________________________________________________ _ Broadway Hacker Turned Fed Informant? June 2, 198 6 ------------------------------------- Broadway Hacker recently called Phreakers Quest and left feedback to the sysop of that system (Shawn) saying, "I do believe that some of this information here is illegal." Shawn called Dark Creeper and reported this to him who then later told it to me. Sometime later, Broadway Hacker called Knight Bandit to voice validate him for The Radio Station. He claimed he was some sort of fed and that KB would be hearing from someone in Bell Security. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The Radio Station is down because Broadway Hacker has sold his computer, his disks, and everything else and is moving to his new job at an unknown destination. When I spoke with him, he went on that he sold his user log, but would not comment on that any further. He wanted me to print that he was a fe d and that all of his former users would soon be receiving visits from the FBI. This is exactly what he told Phantom Phreaker and several others which started a mass riot in the phreak world. One result was the takedown of Alliance for fear of its safety. It since has been put back up. Broadway justified his actions by saying that by telling rodents he was a fed, it would keep them off his board. Later he said that since he is leaving the phreak world and no one knows where he is going, "To hell with the phreak world, let it fall apart and die for all I care." So this fed scare is an attempt to do just that. Was it a joke? Did he mean that really? I don't know. Maybe he did mean it then but now has changed his mind... No one should be worried about this, everything is ok, and Broadway is not working with the FBI. He now claims that he needed his line free for business calls and all of the above were attempts to get people not to be calling him a s he didn't have the time or patience. Use your own judgement. Broadway Hacker still has his Vic 20 and an old modem and is attempting to get back on boards. He has also stated that the Radio Station BBS will be put bac k up at the end of the summer. Where it will be run from is unknown although, Broadway speculated that when it returns it would be run off of an Amiga. Information Provided by Broadway Hacker/Dark Creeper/Knight Bandit/Phantom Phreaker ______________________________________________________________________________ _ ========================================================================= ==Phrack Inc.== Volume One, Issue Six, Phile 12 of 13 :.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. : *-=+^ Phrack World News ^+=-* Issue Five/Part 4 Compiled and Written By Knight Lightning :.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. : Grown-Up Laws Sought For Computer Criminals ------------------------------------------- By Dave Skidmore (Associated Press) WASHINGTON-Teen-age computer hackers are giving way to a new generation of people who steal information from computers for profit rather than fun, the head of a House crime panel said Wednesday. "The hackers were the first generation we saw. Now we have a lot of professionals who are getting into the business of accessing computer data bases," said Rep. William J. Hughes, D-N.J. [609/645-7957 or 202/225-6572], th e sponsor of legislation aimed at helping law enforcement authorities better cop e with the problem. Hughes commented as the House subcommittee on crime, which he heads, studied the proposed Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Teen-age computer hobbyists, motivated fun and desire for status among fellow hobbyists, use home computers and the telephone to "hack" into government and industry data bases. Now, Hughes said, hackers' techniques are being increasingly used by industrial spies who sell trade secrets gleaned from corporate computers and thieves who change bank records to steal millions of dollars. "Computer crime is probably one of the fastest growing areas of crime. (It's) going to make the old robbery and burglary a little passe with certain professionals," he said. Hughes' bill, cosponsored by Reps. Bill McCollum, R-Fla [202/225-2176], and Bill Nelson, D-Fla [202/225-3671], creates three new offenses. 1. It forbids unauthorized access to a computer and drops a requirement that the government prove information in the computer was used or altered. 2. It outlaws "pirate bulletin boards" used by hackers to trade secret compute r codes and passwords. 3. It makes it a felony punishable by up to five years in prison and a $250,00 0 fine to maliciously cause damage in excess of $1,000 to a computer program or data base. That section of the bill would apply to so-called "Trojan Horse" programs which, when achieving access to another computer, destroy all the data and programs in that computer. The legislation is intended to plug loopholes in anti-crime legislation passed by Congress in 1984, Hughes said. It applies to computers used by the federal government or its contractors and bank and loan association computers. Hughes said he expected his bill and similar legislations sponsored by Sen. Paul S. Trible Jr., R-Va [804/771-2221 or 202/224-4024], to reach the House and Senate floors sometime in May. Information Provided by Blue Buccaneer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - The following is a critical breakdown of the above article. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Blue Buccaneer: Concerning this law: I always thought it would be more fun to hack for cash, but hey... Anyway, the three new offenses are what I am not to fond of: 1) "forbids unauthorized access to a computer" (Gosh, really?) "and drops a requirement that the government prove information in a computer was used o r altered" Now what kinda law is that?! The government can just arrest someone and not have to prove anything? COME ON! 2) "It outlaws 'pirate BBSes'" When will these people learn the correct terminology? Pirates trade warezzzz, not 'secret passwords and codes'. Th e point is, that because this is a federal law, it will apply to all states. We aren't talking pussy-laws anymore. Wouldn't it be damn awful if just running the stupid BBS was a crime? Besides that, I thought we had a right to freedom of the press. Again, COME ON! 3) "and a $250,000 fine to maliciously cause damage in excess of $1000 to a computer program or data base". Excuse me for asking, but can one "maliciously" destroy data? And isn't a quarter of a million dollars a bit much for a teen-ager on a regular allowance? And that much for $1000 damage? Shit, I wish my insurance company paid like that when I wreck my car. Once again, COME ON! And then, I guess this is the journalist's fault, but what the hell does that paragraph on Trojan Horses have to do with this shit? I mean really! Do you think Joe Blow in the street is going to go: "Whew, for a minute there I was afraid that new bill might just skip over those Trojan Horse things." I'd kinda assume Trojan Horses were covered under the "maliciously" destroying data rule. Above written by Blue Buccaneer ______________________________________________________________________________ _ Computer Kids, Or Criminals? ---------------------------- Mr. Slippery, age 12, never thought playing on his home computer amounted to much more than harmless fun -- until a mysterious call from a stranger one day proved otherwise. "I got a funny phone call from someone offering me money to destroy a bank's records," said Slippery, identified by his hacker alias. "At that point in time, I realized that that's an incredible way to launder money. That if I was real smart, I would move out of the whole thing, because that wa s an obvious point at organized crime, to me." Hacking, or using a personal computer to trespass by phone lines into the private computer systems of corporations, foundations, universities and banks, is a new form of organized crime, say experts. In the last year or two, a new , sophisticated breed of hacker has emerged. Their ages vary, from the early hackers who started at 14, and have now entered college, to adults who operate computerized crime networks, but their motives are similar: criminal. When Mr. Slippery started hacking seven years ago he as an exception among pimply faced, curious kids whose computers were toys for cheap, and typically harmless, thrills. For four years, he lived up to his alias, eventually penetrating top security government computers at the Department of Defense (DOD) and the National Security Agency (NSA). Mr. Slippery remained undetecte d until his last several weeks as a hacker. He was never caught, never convicted. Toward the end, he realized government security agents were following him and decided to put away his phone modem for good. "After about four years of this, though, I started realizing that an entirely new crowd had sprung up," observes Mr. Slippery, now a 19-year-old ex-hacker. "You now have the 14 year olds who were running around destroying things seein g how much trouble they could cause." Computer crime experts say the hacker problem is getting worse, even though industries are increasingly reluctant to discuss the topic. "The malicious hacker problem is continuing to increase drastically and is getting far more serious," said Donn B. Parker, author of Fighting Computer Crime and a computer and data security consultant at SRI International, a California-based, non-profit research institute. "The lowering costs of equipment, the attraction of it for new kids coming int o it as a rite of passage, points to increasing vulnerability of American business to the hacker problem." Parker's expertise got him hired as a technical consultant to the movie War Games about two teen-age hackers who penetrate government defense computers. Where there is evidence of serious computer hacker crime is on electronic bulletin board systems (BBSes), where hackers share gathered intelligence. "Phone companies have huge investments in their equipment that is highly vulnerable to the hackers, who have figured out how to beat them, and have used pirate boards for their intelligence purposes," said SRI International's Parker. "A large proportion of these kids are, in fact, juvenile delinquents with othe r arrest records." Recently, a hacker posted this on a local BBS: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I live in Cleveland and the Pheds are fucking everywhere. This guy who goes b y the alias Lou Zer got caught and they told him if he narced on like 5 people h e would get off with probation so he did that. Now like half the 2300 club has been busted and this kid has a lot of problems in the future. Also I have see n cops that I know of dressed as fucking federal express guys. Try and avoid using them. Also, here's some PBXs to fuck with. They belong to Standard Oil . --Later, Sir Gallahad - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Other BBSs post lists of telephone numbers of Fortune 1000 corporations, banks , credit bureaus, universities, and foundations. Admittedly, many of the numbers are invalid, say experts. Though there are BBSes that admit members only by invitation and operate as part of a computer underground, others can be accessed by anyone with a computer and a phone modem. Often the boards carry foreboding names like The Sanctuary, Future World, Dark Side, Deathtrap and Speed Demon Elite. Computer crime is sometime s called the perfect crime. Its perpetrators are anonymous hackers using aliase s like Phantom Phreaker, Big Brother, Bootleg, Sigmund Fraud, and Scan Man. John Maxfield is a computer security consultant who lives in a downriver suburb. Maxfield spends most of his working hours scanning BBSs, and is known by computer crime experts as a hacker tracker. His investigative work scannin g boards has resulted in more prosecutions of computer hackers than anyone else in the field, say sources familiar with his work. Maxfield, who accepts death threats and other scare tactics as part of the job, says the trick is knowing the enemy. Next to his monstrous, homemade computer system, Maxfield boasts the only file on computer hackers that exists. It contains several thousand aliases used by hackers, many followed by their real names and home phone numbers. All of it is the result of four years of steady hacker-tracking, say s Maxfield. "I've achieved what most hackers would dearly love to achieve," said Maxfield. "Hacking the hacker is the ultimate hack." Maxfield estimates there are currently 50,000 hackers operating in the compute r underground and close to 1,000 underground bulletin boards. Of these, he estimates about 200 bulletin boards are "nasty," posting credit card numbers, phone numbers of Fortune 500 corporations, regional phone companies, banks, an d even authored tutorials on how to make bombs and explosives. One growing camp of serious hackers is college students, who typically started hacking at 14 an d are now into drug trafficking, mainly LSD and cocaine, said Maxfield. This is an example of a recent BBS posting: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - WANTED: LSD, of any kind. Leave me mail if you're willing to talk prices, I'l l take anything up to $5 a hit. $3 is more likely. --urlord - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The BBSs are versatile teaching tools, too. Hackers post detailed tutorials on: HACKING: Using a personal computer and modem to trespass into the private computer systems of corporations, foundations, universities, and banks. CARDING: Using valid credit card numbers obtained from discarded carbons, accounts posted at video rental stores, or even by hacking credit bureau computers. TRASHING: Sifting through trash to find discarded credit card carbons, receipts, computer passwords, code words, confidential phone company directories. PHREAKING or FONING: Manipulating phone systems, usually to make long-distance calls at no charge. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Below is an excerpt from a four-part tutorial on credit card fraud posted on a n exclusive East Coast BBS for elite advanced hackers: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Carding! By Music Major. Believe it or not, without carding, a damper would b e put on the computer users of America (and especially Canada). Can you imagine trying to save enough money to BUY a 2400 baud modem and a 30 meg drive for a BBS? Oh, of course it can be done, but considering that a majority of the active computer users are still in school, and most do not have a steady job, it will take too long, and cost too much for this average person to spend on a BBS. Working at minimum wage at a part-time job, it would take 30 weeks of CONSTANT saving to put up the BBS (with good modem and good drive). Not a pretty thought! When the going gets tough, the tough go carding! Music Major goes into more detail on later, he warns younger hackers about the possible risks of trying a method he claims he invented: "I have called this method foning for cards. To be convincing, you MUST have a fluent tongue and a semi-deep voice (skip this part if your voice is still cracking--refer back when you get a real voice)." - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Maxfield's operation is called BoardScan. He is paid by major corporations an d institutions to gather and provide them with pertinent intelligence about the computer underground. Maxfield also relies on reformed hackers. Letters of thanks from VISA and McDonald's decorate a wall in his office along with an autographed photo of Scottie, the engineer on Star Trek's Starship Enterprise. Often he contacts potential clients about business. "More often I call them and say, I've detected a hacker in your system," said Maxfield. "At that point, they're firmly entrenched. Once the hackers get into your computer, you're in trouble. It's analogous to having roaches or mice in the walls of your house. They don't make their presence known at first. But one day you open the refrigerator door and a handful of roaches drop out." Prior to tracking hackers, Maxfield worked for 20-odd years in the hardware en d of the business, installing and repairing computers and phone systems. When the FBI recruited him a few years back to work undercover as a hacker and phon e phreak, Maxfield concluded fighting hacker crime must be his mission in life. "So I became the hacker I was always afraid I would become," he said. Maxfiel d believes the hacker problem is growing more serious. He estimates there were just 400 to 500 hackers in 1982. Every two years, he says, the numbers increase by a factor of 10. Another worrisome trend to emerge recently is the presence of adult computer hackers. Some adults in the computer underground pose as Fagans, a character from a Charles Dickens novel who ran a crime ring of young boys, luring young hackers to their underground crime rings. Courtesy of Galaxy Girl and Silicon Thief Major Editing by Knight Lightning Written by Lisa Olson (News Staff Writer for Detroit News) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - A few notes: It is my assumption that Music Major's Carding Tutorial was from KL actually four posts made on the Carding Subboard on Stronghold ------- East. If this is true then it would mean that at the time or previous to the time of this article Maxfield was on SE. This post was probably taken in before the MASSIVE user purge on Stronghold East. ______________________________________________________________________________ _ ========================================================================= CONNECTED NODES AS OF 10/05/88 TOTAL NODES = 2491 Node Site System -------- ---------------------------------------- -------------------------- - DOCCRC OS CP6 UNCACDC UNCAMULT EWC VMS DKATS11 Aarhus Tek Skole (ATS) IBM VM/SP R4 DKJAU11 Aarhus Tekniske Skole, Denmark IBM VM/SP R4 DKAAUCHE Aarhus Univ VMS ACUVAX Abilene Christian Univ VMS FINABO Abo Akademi DEC VMS 4 3 ACADIA Acadia U NOS IMIAGIP1 AGIP S p.A. IBM MVS/XA V 2 1.5 ALBION Albion College VMS ALCANKTN Alcan Int Ltd KRDC VMS FINALKO Alko Research Lab , Finland IBM MVS/XA ALLEGVM Allegheny Col VM/SP EB0UAB51 Altes Energies-U A. Barcelona DEC VMS APSEDOFF American Physical Soc UNIX BSD AUVM American University VM/SP HPO AUVM2 American University VM/SP AMHERST Amherst College Acad Comp Ctr VMS TRANAVM1 Anadolu Univ VM/SP R 5 TRANAVM2 Anadolu University, Eskisehir IBM VM/SP R5 ANNENRES Annenberg Res Instit UNIX APPSTATE Appalachian State U VMS ANLCMT Argonne Chemical Tech Div VMS ANLCHM Argonne Chemistry Division VMS ANLHEP Argonne High Energy Physics Div VMS ANLMST Argonne Materials Sci and Tech VMS ANLNBI Argonne Nat Lab Admin NBI UNIX BSD ANLADM1 Argonne Nat Lab Admin NBI 1 OASYS ANLADM2 Argonne Nat Lab Admin NBI 2 OASYS ANLEES1 Argonne Nat Lab EES NBI OASYS ANLNBI2 Argonne Nat Lab EES NBI UNIX BSD ANLEES2 Argonne Nat Lab EES NBI OASYS ANLEES3 Argonne Nat Lab EES NBI OASYS ANLEL Argonne Nat Lab Elec Div VMS ANLEES Argonne Nat Lab Ener & Environ VMS ANLNESC Argonne National Energy Sfw Ctr VM/SP ANLOS Argonne National Lab MVS/SP ANLVM Argonne National Lab VM/SP ANLVMS Argonne National Lab VMS ANLCV1 Argonne National Lab Cluster VAX VMS ANLEMC Argonne National Lab Electron Mic Ctr VMS ANLVG Argonne National Lab VAX Gateway VMS ANLPHY Argonne Physics Division VMS ANLPNS Argonne Pulsed Neutron Src Proj VMS ASUIC Arizona St U Info Ctr VM/SP ASUCP1 Arizona State - U Chem/Phys/Solid State ScVMS ASUACAD Arizona State U VM/SP ASUERC Arizona State U Eng Comp Ctr VM/HPO ASUCP2 Arizona State U Lib Arts & Sci Res Cmpt FaVMS ASUACVAX Arizona State Univ Acad VAX VMS FRIHAP31 Assistance Publique IBM MVS/SP ACMVM Assoc Computing Machinery VM/SP AUDUCVAX Auburn Univ VMS AEARN Austria EARN VM/SP BABSON Babson Coll VMS BSUVAX1 Ball State Univ VMS BARILAN Bar Ilan U Comp Ctr IBM MVS/SP 1 3.5 BARILVM Bar Ilan Univ CC IBM VM/SP R4 BIMACS Bar llan Univ Math & CS UNIX BSD 4 2 BAYLOR Baylor Univ VMS BAYLRHSB Baylor Univ HSB VM/IS BCIT BCIT Computer Resources VM/HPO BCSC02 BCSC VM/SP HPO 4 2 NOBIVM Bedrifts Instit VM/SP HPO R5 BEARN Belgium EARN VM/SP BGUNOS Ben Gurion U Comp Ctr CDC NOS 2 3 BGUVMS Ben Gurion University DEC VMS 4 5 BGUVM Ben Gurion University IBM VM BENGUS Ben-Gurion U Math Comp Sci UNIX BSD 4 3 BENTLEY Bentley College PRIMOS CBEBDA3T Berne University IBM MVS/SP CBEBDA3C Berne University IBM MVS/SP BGUEE BGU Electrical Eng. DEC VMS 3 7 TRBILUN Bilkent University, Ankara AOS/VS V 7.57 TECHMAX Biomed Engineering Technion DEC VMS BRCVAX Biotech Res Ctr VMS BITNIC BITNET NIC VM/SP INTERBIT BITNET-Internet Gateway VM/SP/HPO BITNETDC BITNIC Demo VM/SP BNR BNR Information Systems VM/SP TRBOUN Bogazici Univ NOS BCCHEM Boston College Chem Dept VMS BCVAX3 Boston College Computer Center VMS BCVMCMS Boston College Computer Center VM/HPO BCVMS Boston College Computer Center VMS BCVAX1 Boston College Computer Center VMS BCVAX2 Boston College Computer Center VMS BCVAX4 Boston College Computer Center VMS BOSTONU Boston U Acad Comp Ctr VM/SP HPO BUACCA Boston U Acad Comp Ctr VM/SP HPO BUISA Boston U Admin Ctr MVS/XA BUASTA Boston U Astronomy VAX A VMS BUCHMB Boston U Chem Dept VAX B VMS BUCHMC Boston U Chem Dept VAX C VMS BUCHMA Boston U Chemistry VAX A VMS BUENGA Boston U Engineering VAX A VMS BUMETA Boston U Met Coll VAX A VM BUPHYA Boston U Physics VAX A VMS BOSTCIML Boston Univ CIML VM/SP BUMFGA Boston Univ MFG ENG A VM/SP BUPHYC Boston Univ Physics VAX C VMS BOWDOIN Bowdoin College VMS BGSUSTAT Bowling Green State Univ VM/SP BGSUOPIE Bowling Green State Univ VMS BRANDLOG Brandeis Univ Administration (LOGOS) VMS BRANDEIS Brandeis Univ Feldberg Comp Ctr BINAH VMS BYULAW Brigham Young U Law Sch VMS BYUSTAT1 Brigham Young Univ VMS BYUADAM Brigham Young Univ UNIX BYUSTAT2 Brigham Young Univ VMS BYUSTAT3 Brigham Young Univ VMS BNLDAG Brookhaven Nat Lab VMS BNL Brookhaven National Lab UNIX BSD BNLVMA Brookhaven National Lab VM/SP BNLCHM Brookhaven National Lab VMS BNLCL1 Brookhaven National Lab VMS BNLUX0 Brookhaven National Lab ULTRIX BROWNCOG Brown U Cognitive Sci VMS BROWNVM Brown U Comp Ctr VM/SP BROWNCS Brown U Computer Science Dept UNIX BROWNHEP Brown U Physics VMS BRYNMAWR Bryn Mawr College VMS IDBSU BSU VM/SP BUCKNELL Bucknell U Comp Services CP6 BKNLVMS Bucknell U Comp Services VMS BYUCOAL BYU Combust Lab VAX VMS BYUETIBM BYU Eng College VM/SP BYUADMIN BYU ISS VM/SP BYUVAX BYU ISS VAX VMS BYULIB BYU Library VM/SP IPVCCN C.C.N. Pavia, Italy IBM VM/SP R5 FRCCSC21 C.C.S.C, Strasbourg MVS FRCCSC13 C.C.S.C, Strasbourg, France IBM VM/SP5 FRCCSC12 C.C.S.C, Strasbourg, France IBM VM/XA SF2 FRCICB71 C.I.C.B. Rennes BULL MULTICS FRCICB81 C.I.C.B., Rennes, France CDC/NOS/VE FRCIME51 C.I.M.E., Grenoble, France DEC VMS FRCIIL71 C.I.R.I.L., Nancy, France BULL MULTICS ICSCRAI C.R.A.I., Rende, Italy IBM MVS/SP 3 8 IPACRES C.R.E.S. - Palermo, Italy DEC VMS INAMVSXA C.R.I.A.I. Napoli - Italy IBM MVS/XA INACRIAI C.R.I.A.I. Napoli - Italy IBM VM/SP FRIHBO11 C.R.I.H. VM/SP FRIHMA21 C.R.I.H. de Marseille, France IBM MVS IBACSATA C.S.A.T.A. - Bari, Italy IBM VM/SP R3 1 FRCTN11 C.T.N. IBM VM IMIUCCA Calcolo Autom Milano, Italy UNIX 4 3 CALPOLY Calif Poly State Univ VM/SP CALSTATE Calif State U NOS CALTECH Caltech VMS CITXRAY Caltech VMS CIT4381 Caltech VM/SP CITDEIMO Caltech Astronomy DEIMOS CITPHOBO Caltech Astronomy PHOBOS VMS CITJULIE Caltech CCO VMS CITROMEO Caltech CCO VMS CITIAGO Caltech CCO IAGO VMS HAMLET Caltech C3P/CCO VMS CITHEX Caltech HEP VMS CITCHEM Caltech XHMEIA VMS CANISIUS Canisius College CC VMS CARLETON Carleton U CP-6 CMASV1 Carnegie Mellon U Comp Srvs VMS DRYCAS Carnegie Mellon Univ Comp Clb VMS CMUCCVMA Carnegie-Mellon U Comp Ctr VM/SP CWRU Case Western VMS CUA Catholic Univ of America CC VMS CUAVAXB Catholic Univ of America CC VMS CUAVAXA Catholic Univ of America CC VMS CATCC Catonsville Comm Coll VM/SP FRMRS11 CCSJ, Marseille, France IBM VM/SP FRCCUB11 CCUB IBM VM/SP5 FRCCUP51 CCUP, Marseille, France DEC VMS CDCCENTR CDC Demo Ctr NOS CEBAFVAX CEBAF Computer Center VMS FRSAC12 CEN-SACLAY DPhPE, Gif/Yvette IBM VM/SP BIBLIO31 Centennial College VM/SP CENCOL Centennial College VM/SP 4 CFR Central Florida Reg Data Ctr MVS MVS/SP CFRVM Central Florida Reg Data Ctr VM VM/SP CMUVM Central Michigan Univ VM/HPO 4.2 FRAIX11 Centre de Calcul Aix-Marseille IBM VM/CMS FRBDX11 Centre IC Bordeaux VM/SP FRSAC11 Centre Scientifique CEA Saclay IBM VM/SP FRPOI11 Centre Scientifique IBM Paris IBM VM/SP EMDCSIC1 Centro de Calculo NOS 2-5-3 IPGCUIC Centro U Itialia Centrale IBM VM/SP R3 1 LUXCEP11 CEPS, Walferdange VM/SP FRTLS12 CERFACS VM/SP CERNADP CERN IBM VM/SP CEARN CERN VM/SP CERNVAX CERN UNIX BSD CERNVM CERN IBM VM/SP HPO R4 2 GEN CERN IBM MVS/SP 1 3.3 CRVXP173 CERN P173 Exp VMS CRUXNMC CERN P173 Experiment DEC VMS CRUXNMCE CERN P173, Geneva, Switzerland DEC VMS CRUXNMCD CERN P173, Geneva, Switzerland DEC VMS CRUXNHD CERN P173, Geneva, Switzerland DEC VMS CRUXHYPM CERN P173, Geneva, Switzerland DEC VMS CRUXNMC1 CERN P173, Geneva, Switzerland DEC VMS CRUXNMC2 CERN P173, Geneva, Switzerland DEC VMS CRUXHYPD CERN P173, Geneva, Switzerland DEC VMS UNICC CERN, Geneva, Switzerland IBM MVS/SP CERNEMU1 CERN, Geneva, Switzerland IBM VM/SP CEARNV2 CERN, Geneva, Switzerland IBM VM/SP AECLCR Chalk River Nuclear Labs NOS CAS Chemical Abstracts Srv ULTRIX-32 FRCICG71 CICG, Grenoble BULL MULTICS FRGREN81 CICG, Grenoble, France CDC FRNICE51 CICNT, Nice, France VMS FRCIRP71 CICRP, Paris, France BULL MULTICS FRTOU71 CICT - Toulouse BULL MULTICS FRCICT81 CICT Toulouse, France CDC/NOS/VE EMDCIE51 CIEMAT DEC VMS 4 7 EMDJEN11 CIEMAT (Junta Energia Nuclear) VM/SP IMICLVM CILEA VM/HPO IMICLVX CILEA, Segrate - Milano, Italy DEC VMS 4 5 IMIVMHEP CILEA, Segrate - Milano, Italy IBM VM/HPO R4 2 ICINECA2 CINECA DEC VMS 4 7 IBOINFN CINECA - Bologna RSX11-M ICINECA3 CINECA - Bologna, Italy IBM VM/SP HPO R4 0 ICINECA CINECA Bologna IBM VM/SP HPO R4 2 ICINECA1 CINECA, Bologna CDC NOS 2 4.1 FRORS31 CIRCE, Orsay, France MVS/SP FRORS12 CIRCE, Orsay, France IBM VM/SP R4 FRORS13 CIRCE, Orsay, France IBM VM/SP R4 IMICISE CISE - Milano, Italy IBM VM/SP HPO R3 CITADEL Citadel Military Co of SC VMS CITADEL1 Citadel Military Co of SC VMS CITADEL2 Citadel Military Co of SC VMS FRCITL71 CITI Lille BULL MULTICS FRCITI51 CITI 2 VAX VMS CLARGRAD Claremont Grad School Comp Ctr VMS CLARMATH Claremont Grad School Math Dept. VMS CLARKU Clark Univ Off of Info Sys VMS CLVM Clarkson U ERC VM/SP CLVMS Clarkson U ERC VMS CLUTX Clarkson U ERC UTX/32 CLGW Clarkson U ERC UNIX CLMIE Clarkson Univ MIE VMS CLEMSON Clemson U Comp Ctr MVS/SP CSUOHIO Cleveland State U Computer Svcs VM/SP UTORCLSC CLSC VMS UTORSCS1 CLSC VMS CMCHEM CMU Chemistry Dept VMS CMCCVB CMU Computing Services VMS ANDREW CMU Computing Services UNIX CGECMU51 CMU Geneve DEC VMS CMPHYSME CMU Med Energy Physics VMS CMPHYS CMU Physics Dept VMS WACES CMU Physics Dept VMS FRCRPE51 CNET/CRPE VMS IPDCNR CNR - Area di Ricerca, Padiva DEC VMS IRMITSE CNR ITSE Roma, Italy IBM VM/SP R3 FRCGM51 CNRS - CGM VAX VMS FRCECM51 CNRS Ctr Metallurgique VMS FRUNIP11 CNRS-LITP, Paris, France VM/SP R5 FRPOLY11 Cntr Info Ecole Polytech VM/SP ICNUCEVB CNUCE - C N.R. Pisa, Italy IBM VM/SP HPO R4 0 ICNUCEVX CNUCE - C N.R. Pisa, Italy VMS 4 7 FRMOP22 CNUSC - Montpellier MVS/XA FRMOP11 CNUSC Montpellier VM/SP FRMOP12 CNUSC, Montpellier VM/SP WMMVS Col William and Mary Comp Ctr MVS/SP WMHEG Col William Mary Enrgy Grp VMS CSHLAB Cold Spring Harbor Lab VMS COLGATEU Colgate Univ VMS FRCDF51 College de France, Paris DEC VMS CMR001 College militaire royal CP-6 CODVM1 College of DuPage Comp. Srvs VM/SP HLYCRSS1 College of the Holy Cross VM/SP HLYCROSS College of the Holy Cross VMS MINES Colorado Sch Mines VMS CSUGREEN Colorado State U CSUGOLD Colorado State U CSU205 Colorado State U VSOS 2.3 COLOSTAT Colorado State U CUCCVX Columbia U Admin Dept VMS CUGSBVAX Columbia U Bus Sch Futures Ctr VMS CUCHEM Columbia U Chemistry Dept VMS CUCHMB Columbia U Chemistry Dept VMS CUCEVX Columbia U Civil Eng. VMS CUCCA Columbia U Cluster Ctrl A UNIX BSD CUCSVM Columbia U Comp Sci VM/SP CUNIXC Columbia U Ctr Cmptng. Act. ULTRIX CUVMC Columbia U Ctr for Comp Activities VM/SP CUVMA Columbia U Ctr for Comp Activities VM/SP CUVMB Columbia U Ctr for Comp Activities VM/SP CUMIN Columbia U Ctr for Comptng Act VMS CUGSBVM Columbia U Grad Sch Business VM/SP CUCCFA Columbia U Health Sciences VMS CUHSDA Columbia U Health Sciences VMS CUMBG Columbia U Molecular Biophy. Graph VMS CUORCA Columbia U Orthopaedic Res Clust A VMS CUORMB Columbia U Orthopaedic Res Clust A VMS CUORMA Columbia U Orthopaedic Res Micro A VMS CUPHYD Columbia U Physics Dept VMS CUSB Columbia U Stony Brook Exp - CESR VMS CUTCV1 Columbia U Teachers Coll VMS CUTHRY Columbia U Theoretical Phys VMS CUCISA Columbia Univ Ctr for Clinical Res VMS UTKVX Computing Center VMS CONU1 Concordia U Computing Ctr NOS CONU2 Concordia U Computing Ctr VMS CONNCOLL Connecticut Coll ULTRIX CTSTATEU Connecticut State Univ Sys VMS IRMCNR Consig Naz Richerche - Roma IBM VM/SP R3 DKCBS01 Copenhagen Business School, DK PRIMOS DKTC11 Copenhagen Technical College IBM VM/SP CRNLION Cornell Lab of Plasma Stud ULTRIX CORNELLA Cornell U Computer Services VM/SP/HPO CORNELLC Cornell U Computer Services VM/SP/HPO CRNLASTR Cornell U Dept of Astronomy VMS CRNLCS Cornell U Dept of Computer Science UNIX BSD CRNLGSM Cornell U Grad Sch of Mgmt VMS CRNLNS Cornell U Lab of Nuclear Studies VMS CRNLIMAP Cornell U Mech Eng VM/SP CUMC Cornell U Medical College VM/SP CORNELLF Cornell U Production Supercomp Facil VM/XA/SF CORNELLD Cornell U Supercomputer Facil VM/SP/HPO CRNLCAM Cornell Univ CAM UNIX BSD CRNLVAX2 Cornell Univ Comp Servs UNIX BSD CRNLVAX3 Cornell Univ Comp Servs ULTRIX CRNLVAX4 Cornell Univ Comp Servs ULTRIX CRNLVAX1 Cornell Univ Comp Srvs UNIX BSD CRNLVAX5 Cornell Univ Comp Svcs VMS CRNLMVS Cornell Univ Computer Srvs MVS/SP CRNLDEV Cornell Univ Ctr Theory & Simul in Sci & EUNIX BSD CRNLCHES Cornell Univ HESS VMS CRNLASSP Cornell Univ LASSP UNIX BSD CRNLNUC Cornell Univ LNS SUNOS UNIX CRNLMSC2 Cornell Univ Materials Sci Ctr CONVEX UNIX CRNLMSC3 Cornell Univ Materials Sci Ctr CONVEX UNIX CRNLEE Cornell Univ Sch Elec Eng UNIX BSD CRNLTHRY Cornell Univ Theory Ctr. UTX/32 FRIHRO21 CRIH de Haute Normandie MVS FRIHVG11 CRIH de Villeneuve St. George VM/SP FRCRN51 CRN - DIHE, France DEC VMS ITOCSIP CSI Piemonte, Torino, Italy IBM MVS/SP 3 8 ILCTEHOL CTE, HOLON VMS SECTHF51 CTH Gothenburg, Sweden DEC VMS FRCTHO11 CTHO, Orsay, France IBM VM/SP GRPATVX1 CTI, Computer Engineering Dept VMS CATE Ctr for Adv Tech Educ VM/SP BBADMIN CUNY - Baruch Col Admin Comp Ctr VM/SP BBADMIN2 CUNY - Baruch Col Admin Comp Ctr VM/SP BARUCH CUNY - Baruch College VM/SP BMACADM CUNY - Bor of Manhattan Comm Col VM/SP BM002 CUNY - Bor of Manhattan Comm Col Adm VM/SP BX001 CUNY - Bronx Community College VM/SP BKLYN CUNY - Brooklyn College VM/SP BKLYNMVS CUNY - Brooklyn College MVS/SP BKLYNCIS CUNY - Brooklyn College UNIX CCNY CUNY - City College of New York VM/SP CCNYVME CUNY - City College of New York VM/SP CCNYSCI CUNY - City College of NY UNIX CCNYVAX1 CUNY - City College of NY VMS SI001 CUNY - Col of Staten Island VM/SP CUNYVMS1 CUNY - Graduate Center VMS HUNTER CUNY - Hunter College VM/SP KB001 CUNY - Kingsborough Comm Col VM/SP LEHMAN CUNY - Lehman College VM/SP NY001 CUNY - New York City Tech Col VM/SP QUEENS CUNY - Queens College VM/SP QB001 CUNY - Queensborough Comm Col VM/SP CUNYJES3 CUNY - University Computer Ctr MVS/SP YORK CUNY - York College VM/SP CUNYVM CUNY University Computer Ctr VM/SP/HPO CUNYVMV2 CUNY University Computer Ctr VM/SP/HPO HOSTOS CUNY University Hostos Comm. Coll VM/SP JJAYVM CUNY University John Jay. Coll VM/SP LAGCC CUNY University LaGuardia Comm. Coll VM/SP MEDGAR CUNY University Medgar Evers Coll VM/SP MCVAX CWI Amsterdam UNIX FRDRFG01 D.R.F. , Grenoble, France PRIMOS REV 21 SDNET Dakota State College VM/SP DAL Dalhousie U Comp Cntr NOS DALAC Dalhousie University UCIS VMS DALADM Dalhousie University UCIS MVS/SP DKDHI11 Danish Hydraulic Inst IBM VM/SP DKSFI11 Danish Ntl Inst Social Res IBM VM/SP R3 DARTCMS1 Dartmouth College Kiewit CC - CMS1 VM/SP DAVIDSON Davidson Coll VMS DEPAUL De Paul Univ VMS DEPAULC De Paul Univ VMS DEPAULO De Paul Univ VMS DECUSA DECUS Symposium Demo Node VMS DECUSB DECUS Symposium Demo Node VMS DECUSC DECUS Symposium Demo Node VMS DECUSD DECUS Symposium Demo Node VMS DECUSE DECUS Symposium Demo Node VMS DECUSF DECUS Symposium Demo Node VMS DECUSG DECUS Symposium Demo Node VMS DECUSH DECUS Symposium Demo Node VMS DECUSI DECUS Symposium Demo Node VMS DECUSJ DECUS Symposium Demo Node VMS D00DEMO Demo Node Germany DENISON Denison Univ VMS FRULM63 Dept Math ENS Paris UNIX JPNKBUDS Dept of Systems Eng VM/SP DHHDESY3 DESY MVS/SP DFVLROP1 Deutsche FVLR Oberpfaffenhofen IBM VM/SP HPO DHDDKFZ1 Deutsches Krebsforschungszentr IBM VM/SP HPO R4 2 DFNGATE DFN Gateway at GMD DA, Germany IBM VM/SP R4 DFVLRBS1 DFVLR Braunschweig IBM VM/SP HPO DFVLRGO1 DFVLR Goettingen IBM VM/SP HPO DFVLRKP1 DFVLR Koeln-Porz IBM VM/SP HPO DFVLRLA1 DFVLR Lampoldshausen, Germany IBM VM/IS DFVLROP2 DFVLR Oberpfaffenhofen IBM MVS/XA DFVLRST1 DFVLR Stuttgart IBM VM/SP HPO DKDHI12 DHI, Horsholm, Denmark IBM VM/SP DICKINSN Dickinson College VMS IFICHIM Dip. di Chimica Firenze, Italy VM/SP ITOINFO Dip. Informatica Torino, Italy UNIX 4 2 IPIINFO Dip. Informatica Univ Pisa UNIX BERKELEY IRM2CIV Dip. Ingen. Civile Univ Roma 2 VM/SP IPIFIDPT Dipartimento di Fisica, Pisa IBM VM/SP HPO R5 DB0DIW11 DIW Berlin VM/SP HLSDNL50 DNL Leidschendam VMS 4 6 HLSDNL5 DNL Leidschendam, Netherlands VMS 4 6 HLSDNL51 DNL Leidschendam, Netherlands VMS 4 6 DKDOU01 DOU, Odense, Denmark SPERRY OS 1100 DRAKE Drake Univ VMS DREW Drew Univ VMS DRUNIVAC Drew Univ VMS DUPR Drexel Univ Off Cmptng Srvs PRIMOS DUVM Drexel University VM/SP DUPHY1 Drexel University VMS DUKEFSB Duke U FUQUA Bus Sch VM/SP DUKE Duke University MVS/SP FREMBL51 E.M.B.L. Grenoble, France VMS FRERB51 E.N.S.E.R.B., Talence, France DEC VMS FRENSL61 E.N.S.L UNIX BSD 4 2 EBESADE0 E.S.A.D.E. Barcelona - Spain AOS/VS EARNWRLD EARN Demonstration node VAX/VMS ECUVM1 East Carolina Univ Comp & Info Sys VM/HPO ETSU East Tennessee St. Univ VM/SP ETSUACE East Tennessee St. Univ VM/SP EWCN East-West Center VMS ECLACSVM ECLA, Computer Center VM FRECCL11 Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France IBM VM/SP R4 FRECP11 Ecole Centrale de Paris IBM VM/SP R4 FREMP11 Ecole des Mines Paris VM/SP FRHEC11 Ecole Hautes Et Commer Paris IBM VM/SP R4 0 FRULM11 Ecole Normale Super Paris IBM VM/SP FRULM52 Ecole Normale Superieure Paris VMS POLYTEC1 Ecole Polytechnique MUSIC POLYTEC2 Ecole Polytechnique MUSIC POLYTEC3 Ecole Polytechnique MUSIC POLYTECA Ecole Polytechnique VM VM/SP FRESCR51 Ecole Sup de Commerce DEC VMS FRESE51 Ecole Super d'Elec DEC VMS IECSEC ECSEC IBM Rome IBM VM/SP HPO 3 4 RUIPC1E EDS Deutschland GmbH, Germany IBM MVS/XA 2 1.3 ECNCDC Edu Computing Network of IL NOS CIEARN Educat & Research, Ivory Coast VM/SP EDUCOM EDUCOM VMS EDUCOM2 EDUCOM VM/SP AMBER88 EDUCOM '88 Prime Demo PRIMOS EDUCOMDW EDUCOM 88 Conf. Demo Node VMS EDUCOM88 EDUCOM 88 Conf. Demo Node VMS AWIUNI11 EDV Zentrum U Wien IBM VM/SP HPO R4 2 AWIBOK01 EDV-Zentrum Boku Wien PRIMOS AWITUW02 EDV-Zentrum TU Wien NOS/VE 1 3.1 AWITUW01 EDV-Zentrum TU Wien NOS/VE 1 3.1 AINUNI01 EDV-Zentrum Uni Innsbruck NOS/VE 1 3 TREARN Ege Univ VM/SP CLSEPF51 Eid Tech Hoch Lausanne DEC VMS CZHETH5A Eidgen Tech Hoch Zuerich VMS CAGEIR5A EIR, Wuerenlingen, Switzerland VMS EPRI Electric Power Res Inst VM/SP DHHEMBL5 EMBL Hamburg, Germany DEC VMS 4 6 DHDEMBL EMBL Heidelberg, Germany VMS EMUVM1 Emory U Comp Ctr - VM1 VM/SP EMUVM2 Emory U Comp Ctr - VM2 VM/SP EMORYU1 Emory U Comp Ctr UNIX1 UNIX BSD EMORY Emory U Math and CS BERKELEY UNIX EMRYCC Emory Univ Comp Ctr VMS VAX VMS EMORYU2 Emory Univ Comptng Ctr UNIX EMRCAN Energy Mines & Resources Can VMS HPEENR51 ENR, Petten, Netherlands VAX VMS HROEUR5 Erasmus U Rotterdam VMS 4 ESOC ESA ESOC, Darmstadt, Germany IBM VM/SP HPO R5 0 HNOESA10 ESA Europ Space Res Tech Ctr VM/SP 4 2 IFRESA10 ESA/ESRIN Frascati, Italy IBM VM/SP R4 FRESA10 ESA, France IBM VM/SP R3 1 DGAESO51 ESO, Garching VMS ESASTSP ESTEC / STSP Project VM/SP HPO4 2 FRESTP11 ESTP, Paris, France VM/SP CZHETH1I ETH und Uni Zuerich IBT IBM VM/SP HPO 5 0 CZHETH1B ETH Zuerich Bibliotek IBM VM/SP HPO 5 0 CZHETH1C ETH Zuerich IKB IBM VM/SP HPO 5 0 CZHETH1A ETHZ/IHP IBM VM/SP HPO 4 2 ROSEDALE ETS VMS DHDEMBL5 European Molecular Biology Lab VMS ITSOGS Exp. Geophys. Observ. Trieste IBM VM/SP R4 ERENJ Exxon Res & Eng Co VM/SP EREVAX Exxon Res & Eng Co VMS FRFUPL11 F.U.P.L. de Lille, France IBM VM/SP R4 IFISTAT Fac. Econ e Comm Firenze IBM VM/SP R5 DAAFHT1 Fachhochschule Aalen VM/SP DHNFHS1 Fachhochschule Heilbronn IBM VM/SP R3 DKAFHS1 Fachhochschule Karlsruhe IBM VM/SP R4 DMAFHT1 Fachhochschule Technik Mannheim IBM VM/SP R4 0 DWIFH1 Fachhochschule Wiesbaden IBM VM/SP R3 BNANDP11 Facultes U Notre Dame de la Paix Namur BelVM/SP R5 BNANDP10 Facultes U Notre Dame Namur VM/SP R5 IRMFAO00 FAO IBM VM/SP R4 2 DULFAW1A FAW Ulm, Germany VM/SP R4 5 DS0FBD11 FBD - Schulen Gemein GMBH IBM VM/SP R3 FDACFSAN FDA, CFSAN VM/SP FNALA Fermi Natl Accelerator Lab VMS FNALDBG FERMI Natl Accelerator Lab VMS FNAL Fermilab VMS FNALB Fermilab VMS FNALBSN Fermilab VMS FNALB0 Fermilab VMS FNALC Fermilab VMS FNALCDF Fermilab VMS FNALNET Fermilab VMS FNALVM Fermilab VM/SP FNMFE Fermilab VMS FNALG Fermilab VMS FNALJ Fermilab VMS FNALF Fermilab VMS FNALE Fermilab VMS FNALMDTF Fermilab VMS FNAL01 Fermilab VMS FNAL03 Fermilab VMS FNAL05 Fermilab VMS FNAL17 Fermilab VMS FNAL26 Fermilab VMS FNAL27 Fermilab VMS FNACP Fermilab VMS FNBIT Fermilab VMS FNALH Fermilab VMS FNALI Fermilab VMS FNALK Fermilab VMS FNCCF Fermilab VM FNALAD FERMILAB Ntl Lab VMS DHAFEU51 Fern-Uni Hagen (Informatik) VMS DHAFEU61 Fern-Uni Hagen (Informatik) UNIX BSD DHAFEU11 Fernuniversitaet Hagen IBM VM/SP R4 DHAFEU52 Feruniversitaet Hagen DEC VMS 4 7 FINFUN Finnish S Comp Ctr Espoo DEC VMS 4 1 TRFIRAT Firat Univ VM/SP R 3 FSUSFS Fl St U Spr-comp Frnt-end Sys NOS FSURAI FL State U Rsrch Instrtnl Sys NOS FSUSUP FL State U Super Comp Sys VSOS NERVM Florida NE Reg Data Ctr VM/SP NER Florida NE Reg Data Ctr MVS/XA FSU Florida State U VM/SP BEARN2 FNRS/NFWO, Brussels, Belgium VM/SP FORDMULC Fordham Univ VMS FORDMURH Fordham Univ VMS FANDM Franklin and Marshall Coll VMS FANDMA Franklin and Marshall Coll VMS FANDMB Franklin and Marshall Coll VMS FANDMC Franklin and Marshall Coll VMS FHCRCVM Fred Hutchinson Cancer Res Ctr VM/SP FHCRCVAX Fred Hutchinson Cancer Res Ctr Div Clin ReVMS DB0DSS81 Freie Universitaet Berlin SIEMENS BS2000 DB0FHI01 Fritz Haber Institut der Max Planck GesellCDC NOS/BE 1 5 FIPORT FSCC, Espoo, Finland DEC VMS DB0FUB03 FU Berlin ZEDAT CDC CDC NOS/BE 1 5 DB0FUB11 FU Berlin ZEDAT CDC, Germany IBM VM/SP GALLUA Gallaudet Univ Comp Svcs VMS GALLUB Gallaudet Univ Comp Svcs VMS GALLUE Gallaudet Univ Comp Svcs VMS FRGAN01 GANIL, Caen, France MAX32 REV A 1 GECRDVM1 GE R&D VM/SP CGEHCU61 Geneva Hospital, Switzerland UNIX GMUVAX George Mason U VMS GWUVM George Washington U Comp Ctr VM/SP GUVM Georgetown U Acad CMS VM/SP GUVAX Georgetown U Acad VAX VMS GSUMVS1 Georgia State U - MVS1 MVS/XA GSUVM1 Georgia State U - VM1 VM/SP GSUVM2 Georgia State Univ CC VM2 VM/SP GITVM2 Georgia Tech CAE/CAD Lab VM/SP GITCDC1 Georgia Tech Comp Svcs NOS GITCDC2 Georgia Tech Comp Svcs NOS GITNVE2 Georgia Tech Comp Svcs NOS/VE GITATT1 Georgia Tech Computing Svcs UNIX SYSTEM V GITVM1 Georgia Tech Computing Svcs VM/SP/HPO GTRI01 Georgia Tech Research Inst. VM/SP DBNGMD21 Ges. Mathematik Datenv Bonn MVS/SP DDAGMD11 Ges. Mathematik Datenv Darmstadt IBM VM/SP R4 DEARN Gesellschaft fuer Schwerionenf IBM VM/SP R5 DDAGSI3 Gesellschaft fuer Schwerionfor IBM MVS/XA 2 1.3 VFE FRGETA11 GETA VM/SP GBURG Gettysburg Coll VMS DGHGKSS4 GKSS, Geesthacht, Ger SIEMENS BS3000 E 40 DBNGMD12 GMD Bonn, Germany IBM VM/SP R5 SEGUC11 Gothenburg U Comp Ctr IBM VM/SP R2 SEGUC21 Gothenburg U Comp Ctr IBM MVS/SP 1 3.3 UKACRL Great Britain EARN London IBM VM/SP R3 FRPROG61 GRECO Programmation Bordeaux UNIX GRIN2 Grinnell College - Admin VMS GRIN1 Grinnell College Academic VMS FRGAG51 Groupe Astrophysique Grenoble VMS DGAGRS2A GRS Garching IBM MVS/XA DK0GRS11 GRS Koein VM/SP DM0GSF11 GSF Muenchen VM/SP DM0GSF51 GSF-MEDIS VMS DDAGSI5 GSI Darmstadt VAX DEC VMS 4 3 DDAGSI1 GSI Darmstadt, Germany IBM VM/SP R4 0 DDAGSI1O GSI Darmstadt, Germany IBM VM/SP R4 0 GACVAX1 Gustavus Adolphus Coll VMS DGOGWDG1 GWD Goettingen, Germany IBM VM/SP R4 DGOGWDG5 GWD Goettingen, Germany DEC VMS GWUVAX GWU - School of Eng. VMS SEASVM GWU - School of Eng. IBM VM/SP HADASSAH Hadassah U Hospital DEC VMS DB0HMI41 Hahn-Meitner-Institut Kerforschung SIEMENS BS3000 MSP 10 HAIFAUVM Haifa University IBM VM/SP R4 1 HAMPVMS Hampshire College VMS KRHYUCC1 Hanyang Univ VMS HUSC5 Harvard HASCS VMS HUSC2 Harvard HASCS BSD UNIX 2.9 HUARP1 Harvard U Atmos Res Project VMS HARVBMB Harvard U Biochem & Molecul Bio UNIX BBN HARVJMMY Harvard U Biostat Res Cmptng ULTRIX HARVBUS1 Harvard U Bus Sch VM/SP HUCHE1 Harvard U Chemistry VAX1 VMS HARVARD Harvard U Computer Science UNIX BSD CFA2 Harvard U Ctr Astrophysics VMS CFA3 Harvard U Ctr Astrophysics VMS CFA Harvard U Ctr Astrophysics VMS CFAAMP Harvard U Ctr Astrophysics VM/SP CFA4 Harvard U Ctr Astrophysics VMS CFA5 Harvard U Ctr Astrophysics VMS CFA6 Harvard U Ctr Astrophysics VMS CFA7 Harvard U Ctr Astrophysics VMS CFA8 Harvard U Ctr Astrophysics VMS CFAPS2 Harvard U Ctr Astrophysics VMS HARVPCNA Harvard U Faculty Arts & Sciences MS-DOS HUGSE1 Harvard U Grad Sch of Ed VMS HARVHEP Harvard U High En Physics Lab VMS HUHEPL Harvard U High Energy Physics VMS HUXTAL Harvard U Mole Bio Cmptng. VMS HARVARDA Harvard U OIT VM/SP HUSSLE Harvard U Physics Dept VMS HARVUNXW Harvard U Psychology Dept UNIX BSD HARVUNXC Harvard U Psychology Dept UNIX HARVUNXU Harvard U Science Center UNIX BSD HUSC6 Harvard U Science Ctr UNIX HULAW1 Harvard U Science Ctr VMS HUSC3 Harvard U Science Ctr VMS HUMA1 Harvard U Science Ctr UNIX BSD HUSC7 Harvard U Science Ctr ULTRIX HUSC8 Harvard U Science Ctr ULTRIX HUSCGW Harvard U Science Ctr BITNET Mail Gtwy VMS HARVUNXT Harvard U Sociology Dept UNIX BSD HARVSPHA Harvard Univ Health Sci. Cmptng. Fac. ULTRIX HARVSPHB Harvard Univ Health Sci. Cmptng. Fac. ULTRIX FOURCC Harvey Mudd Col Comp Services VMS HMCVAX Harvey Mudd Col Comp Srvs VMS ECHMC Harvey Mudd Col Eng Dept VMS FROSH Harvey Mudd Col Eng Dept VMS YMIR Harvey Mudd Col Math Dept VMS HECMTL01 Hautes Etudes Commerciales HVRFORD Haverford Col Acad Comp Ctr VMS DKHHA HDC Aarhus VMS HUJINIX Hebrew U Comp Cnt Unix UNIX BSD 4 2 HBUNOS Hebrew U Comp Ctr NOS HUJIVMS Hebrew U Comp Ctr DEC VMS HUJICS Hebrew U Computer Sci UTX 32 HUJIAGRI Hebrew U Faculty of Agriculture DEC VMS HUJIFH Hebrew U Fritz Haber Molec Dyna Ctr UNIX BSD 4 2 HUMUS Hebrew U Jerusalem Comp Sc UNIX BSD 4 2 HUJINOS2 Hebrew U Jerusalem, Israel NOS HUJIMD Hebrew U Medical School DEC VMS BATATA Hebrew U Molecular Ctr UNIX BSD 4 2 HUJIPRMA Hebrew U Mount Scopus Comp Ctr PRIMOS HUJIPRMB Hebrew U Mount Scopus Comp Ctr PRIMOS HUJIVM1 Hebrew University VM/CMS FINGATE Helsinki U Tech UNIX FINHUTA Helsinki U Tech IBM VM/SP R4 FINHUTC Helsinki U Tech Finland IBM VM/SP R4 FINHUT Helsinki Univ of Tech IBM VM/SP R5 FINHUTCS Helsinki University of Techn UNIX 4 3 BSD FINHUTEE Helsinki University of Techn UNIX 4 3 BSD FINHUTIT Helsinki University of Techn UNIX 4 3 BSD JPNHIROA Hiroshima Univ VM/HPO DDATHD21 Hoch TH Darmstadt MVS/SP DDOHRZ11 Hoch U Dortmund IBM VM/SP R3 DHDIHEP5 Hochenergiephysik VMS DHIURZ1 Hochschule Hildesheim Germany IBM VM/SP R4 HOFSTRA Hofstra Univ VMS HUMAIN Howard Univ Central Comp MVS HSETC HSETC VM/SP HPO HUJIDS HUJI Dental School DEC MICROVMS HUMBER Humber College VM/SP IRMIAS I Astrofisica Spaziale VM/SP IFIIDG I Document Giurid Firenze VM/SP ITOIMGC I Meteorologia Colonnetti VM/SP IRMCRA I Richerche Aerospaziali IBM VM/SP IPVIAN I.A.N.-CNR, Pava, Italy VM/SP IGEICE I.C.E.-CNR, Genova, Italy CDC NOS 2 4.2 FRILL52 I.L.L. , Grenoble, France DEC VMS FRILL I.L.L. , Grenoble, France DEC VMS FRIMFT11 I.M.F. VM/SP FRURBB51 I.N.S.E.R.M. DEC VMS FROPT11 I.O.T.A IBM VM/IS TRITU I.T.U VM/SP R3 FRPGM11 I.U.T. Progem VM/SP AWIIAE21 IAEA IBM MVS/XA 2 1.3 IRMIASI IASI CNR Roma, Italy DEC VMS V4 5 ALMCSVM1 IBM Almaden Res Ctr VM/SP ALMCSVM2 IBM Almaden Res Ctr VM/SP ALMCSVM6 IBM Almaden Res Ctr VM/SP ALMCSVS5 IBM Almaden Res Ctr VM/SP ALMVMA IBM Almaden Res Ctr VM/SP ALMVMB IBM Almaden Res Ctr VM/SP ALMVMC IBM Almaden Res Ctr VM/SP ALMVMZ IBM Almaden Res Ctr VM/SP IBMLABNN IBM Canada Labs ISRAEARN IBM Israel SC - Haifa IBM VM/SP R3 DS0LILOG IBM LILOG Project Stuttgart IBM VM/SP R3 ZURLVM1 IBM Research Lab Zurich IBM VM/SP EMDCCI11 IBM Scientific Center Madrid IBM VM/SP R4 JPNTSCVM IBM Tokyo Research VM/SP VNET IBM VNET Gateway VM/SP YKTVMV IBM Watson Sci Res Ctr VM/SP WATSON IBM Watson Sci Res Ctr VM/SP YKTVMT IBM Watson Sci Res Ctr VM/SP YKTVMH IBM Watson Sci Res Ctr VM/SP YKTVMX IBM Watson Sci Res Ctr VM/SP YKTVMZ IBM Watson Sci Res Ctr VM/SP TJWATSON IBM Watson Sci Res Ctr VM/SP YKTVMH2 IBM Watson Sci Res Ctr Yorktwn VM/SP DHDIBM1 IBM Wissenschaftliches Zentrum VM/SP DHDIBM1W IBM WZH & ENC Heidelberg VM/SP FRIBCP51 IBMC, Strasbourg, France DEC VMS DKIBT IBT IBM VM/IS VER 1 5 SELIUI51 IDA Linkoping, Sweden DEC VMS SELIUIDA IDA Linkoping, Sweden DEC VMS BBRIBM11 IEC, La Hulpe, Belgium VM/SP HPO R4 2 AWIIEZ11 IEZ Numerischer Rechner, Wien IBM VM/SP R4 DHVIFW1 IFW, Univ Hannover, Germany IBM VM/SP R5 IITVAX Illinois Inst Tech/ACC VMS FRINA11 INA-PG IBM VM/IS INDST Indiana State Univ VM/SP IUBACS Indiana U Bloomington ACS VMS IUP Indiana U of Penn HONEYWELL CP-6 C00 IUBVM Indiana Univ Bloomington VM VM/XA SF RELEASE 2 IUCF Indiana Univ Cyclotron Facil VMS IUBUS Indiana Univ Sch of Business VM/SP INSTEPS Indiana Univ Stwde Teah Elec Prod Sys VM/SP INDYVAX Indiana/Purdue U VMS INDYCMS Indiana/Purdue U VM/SP INDYMED Indiana/Purdue U VM/SP IUIS Indiana/Purdue U MVS/XA FRINED51 INED DEC VMS IRMEMU INFN - EMU, Roma, Italy IBM VM/SP R4 IPIVAXIN INFN - Pisa DEC VMS IPIINFN INFN Pisa IBM VM/SP R4 IRMLNF INFN/LNF DEC VMS 4 4 ITIVAX Information Technology Inst VMS ILNPL INPL, Israel DEC VMS FRINRA11 INRA - CTIG IBM VM/SP R4 FRINRA72 INRA - CTIS BULL MULTICS FRIRTS71 INRETS BULL MULTICS FREIBA51 INSEAD DEC VMS FRCCRM51 INSERM, Villejuif, France DEC VMS FRIAP51 Inst d'Astrophysique Paris VMS PTIFM Inst de Fisica e Matematica DEC VMS IMISIAM Inst Fisica Cosmica Milano VM/SP IASSNS Inst for Advan Study VMS IASSUN Inst for Advan Study UNIX BSD DBNMEB1 Inst fuer Med Statistik / Med EinrichtungeIBM VM/SP R5 AWIIMC11 Inst Med Computwiss Uni Wien IBM VM/SP HPO R4 2 IRMISS Instit Superiore di Sanita VM/SP EBRIEC01 Institut d'Estudis Catalans 38 CPF DHDIHEP1 Institut fuer Hochenergiephysi IBM VM/SP R4 FRILL51 Institut Laue-Langevin VMS FRPSTR01 Institut Pasteur AOS/VS FRINT51 INT VMS FRCPN11 IN2P3 Ctr de Calcul VM/SP IONAACAD Iona College Comp Ctr VM/SP IONA Iona College Music Sys VM/SP ALISUVAX Iowa S U Ames Lab Dept Energy VMS ISUMVS Iowa State U Comp Ctr MVS/SP ISUCARD Iowa State U Ctr. Agricul. & Rural Dev VM/SP ISUEVAX Iowa State U Eng. VAX Cluster VMS ISUVAX Iowa State VAX Cluster VMS DMZNAT51 IPH KCH KPH Uni Mainz, Germany DEC VMS 4 6 DGAIPP5N IPP (MPI f. Plasmaphysik) VMS IRIS IRIS UNIX IRUCCVAX IRUCCVAX VMS FRISIO11 ISIO - MIAGE VM/IS IRMISRDS ISRDS CNR Roma, Italy IBM VM/SP R5 TRIUVM11 Istanbul Univ IBM VM/SP R3 ITHACA Ithaca College VMS ICUNIX Ithaca College ULTRIX FRIUTO11 IUT Orsay IBM VM JAXLAB Jackson Lab UNIX BSD JMUVAX1 James Madison Univ VAX1 VMS JPNJAERI Japan Atomic Energy Res Inst VM/SP JCSVAX1 Jersey City St Co VMS ILJCT Jerusalem Col Tech DEC VMS JHUNIX JHU HCF UNIX JHUVM JHU HCF VM/SP JHUVMS JHU HCF VMS JHHMVS JHU HCF MVS/XA JHHVM JHU Hosp Info Sys Dept VM/SP JHUHYG2 JHU School of Public Health ULTRIX JNETDEMO JNETDEMO, RAI, Netherlands VMS 4 6 ALIJKU21 Johannes Kepler U Linz IBM MVS/SP 1 3.8 JCUVAX John Carroll Univ VMS JCVAXA John Carroll Univ VMS JVNCC John Von Neumann Ctr VMS JVNCD John Von Neumann Ctr VMS JVNC John Von Neumann Ctr VMS JHUHYG Johns Hopkins U VM/SP JHUP Johns Hopkins U High En Phys VMS JHUIGF Johns Hopkins Univ - IGF VMS APLVM Johns Hopkins Univ App Phys Lab VM/SP JILA Joint Inst for Lab Astrophysics VMS FINJYU Jyvaskyla Univ , Finland DEC VMS 4 4 JPNKIT Kanazawa Inst. of Tech. VM/SP KSUVAX1 Kansas St U Comp Sci Dept UNIX BSD KSUVM Kansas State U CC VM/SP HRDKSW5 Kapteijn Sterrenwacht Roden VMS 4 3 BLEKUL11 Kath U Leuven VM/SP R4 BLEKUL60 Kath Univ Leuven UNIX BLEKUL21 Kath. Univ Leuven, Belgium MVS/XA 2 2.0 BLEKUL12 Kath. Univ Leuven, Belgium VM/SP R4 BLEKUL10 Katholieke U Leuven Mech Eng VM/SP R3 1 HNYKUN55 Katholieke U Nijmegen VMS HEARN Katholieke U Nijmegen VM/SP R5 HNYKUN11 Katholieke U Nijmegen VM/SP HPO 4 2 HNYKUN22 Katholieke U Nijmegen MVS/SP 1 3 -TSO/E- HNYKUN51 Katholieke U Nijmegen VMS HNYKUN53 Katholieke U Nijmegen VMS 4 1 HTIKUB5 Katholieke Uni Brabant VMS 4 HNYKUN52 Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen VMS JPNKEIO Keio Univ OS IV/F4 MSP JPNKEKVX KEK Network VMS JPNKEKTR KEK TRISTAN OS IV/F4 MSP KENTASHT Kent S U Ashtabula VMS KENTELIV Kent S U East Liverpool VMS KENTGEAU Kent S U Geauga VMS KENTVM Kent S U Info Services VM/SP KENTVMS Kent S U Info Services VMS KENTGOLD Kent S U Info Services VMS KENTSALM Kent S U Salem VMS KENTSTAR Kent S U Stark VMS KENTTRUM Kent S U Trumbull VMS KENTTUSC Kent S U Tuscarawas Cmpus VMS DJUKFA11 Kernforsch Juelich IBM VM/SP HPO R4 2 DJUKFA21 Kernforsch Juelich IBM MVS/XA DKAKFK3 Kernforsch Karlsruhe MVS/SP DJUKFA53 Kernforschungsanlage Juelich G VMS HGRRUG51 Kernfysisch Versn Inst VMS 4 2 DJUKFA54 KFA Juelich - IFF VMS DJUKFA52 KFA Juelich - IPP VMS DKAKFK11 KFK Karlsruhe IBM VM/SP DB0ZIB21 Konrad Zuse Zentrum Infor IBM MVS/SP 1 3.4 JPNKEKVM Kou Enerugi Ken, Tsukuba Japan VM/SP SEKTH KTH UNIX BSD4 3 BLEKUL13 KUL CME VM/SP R3 JPNKUHEL Kyoto U HEPL OS IV/F4 MSP JPNKUDPC Kyoto Univ OS IV.F4 MSP JPNKYOTO Kyoto Univ Dept Info Sci VM/SP JPNKISCT Kyushu Institute of Tech VM/HPO JPNKISCI Kyushu Institute of Tech - Iizuka VM/HPO JPNCCKU Kyushu Univ OSR/F4 MSP FRSOL11 L.P.S.O., Orsay, France IBM VM/SP FRLAAS61 LAAS Toulouse France UNIX LNCC Lab Nat'l Comp Cientificia VM/SP FRUPS51 Lab physique des solides VAX VMS FRPOLY52 Labo Physique Nucl Haute Eng VMS LAFAYETT Lafayette College UNIX LAKEHEAD Lakehead U UNIX LUSUN Lakehead U SUN UNIX LUVMS Lakehead U MICROVMS 4 5 FRLAL51 LAL, Orsay, France DEC VMS 4 5 HWALHW5 Landbouwhogeschool Wageningen VMS 4 3 HWALHW50 Landbouwuniv Wageningen VMS 4 3 FRLAPP51 LAPP, Annecy, France DEC VMS FRLASM51 LAS Marseille France DEC VMS FRLASH51 LASH-ENTPE DEC VMS LAUVAX01 Laurentian University VMS LAUCOSC Laurentian University VMS LAUADMIN Laurentian University VMS LAVALVM1 Laval U VM/SP LAWRENCE Lawrence Univ VMS SELDC51 LDC Lund, Sweden DEC VMS SELDC52 LDC Lund, Sweden DEC VMS LEMOYNE Le Moyne College VMS LEHICDC1 Lehigh Univ CC - Cyber 850 NOS LEHICIM1 Lehigh Univ CIM Lab VM1 VM/SP LEHIIBM1 Lehigh Univ Comp Ctr - IBM4381 VM/SP LEHIGH Lehigh Univ Comp Ctr - Ntwk Server MUSIC/SP LCVAX Lehman Col Acad Comp Ctr VMS DM0LRZ01 Leibniz Rechenzentrum Muenchen CDC NOS 2 5 LCLARK Lewis & Clark College BERKELEY UNIX 4.3 SELIUC51 LIDAC Linkoping, Sweden DEC VMS DHHLILOG LILOG-R, Uni Hamburg, Germany IBM VM/SP R4 FRLIM51 LIMSI-CNRS, Orsay, France DEC VMS FRLMCP61 LMCP SUNOS 3 4 FRFLU51 LMFA DEC VMS LIUVAX Long Island Univ VMS LAMPF Los Alamos Nat'l Lab VMS LSUENG Louisiana St U Coll Eng NOS LSUMVS Louisiana St U Comp Ctr MVS/SP LSUVM Louisiana St U Comp Ctr VM/SP LSUVAX Louisiana St U Comp Ctr VMS LSUCHE Louisiana State Univ Chem Eng VM VM/SP LOYVAX Loyola College, MD VMS LUCCPUA Loyola U of Chicago MVS/SP FRLRI61 LRI-Orsay SUN OS 3 4 NNOMED LSU Med Ctr - New Orleans MVS/XA NSHMED LSU Med Ctr - Shreveport MVS/XA BDILUC11 LUC, Diepenbeek VM/SP IRMLUISS LUISS Roma IBM VM/SP R3 1 FRLURE51 LURE VMS LBL Lwrce Berkly Lab Comp Serv VMS LEPICS L3, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland IBM VM/SP HPO 4 2 FRMNHN11 M.N.H.M IBM VM-IS MACALSTR Macalester College VMS MCCVM1 Macomb Comm Co VM/SP FARMNTON Maine - Farmington Comp Ctr VM/SP MANVAX Manhattan Coll VMS MARICOPA Maricopa Cty Comm Coll Dist VMS MARIST Marist Col VM/SP MARISTC Marist Col MUSIC MARISTA Marist Col MUSIC MARISTB Marist Col MUSIC MARFSHVM Marist Col VM/SP MARISTF Marist Col MUSIC MARMVS Marist Col MVS/XA MARVMXA Marist Col VM/XA/SP MUCSD Marquette Univ VMS MUVMS1 Marshall U Comp Ctr VMS MITFBNML Mass Inst of Tech FB Nat'l Magnet Lab VMS MITVMA Mass Inst of Tech Info Sys VM/SP MITRLEVM Mass Inst of Tech Res Lab Elec VM/SP MITLNS Mass Inst of Tech. VMS SLOAN Mass Inst Tech Sloan Sch of Mgmt VM/SP DK0UMI1 Mathem Institut Univ Koein IBM VM/SP R4 DM0MPI11 Max Planck I Physik Astrophysi IBM VM/SP R4 1 DGAMPE5D Max Planck Inst Extraterr Physik VMS HNYMPI51 Max Planck Inst Nijmegen VMS DM0MPF11 Max Planck Inst Psych Forsch IBM VM/SP R3 1 HNYMPI52 Max Planck Inst., Nijmegen, NL VMS 4 3 DGAIPP1S Max-Planck-Institut fuer Plasm IBM VM/SP R5 MCGILLB McGill U MUSIC MCGILLC McGill U MUSIC MCGILLA McGill U Comp Centre MUSIC MCGILL2 McGill U Comp Centre VM/HPO MCGILL1 McGill U Comp Ctr VM/SP MCGILLM McGill U MUSIC Prod Group MUSIC MCGILL3 McGill U MUSIC Prod Group VM/SP MCGILLVS McGill Univ CC MVS/SP MUSOCS McGill Univ Comp Sci UNIX MCMASTER McMaster U CIS VMS MCMVM1 McMaster U Inf Proc Svcs VM TANDEM McMaster Univ VMS MCOIARC Med Col Ohio Img Anal Res Ctr VMS MUSC Med U S Carolina - csx/irm VMS MCO Medical College of Ohio VM/SP MEDCOLWI Medical College of Wisconsin VMS MUN Memorial U. of NF VMS MERIT Merit Comp Net VM/SP MIAMIU Miami U Academic Comp Service VM/SP MIAVX2 Miami Univ Hamilton Campus VAX VMS MIAVX3 Miami Univ Middletown Campus VAX VMS MIAVX1 Miami Univ Oxford Campus VAX VMS MSU Mich State Univ. Computer Lab VM/SP MSUEGR Mich State Univ. Engineering VMS MTUVAXC Michigan Tech Univ Comp Sci Res VAX UNIX MTUVAXB Michigan Tech Univ Computer Sci UNIX MTUVAXA Michigan Tech Univ Ctr for Exper Comp VMS MTUS5 Michigan Tech Univ Sys 5 VM/SP/HPO TRMETU Middle East Tech Uni Ankara MCP MIDD Middlebury College VMS MILLERSV Millersville Univ of PA VM TWNMOE10 Ministry of Ed Taiwan VM/SP HPO TWNMOE20 Ministry of Ed Taiwan VM/SP MSSTATE Mississippi State Univ CC 1100 OS1100 MITWCCF MIT - Whitaker College Health Sci, Tech & VMSt MITVMC MIT Admin VM/CMS VM/SP/HPO MITVMD MIT Admin VM/CMS VM/SP MITVBUD MIT Budget, Actng, & Sponsos Programs VMS MITWIBR MIT Whitehead Instit for Biomed Res VMS MITBATES MIT Wm. Bates Linear Accel Lab VMS MTSUNIX1 Montana State Univ ULTRIX TECMTYVM Monterrey Inst of Tech VM/SP TECMTYSB Monterrey Inst of Tech VM/SP VMTECMEX Monterrey Instit of Tech VM/SP VMTECQRO Monterrey Instit of Tech Queretaro VM/SP MONTCOLA Montgomery Coll VM/SP MONTCOLB Montgomery Coll VM/SP MONTCOLC Montgomery Coll MUSIC/SP/VM MTAM Mount Allison U MUSIC MTA Mount Allison U Comp Ctr VM/SP RELEASE 3 DS0MPA52 MPA Stuttgart, Germany DEC VMS 4 7 DM0MPB51 MPI Biochemie Muenchen DEC VMS 4 6 DTUMPI51 MPI Biologie Tuebingen DEC VAX VMS 4 7 DMZMPI5P MPI Chemie VMS DHHMPI5D MPI Fuer Meteorologie Hamburg VMS DM0MPI12 MPI fuer Physik, Muenchen IBM VM/SP R5 0 DM0MPI53 MPI fuer Physik, Muenchen DEC VMS 4 6 DHDMPI50 MPI Kernphysik Heidelberg DEC VMS 4 7 DHDMPI5 MPI Kernphysik Heidelberg DEC VMS 4 7 DHDMPI5U MPI Kernphysik Heidelberg DEC VMS 4 6 DHDMPI5V MPI Kernphysik Heidelberg DEC VMS 4 7 DHDMPI5H MPI Kernphysik Heidelberg DEC VMS 4 7 DHDMPI5D MPI Kernphysik Heidelberg DEC MICROVMS 4 5 DHDMPI52 MPI Kernphysik Heidelberg DEC VMS 4 7 DGAIPP5D MPI Plasmaphysik Garching DEC VMS 4 5 DS0MPI11 MPI Stuttgart, Germany IBM VM/SP R5 MSUCEM MSU Dept. Chemistry VMS MSUKBS MSU KBS VMS MSUNSCL MSU NSCL VMS MSUPA MSU Physics Dept VMS MSVU Mt St Vincent U VMS MSRCVAX Mt. Sinai Sch of Med Res Comp of CUNY VMS NCSUNE N Caro S U Dept of Nucl Eng VMS NIU N Ill U MVS NIUENG N Ill U VM/SP UMDNJVM1 N J Univ. Med & Dent VM/SP CANADA01 N.A.C. VM/SP JPNNUHEP Nagoya U HEPL OS IV/F4 MSP JPNNUCBA Nagoya Univ of Commerce VM/SP NTIVAX Nanyang Technological Inst VMS JPNCUN10 Nanzan Univ VM/SP JPNCUN20 Nanzan Univ VM/SP NASAGISS NASA Goddard Inst Space Stud VM/SP IAFBIT NASA GSFC Image Analysis Fac VMS SCFMVS NASA Space & Earth Sci CC MVS/SP SCFVM NASA Space & Earth Sci CC VM/HPO VPFMVS NASA Space & Earth Sci CC MVS/SP VPFVM NASA Space & Earth Sci CC VM/SP AOVAX1 Nat'l A & I Ctr - Arecibo Observ VMS NAS Nat'l Acad of Sci PC/Netwrk PC DOS NASVM Nat'l Acad of Sci VM/SP VM/SP TWNCTUCS Nat'l Chiao-Tung Univ VMS NCARIO Nat'l Ctr for Atmosph Res VM/SP HPO NIEHS Nat'l Instit of Environ Health Sci VMS NIEHSC Nat'l Instit of Environ Health Sci VMS NIEHSD Nat'l Instit of Environ Health Sci VMS NRAO Nat'l Radio Astronomy Observ. VMS TWNCTU01 National Chia-Tung Univ VMS NIHCUDEC National Institutes of Health (DEC-10) TOPS-10 NIHCU National Institutes of Health (IBM 370) MVS/XA NIHCULSU National Institutes of Health (LSU) VMS NIHCUSV1 National Institutes of Health (Server 1) VM/SP NIHCUTST National Institutes of Health (Test/Dev) MVS/XA NIHDCRT National Institutes of Health DCRT 3PLUS NIHKLMB National Institutes of Health, NIDDK/LMB VMS TSSNRC00 National Res Council TSS/370 NRCNET National Research Council VAX/VMS NRCCAD National Research Council VAX/VMS MVSNRC00 National Research Council MVS/XA ICNUCEVM National U Comp Ctr - Pisa VM/SP ICNUCEVS National U Comp Ctr - Pisa IBM MVS NUSVM National Univ of Singapore VM HPO 4.2 NUSEEV National Univ of Singapore VMS NUSDISCS National Univ of Singapore VMS NUS3090 National Univ of Singapore VM HPO 4.2 ILNCRD Natl Cncl Res Dev MSD DEC VMS ILNITE Natl Inst for Test and Eval DEC VMS NRCVM01 Natl Res Cncl Canada Comp Ctr VM/SP NAVPGS Naval Postgrad Sch VM/SP GUNBRF NBRF/ Georgetown Univ Med Ctr VMS CMEAMRF NBS Adv. Mfg. Res Fac. VMS NBS NBS Consolidated Scie Comp Sys NOS NBSENH NBS Ex. Networks Host VMS NBSMICF NBS Mgmt. Info. Comp. Fac. VM/SP MSMFVM NBS Molecular Structure Model Fac VM NCSUPHYS NC State Univ VMS NCSUMAEV NCSI Mech & Aerospace Eng VMS NCSUMAE NCSU Mech & Aerospace Eng VM/SP NCSUCE NCSU Civil Eng VMS NCSUVAX NCSU Computing Center VMS NCSUVM NCSU Computing Center VM/SP4 NCSUECE NCSU Elec & Comp Eng VMS NCSUIE NCSU Industrial Eng VMS NCSUMTE NCSU Materials Eng VMS NDSUVM1 ND Higher Ed Computer Net VM/SP NDSUVAX ND Higher Ed Computer Net UNIX NEVIS Nevis Lab, Columbia U VMS NJECNVM New Jersey Edu Computer Net VM/SP NJECNVS New Jersey Edu Computer Net MVS/SP NJECNVM1 New Jersey Edu Computer Net VM/SP NJECNVM2 New Jersey Edu Computer Net VM/XA ORION New Jersey Inst of Tech Conf Ctr VM/SP MERCURY New Jersey Inst of Tech Conf Ctr VM/SP NMSUMVS1 New Mexico St U Comp Ctr MVS/SP NMSUVM1 New Mexico St U Comp Ctr VM/SP NMSU New Mexico St U Comp Ctr SUNOS NYSPI New York Psych Inst VM/SP NYUACF New York U Academic Comp VMS NYUACF7 New York U Academic Comp VMS NYUACF1 New York U Academic Comp VMS NYUACF6 New York U Academic Comp VMS NYUCIMSA New York U CIMS VM/SP NYUCCVM New York U Comp Ctr VM/SP NYUCMCL1 New York U Courant Math & Comp. Lab VMS NYUMED New York U Med Ctr VMS DKNBI51 Niels Bohr Institute, Denmark DEC VMS 4 6 JPNNIHOC Nihon U Col of Commerce VM/SP UMDNJPW1 NJ Univ Med & Dent VSE/SP UMDNJVM2 NJ Univ of Med & Dent VM/SP NOFDB NLH-Aas, Norway VM/SP R5 NCSUMEAS North Carolina St U VMS NCSUSTAT North Carolina St U VMS NCSUCHE North Carolina St U Chem Engr VMS NCSUMATH North Carolina State U VM/SP4 NCSUADM North Carolina State Univ Admin Comp Ctr MVS/SP NEMOVM Northeast Missouri State Univ VM/SP NEMOMUS Northeast Missouri State Univ VM/SP NUHUB Northeastern U Comptng Res Ctr VMS NEUVMS Northeastern U Dept Physics VMS NAUVM Northern Arizona Univ VM/SP HPO NAUVAX Northern Arizona Univ VMS NUACC Northwestern Univ Vogelback Comp Ctr VMS NUCYB Northwestern Univ Vogelback Comp Ctr NOS NRCBSP NRC Bilogical Sciences Protein VAX/VMS NRCCIT NRC Cd NRCHEM NRC Chemistry Division VAX/VMS NRCDRA NRC Dominion Astrophysical Obs VAX/VMS NRCDAO NRC Dominion Radio Astro Obs VAX/VMS NRCHEP NRC High Energy Physics VAX/VMS NRCHYD NRC Hydraulics Lab VAX/VMS NRCIDO NRC Industry Development Off VAX/VMS NRCPHY NRC Physics Division VAX/VMS NSF NSF UNIX CRNLAES NYSAES PRIMOS CERAMICS NYSC of Ceramics at Alfred Univ VMS NYBVX1 NYU Graduate Business School VMS FROCF51 O.P.G.C, Clermont-Ferrand, FR DEC VMS ORNLSTC Oak Ridge Nat'l Lab VMS CESARVAX Oak Ridge Natl Lab Ctr Engg Sys Adv Res VMS OCC Oakland Comm Co VM OBERLIN Oberlin College VMS FRONI51 Observatoire - Nice VMS FROBES51 Observatoire de Besancon, Fran DEC VMS FROBOR51 Observatoire de Boreaux DEC VMS FROMRS51 Observatoire de Marseille, Fr DEC VMS FRMEU51 Observatoire de Paris, Meudon VMS FRNEAB51 OCDE DEC VMS OCLCRSUN OCLC UNIX 4.2 BSD OHSTVMB Ohio State U CAD/CAM VM/SP OHSTCH Ohio State U Chem Dept VAX VMS OHSTHR Ohio State U Ctr for Human Resource Res VMS OHSTMVSA Ohio State U IRCC MVS/SP OHSTVMA Ohio State U IRCC VM/SP OHSTPY Ohio State U Physics Dept. VMS OHSTPHRM Ohio State Univ Coll of Pharm VM/SP OUACCVMB Ohio Univ Athens VM/SP OUACCVMA Ohio Univ, Athens VM/SP OWUCOMCN Ohio Wesleyan Univ VMS JPNONRI Okazaki Nat'l Res Instit VMS OSUCC Oklahoma State Univ CC MVS/XA UCCVMS Oklahoma State Univ CC VMS ODUVM Old Dominion U VM/SP UTOPVM OPAL, CERN, Geneva,Switzerland IBM VM/SP HPO 4 2 HHEOUH51 Open Universiteit Heerlen VMS 4 4 HHEOUH54 Open Universiteit Heerlen VMS 4 4 HHEOUH53 Open Universiteit Heerlen VMS 4 4 HHEOUH52 Open Universiteit Heerlen VMS 4 4 DBNUOR1 Operations Research Bonn IBM VM/SP R4 ORSTATE Oregon State UCS NOS 2.5.1-678 ORSTVM Oregon State Univ. VM JPNDENTU Osaka Electro-Comm Univ UNIS 4.2 BSD JPNOIT10 Osaka Inst of Tech VM/SP JPNOSKFM Osaka U HEPL OS IV/F4 MSP JPNOSAKA Osaka Univ Ed Ctr VM/SP FINOU Oulu Univ IBM VM/SP HPO R3 4 FINOUC Oulu University, Finland MICROVMS 4 6 FRPQT51 P.Q.T., Toulouse, France DEC VMS PACEVM Pace Univ Pleasantville-Briarcliff Camp VM/SP PLU Pacific Lutheran Univ VMS IPDUNIV Padova U Comp Ctr VM/SP RELEASE 5 PANAM2 Pan American Univ VMS PANAM1 Pan American Univ VMS PANAM Pan American Univ VMS PSUVALM Penn S U Comp Sci VLSI Dev UNIX BSD PSUARCH Penn St U Arch Comp Lab VMS PSUACL Penn St U Arch Computer Lab VMS PSU2020 Penn St U Engr Comp Lab TOPS-20 PSUECLC Penn St U Engr Comp Lab VMS PSUECLA Penn St U Engr Comp Lab VMS PSUECLB Penn St U Engr Comp Lab VMS PSUHCX Penn St U Engr Comp Lab UNIX PSUCEMD Penn St U Engr Comp Lab VMS PSUMEV Penn St U Mech. Engr. VMS PSUCHEM Penn State - Chemistry VM/SP PSUARLB Penn State Applied Res Lab VMS PSUARLC Penn State Applied Res Lab VMS PSUARLA Penn State Applied Res Lab VMS PSULEPSI Penn State Elmnt. Particle Lab VMS PSULEPSR Penn State Elmnt. Particle Lab VMS PSULEPSA Penn State Elmnt. Particle Lab VMS PSULEPSH Penn State Elmnt. Particle Lab VMS PSUECL2 Penn State Engin. Computer Lab VM/SP PSUVAXG Penn State U UNIX BSD PSUVAXS Penn State U UNIX BSD PSUDG1 Penn State U AOS/VS PSUPENA Penn State U Agric Ext Net VMS PSUPENB Penn State U Agric Ext Net VMS PSUALT Penn State U Altoona VMS PSUVMXA Penn State U CAC VM/XA SP1 PSUSUN01 Penn State U CAC SUN OS 4.0 PSUED1 Penn State U Coll of Ed VMS PSUCES1 Penn State U Comm. Ed Sys VMS PSUCES3 Penn State U Comm. Ed Sys VMS PSUVM Penn State U Comp Ctr VM/XA PSUCURT Penn State U CompSci ACIS UNIX 4.3 PSUDEC10 Penn State U Eng Comp Lab TOPS-10 PSUNUCE Penn State U Eng. Dept. VM/SP PSUHMC Penn State U Hershey Med Ctr. Res. Cmptng VM/SP PSUHMED Penn State U Hershey Med Ctr. Res. Cmptng VMS PSUMVS Penn State University MVS/XA PSUPDP1 Penn State University UNIX R6 PSUVALP Penn SU Comp Sci VLSI Dev UNIX BSD PSUVAX1 Pennsylvania State U UNIX BSD PEPVAX Pepperdine Univ Acad Comp VAX ULTRIX PEPPCDRM Pepperdine Univ Admin Cmptng IBM MVS MVS/XA CPWPSCA Pgh Supercomputer Ctr VMS CPWPSCB Pgh Supercomputer Ctr VMS DMRHRZ11 Philipps-Universitaet Marburg IBM VM/SP R4 0 DHDPHY5 Physikalisches Institut VMS DBNPIB5 Physikalisches Institut der U Bonn DEC VMS 4 6 ITOPOLI Politecnico di Torino VMS ITOPOLI3 Politecnico di Torino VMS ITOPOLI4 Politecnico di Torino VMS ITOPOLI1 Politecnico di Torino VMS ITOPOLI2 Politecnico di Torino VMS IMIPOLI Politecnico Milano IBM VM/SP R4 1 POLYTECH Polytechnic U Comp Ctr VM/SP POLYGRAF Polytechnic U Comp Ctr VM/SP POMONA Pomona Col Comp Ctr VM/SP PCMATH Pomona Col Mathematics Dept VMS PSUORVM Portland State Univ CC VM/SP PRATT Pratt Institute Comp Ctr PRIMOS PPLCATS Princeton Univ PLasma Phys. Lab VM/SP PUCC Princeton University VM/SP PUFORBES Princeton University VM/SP PUNFS Princeton University VM/SP PU1879 Princeton University VM/SP PUMIS Princeton University VM/SP DHIAVM PSU Dairy Herd Improv. Assn. VM/SP PSULIAS PSU Library Info Access Sys HONEYWELL CP-6 PSUADMIN PSU Mgmt. Srvs MVS/XA PURCHE Purdue U Chem Engr Dept VM/SP PURCCVM Purdue U Comp Ctr VM/SP PURVLSI Purdue U EE VLSI Lab VM/SP QUCDNEE1 Queen's Electrical Engineering VMS QUCDNTRI Queen's Electrical Engineering VMS QUCDNEE Queen's Electrical Engineering VMS QCVAXA Queens College CUNY VMS QCVAXB Queens College CUNY VMS QCVAXC Queens College CUNY VMS QCUNIX Queens College CUNY ULTRIX QCVAX Queens College CUNY VMS QUCDNCMC Queens U Can Microelec Corp VMS QUCDNAST Queens Univ Astronomy VMS QUCIS Queens University UNIX QUCDN Queens University VM/SP QUCDNSUR Queens University Surgery VMS AWIRAP01 RA-Physik VMS 4 5 LAVC AWIRAP02 RA-Physik VMS 4 5 LAVC DACTH51 Rechenzentrum der RWTH Aachen VMS DKAUNI11 Rechenzentrum U Karlsruhe IBM VM/SP R4 DKAUNI46 Rechenzentrum U Karlsruhe SIEMENS BS3000 MSP 20 DKAUNI48 Rechenzentrum U Karlsruhe SIEMENS BS3000 MSP 20 REED Reed College BERKELEY UNIX RCN Regents Computer Network NOS IRTCORK Regional Tech College Cork VM/IS GREARN Research Ctr of Crete VM/SP RLG Research Libraries Grp MVS/SP RHODES Rhodes College CC VMS DKLUNI01 RHRK Kaiserslautern SIEMENS BS3000 MSP DKLUNI85 RHRK Kaiserslautern, Germany SIEMENS BS2000 DKLUNI86 RHRK Kaiserslautern, Germany SIEMENS BS2000 DBNUZR1A RHRZ Uni Bonn, Germany IBM VM/SP HPO R4.2 RICECSVM Rice U Comp Sci Dept. VM/SP RICE Rice Univ ICSA VM/SP ITORIPTO Ricerch e Progetti Torino VM/SP BGERUG51 Rijks Univ VMS HLERUL52 Rijksuniver Leiden Gorl Lab VMS 4 1 RITVM RITISC VM/SP HPO RITVAXA Rochester Inst of Tech VMS RITVAXB Rochester Inst of Tech VMS RITVAXC Rochester Inst of Tech VMS RITVAXD Rochester Inst of Tech VMS RITVAXN Rochester Inst of Tech VMS RITVAX Rochester Inst of Tech VMS RITVAXO Rochester Inst of Tech (NTID) VMS RITVAXL Rochester Inst of Tech. VMS ROCKVAX Rockefeller University UNIX BSD ROHVM1 Rohm & Haas Co VM/HPO RHIT Rose-Hulman Inst. VMS RMC Royal Military College CP-6 RPICMPVM RPI Ctr Mfg Prod VM/SP RPICICGD RPI Graphics Center VM/SP RPICICGE RPI Graphics Center VM/SP RPITSMTS RPI Info Tech Srvs MTS/XA DIST 5.1C RPITSGW RPI Info Tech Srvs UTX DHVRRZN0 RRZN, Univ Hannover, Germany CDC NOS DHVRRZN1 RRZN, Univ Hannover, Germany IBM VM/SP R4 0 BANRUC01 RUCA, Antwerpen, Belgium NOS 2 5 DBORUB01 Ruhr-Univ Bochum CDC NOS/VE NORUNIX RUNIT ULTRIX 2 0 RUTHEP Rutgers U High Energy Physics VMS DRACO Rutgers Univ CCIS VMS RUTGERS9 Rutgers Univ CCIS MVS MVS/SP CANCER Rutgers Univ CCIS VAX VMS ZODIAC Rutgers Univ CCIS Vax Clust VMS RUTVM1 Rutgers Univ CCIS VM1 VM/SP BIOVAX Rutgers Univ Molecular Bio Comp Lab VMS DACTH01 RWTH Aachen, Germany CDC NOS 2 4 RYERSON Ryerson VM/SP DWUUNI21 RZ Uni Wuerzburg, Germany IBM MVS 3 8 YUBGSS21 RZS SR Srbije, Yugoslavia IBM MVS/SP 1 3.8 SERVAX S Reg Data Ctr VMS SER S Reg Data Ctr Tamiami Campus OS 1100 SLUVCA Saint Louis Univ VMS SALK Salk Instit VMS SHSUTHOR Sam Houston State Univ VMS SHSU Sam Houston State Univ VMS SHSUODIN Sam Houston State Univ VMS SAMFORD Samford Univ VM/SP SDSC San Diego Supercomputer Ctr VMS SCU Santa Clara Univ VMS HASARA11 SARA Amsterdam, Netherlands VM/SP R4 JPNSUT50 Scienc U Tokyo Y J Coll VM/SP JPNSUT00 Science U of Tokyo VM/SP JPNSUT40 Science U of Tokyo VM/SP JPNSUT31 Science U of Tokyo Noda VMS JPNSUT10 Science U Tokyo - Japan VM/SP JPNSUT20 Science U Tokyo - Japan Kagurazaka VM/SP JPNSUT30 Science U Tokyo - Japan, Noda VM/SP JPNSUT3A Science U Tokyo - Japan, Noda MUSIC JPNSUT01 Science Univ of Tokyo VM/SP JPNICEPP Science Univ of Tokyo ICEPP VM/SP BMLSCK11 SCKCEN Mol Belgium VM/SP R4 IPISNSVA Scuola Normale Superiore DEC VMS 4 3 IPISNSIB Scuola Normale Superiore VM/SP SENECA Seneca College VMS KRSNUCC1 Seoul Nat'l Univ CC VM/HPO SETONVM Seton Hall U CC VM/SP SETONMUS Seton Hall Univ CC VM/SP JPNSNU10 Setsunan Univ VM/SP JPNSNU20 Setsunan Univ VM/SP SHERCOL1 Sheridan College VMS JPNSWU10 Showa Women's Univ VM/SP IMISIAM3 SIAM IFC, Milano, Italy IBM VM/SP HPO 4 0 IMISIAM2 SIAM IFC, Milano, Italy IBM VM/SP HPO 4 0 SFU Simon Fraser U Comp Svcs MTS SFUVM Simon Fraser U Comp Svcs VM/SP ITSSISSA SISSA, Trieste, Italy UNIX UTX SKIDMORE Skidmore College VMS SLACASP SLAC ASP Experiment VMS SLACVM SLAC Computer Center VM/SP SLACESA SLAC End Station A VMS SLACHRS SLAC High Res Spectrometer VMS SLACMAC SLAC Magnetic Calorimeter VMS SLACMKII SLAC Mark-II Detector VMS SLACM2 SLAC Mark-II Detector VMS SLACMK3 SLAC Mark-III Detector Exp VMS SLACPCR SLAC PCR VMS SLACSLC SLAC SLC VMS SLACSLD SLAC SLD Detector VMS SLACTBF SLAC TBF VMS SLACTWGM SLAC TCP/Two-Gamma Experiment VMS SLACUCSD SLAC TCP/2-Gamma Expt (UCSD) VMS SLACTPCS SLAC TPC/Two-Gamma Experiment VMS SLACPHYS SLAC TPC/Two-Gamma Experiment VMS SMITH Smith College VMS SIVM Smithsonian Instit VM/SP TWNSCU10 Soochow Univ VM/SP SDSUVM South Dakota State Univ VM/HPO SP SEMASSU Southeastern Mass Univ VMS SIUCVMB Southern Illinois U - Carbondale VM/SP SIUEVM Southern Illinois Univ Edwardsvl VM/SP SMUVM1 Southern Methodist U ACC VM/SP SMSVMA Southwest Missouri State Univ VM/SP SMSVMB Southwest Missouri State Univ VM/SP SMSVAXA Southwest Missouri State Univ VMS SWTEXAS Southwest Texas State Univ VMS SWTNYSSA Southwest Texas State Univ VMS SWTTEGAN Southwest Texas State Univ VMS STSCI Space Telescope Science Instit VMS SLCSL St. Lawrence College VM/CMS STLAWU St. Lawrence Univ VM/SP STMARYS St. Mary's U VMS STMARYTX St. Mary's Univ of San Antonio VMS SMCVAX St. Michael's Coll VMS SPCVXA St. Peter's Co VMS SESTAK Stacken, KTH Sweden TOPS-10/7 SSRL750 Stanford Synchrotron Rad Lab VMS STANFORD Stanford University MVS/XA SUSOLAR Stanford University UNIX SUWATSON Stanford University VM/SP HPO 4.2 OBERON Stanford University VM/SP HPO 5.0 MSUS1 State Univ System of Minnesota VMS SFAUSTIN Stephen F. Austin State Univ CP-6 SITVXB Stevens Inst Tech VMS SITVXC Stevens Inst Tech VMS HASARA5 Stichting Academ Reken Amsterdam VMS 4 SEQZ11 Stockholm U Comp Ctr IBM VM/SP R4 SEQZ21 Stockholm U Comp Ctr IBM MVS/SP 1 3.1 SEQZ51 Stockholm U Comp Ctr DEC VMS SESUF51 Stockholm Univ DEC VMS QZCOM Stockholm Univ CC TOPS-10/7 SEQZ01 Stockholm Univ CC CDC NOS 2 4.1 LEVEL 642 SEQZ02 Stockholm Univ CC CDC NOS 2 4.1 LEVEL 642 QZKOM Stockholm Univ CC TOPS-10/7 DBNISKP5 Strahlen-Kernphysik Uni Bonn DEC VMS 4 4 SEGATE SUNET UNIX BSD4 3 FRSUN12 SUNIST, IBM VM/SP ALBNY1VX SUNY Albany CC VAX VMS VMS UBVMSC SUNY Bflo CC VMS UBVMSD SUNY Bflo CC VMS BINGVAXA SUNY Binghamton VMS BINGVAXB SUNY Binghamton VMS BINGVAXC SUNY Binghamton VMS BINGVMA SUNY Binghamton VM/SP BINGVMB SUNY Binghamton VM/SP SUNYBING SUNY Binghamton VM/SP BINGTJW SUNY Binghamton Sch of Engr VM/SP SUNYBCS SUNY Buffalo Comp Sci Dept UNIX BSD SNYCENVM SUNY Central Admin CC VM/SP SNYDELBA SUNY Coll of Technol at Delhi MCP SNYBROBA SUNY College at Brockport MCP BROCK1P SUNY College at Brockport - ACS PRIMOS SNYBUFBA SUNY College at Buffalo MCP 3.6.2 SNYBUFVA SUNY College at Buffalo VMS SNYCANBA SUNY College at Canton MCP SNYCOBBA SUNY College at Cobleskill MCP SNYCORBA SUNY College at Cortland MCP SNYFREBA SUNY College at Fredonia MCP SNYGENBA SUNY College at Geneseo MCP GENESEO SUNY College at Geneseo VMS SNYNEWBA SUNY College at New Paltz MCP SNYOLDBA SUNY College at Old Westbury MCP SNYONEBA SUNY College at Oneonta MCP SNYOSWBA SUNY College at Oswego MCP SNYPLABA SUNY College at Plattsburgh MCP SNYPLADG SUNY College at Plattsburgh AOS/VS SNYPOTBA SUNY College at Potsdam MCP SNYFARBA SUNY College Farmingdale MCP SNYMORBA SUNY College Morrisville MCP ADMBROOK SUNY Health Science Ctr Brooklyn VM/SP SACBROOK SUNY Health Science Ctr Brooklyn VM/SP SNYBKADM SUNY Health Science Ctr Brooklyn VM/SP SNYBKSAC SUNY Health Science Ctr Brooklyn VM/SP SNYALFBA SUNY of NY College of Tech at Alfred MCP SBBIOVM SUNY Stony Brook Biol Sci Comp VM/SP SBCCVM SUNY Stony Brook Comp Ctr VM/HPO SBCCMAIL SUNY Stony Brook Comp Ctr Mail VMS SUNYSBNP SUNY Stony Brook Physics Dept VMS UBVMSA SUNY/Bflo CC VMS UBVM SUNY/Bflo CC VM/SP UBVMSB SUNY/Bflo CC VMS UBVMS SUNY/Bflo CC VMS ALBNYMVS SUNYA EETR MVS MVS/JES2 ALBNYVM1 SUNYA EETR VM VM/HPO HUTSUR51 SURFnet, Netherlands VMS 4 6 SWATPRM Swarthmore College VMS SEARN Sweden EARN IBM VM/SP R4 SUNSET Syracuse U VMS SUNRISE Syracuse U VMS SUAIS Syracuse U AIS MVS SUCAD1 Syracuse U CAD/CAM VMS SUHEP Syracuse U High Energy Phys VMS SUZEUS Syracuse Univ Comp. Sys. VM/SP HPO SUVM Syracuse University VM/HPO SUMVS Syracuse University MVS JPNTAMA0 Tamagawa Univ VM/SP FINTUTA Tampere U Tech DEC VMS 4 2 FINTUT Tampere University of Techn UNIX 4 3 BSD TAMODP TAMU ODP VMS TAMAGEN TAMU/AG Eng VMS TAMMVS1 TAMU/CSC MVS/SP TAMVM1 TAMU/CSC VM/SP/HPO TAMENTO TAMU/ENTO VMS TAMGEOP TAMU/GEOP VMS TARLETON Tarleton State Univ - DPC NOS HDETUD2 Tech Hoogeschool Delft MVS/SP 1 3.4 HDETUD5 Tech Hoogeschool Delft VMS 4 4 DB0TUI6 Tech U Berlin Infor KBS UNIX 4 2 BSD DBSINF6 Tech U Braunschweig Info ULTRIX DM0TUI1S Tech U Informatik, Muenchen IBM VM/SP R5 06 DDADVS1 Techn Darmstadt Fachber Inform IBM VM/SP R3 TUNS Technical Univ of Nova Scotia VMS TECHCDC Technion - CDC NOS 2.4.3 TECHMVS Technion - Haifa MVS/SP TECHNION Technion - Haifa IBM VM/SP HPO 4 2 TECHSEL Technion Dept Math - Haifa UNIX TECHUNIX Technion Dept of Math UNIX BSD 4 3 TECHDPD Technion, Haifa MVS/JES2 HENTHT5 Technische Hogeschool Twente VMS 4 2 DB0TUI11 Technische U Berlin IBM VM/SP DB0TUM11 Technische U Berlin Maschinen IBM VM/SP DB0TUZ01 Technische U Berlin Rechenzentrum NOS DB0TUS11 Technische U Berlin Schiffs IBM VM/SP ICSATAXA Tecnopolis CSATA Novus Ortus IBM MVS/XA TAUNIVM Tel Aviv U Comp Ctr IBM VM/SP HPO R4 2 TAUNOS Tel Aviv U Comp Ctr CDC NOS 2 5.3 TAURUS Tel Aviv U Comp Ctr UNIX BSD 4 2 TAUENG Tel Aviv U Eng Sch DEC VMS 4 2 TAUPHY Tel Aviv Univ Nuc Phys DEC VMS 3 7 TAUVE Tel Aviv University CDC NOS/VE 1 2.3 TEMPLEVM Temple U Comp Activity VM/SP TMPLSUPR Temple U Computer Activity VM/SP TMPLCIS Temple U Computer Activity VMS TMPLNOS Temple University Computer Activity NOS TNTECH Tennessee Tech Univ VMS TAMCGF Texas A&M Engineering Graphics VMS TAMCBA Texas A&M U Acad Comp Ctr VM/SP TAMBIGRF Texas A&M U Biochem VMS TAMCHEM Texas A&M U Chemistry Dept VMS TAMSTAR Texas A&M U Comp Srvs Ctr VMS TAMVENUS Texas A&M U Comp Srvs Ctr VMS TAMUNIX Texas A&M U Computing SC UNIX TAMLSR Texas A&M U CS/LSR VMS TAMTCSL Texas A&M U EE-TCSL VMS TAMVXEE Texas A&M U Electrical Engr VMS TAMNIL Texas A&M U Learning Tech Ctr VMS TAMMEACA Texas A&M U ME/CAD VMS TAMVXRSC Texas A&M U MML VMS TAMVXOCN Texas A&M U Oceanography Dept VMS TAMPHYS Texas A&M U Physics Dept VMS TAMCOMP Texas A&M Univ Cyclotron Inst VMS TAMSIGMA Texas A&M Univ ECS VMS TAMLMSB Texas A&M Univ LMSB VMS TAMTURBO Texas A&M Univ TURBO VMS TCUAVM Texas Christian Univ VM/SP TCUAMUS Texas Christian Univ MUSIC/SP TCUAVMS Texas Christian Univ VMS TCUBVM Texas Christian Univ VM/SP TTACS1 Texas Tech U Acad Comp Srvs VMS TTACS2 Texas Tech U Acad Comp Srvs VMS TTUVM1 Texas Tech U Comp Facil VM/SP TTUHSCVM Texas Tech U Health Sci Ctr VM/HPO DTUPEV5A Th Astrophysik Univ Tuebingen DEC VMS 4 3 HDETUD1 TH Delft, Netherlands VM/SP JPNTOHOK Tohoku Univ VM/SP JPNTHKVX Tohoku Univ VMS JPNTIU01 Tokyo Intern'tl Univ VM/SP JPNTKUVM Tokyo Keizai U VM/SP TOWSONVX Towson State Univ VMS TOWSON1 Towson State Univ VMS TOWSON2 Towson State Univ VMS TRANSY Transylvania Univ MUSIC/SP TRENT Trent University VMS TSCVM Trenton State Co VM/SP TUCC Triangle U Comp Ctr MVS/SP TUCCVM Triangle U Comp Ctr VM/SP TUNL Triangle Univ. Nuclear Lab VMS TRINCC Trinity College VMS TRINCC2 Trinity College VMS TRINITY Trinity Univ Computing Ctr VM/SP TRIUMFCL TRIUMF Research VMS 4 5 TRIUMFRG TRIUMF Research VMS 4 5 TRIUMFER TRIUMF Research - ERICH VMS 4 5 DB0TUI0 TU Berlin XEXOX DB0PTZ1A TU Berlin VM/SP DB0TUI62 TU Berlin Informatik SWT UNIX 4 3 BSD DBSTU1 TU Braunschweig, RZ, Germany IBM VM/SP R4 SSI DBSNRV0 TU Braynscgweug, NRV-Gateway XOS DCZTU1 TU Clausthal VM/SP HDETUD53 TU Delft VMS 4 5 HDETUD52 TU Delft VMS 4 4 HDETUD51 TU Delft VMS V4 4 HEITHE5 TU Eindhoven CC, Netherlands VMS 4 5 HEITUE51 TU Eindhoven CC, Netherlands VMS 4 5 HEITUE1 TU Eindhoven CC, Netherlands VM/SP HEIIPO5 TU Eindhoven IPO, Netherlands VMS 4 5 DGATUM5P TU Muenchen Physik VMS DB0TUI66 TUB Informatik ISTI UNIX 4 2 BSD TUFTS Tufts U VMS TULIPS Tufts Univ VMS TCSVM Tulane U Comp Svcs - VM VM/SP TCSMUSA Tulane U Comp Svcs Music A MUSIC TCSMVS Tulane U Comp Svcs MVS MVS/SP AKRON U Akron MVS/XA 2 1.7 AKRONVM U Akron VM/SP HPO 5 AKRONVAX U Akron ULTRIX UABCMC U Alabama B'ham - CMC VMS UABTUCC U Alabama Birmingham MVS/SP UABCVSR U Alabama Birmingham VM/IS UA1VM U Alabama Comp Ctr VM/SP HPO UALTAMTS U Alberta Comp Svcs MTS MTS UALTAVM U Alberta Comp Svcs VM VM/SP EMDUAM11 U Autonoma Madrid Ctr Calc VM/SP EB0UB012 U Barcelona Ctr Calculo VM/SP DBNVB12 U Bonn Chemische Inst IBM VM/SP R3 1 DBNUAMA1 U Bonn Inst Mathematik IBM VM/SP R4 DBNRHRZ1 U Bonn Reg Hochschul IBM VM/SP R5 DBNRHRZ2 U Bonn Reg Hochschulrechenzent MVS/SP UCIPPRO U CA Irvine, Publ Policy Rsrch VM/SP UCSFBCL U CA San Fran Biochem Lab UCSFC255 U CA San Fran Clin Lab UCSFCCB U CA San Fran Comp Ctr UCSFCGL U CA San Fran Comp Grap Lab UCSFVIVO U CA San Fran Infect Lab UCSFMIS U CA San Fran Med Info Sci UCSFNMR U CA San Fran Nuc Mag Reson Lab UNCAACTC U Calgary A C.T. Centre MULTICS UCDASVM1 U Calgary Dept Admin Servs VM/SP UCBEAR U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBDOROT U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBERNIE U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBEROS U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBBACH U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBAMBER U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBARPA U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBDEAN U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBDEGAS U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBBERYL U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBBIZET U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBBRAHM U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBBUDDY U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBCAD U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBCALDE U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBCARTA U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBCEVAX U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBCORAL U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBCMSA U Calif Berkeley VM/SP HPO UCBCOGSC U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBCORY U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBDALI U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBEAST U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBESVAX U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBDAVIN U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBEULER U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBFRANN U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBGARNE U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBHOLDE U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBIC U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBICW U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBINGRE U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBJASON U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBJASPE U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBJI U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBKEPLE U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBKIM U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBLAPIS U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBLILAC U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBMATIS U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBMAXWE U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBMEDEA U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBMERLI U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBMIRO U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBMONET U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBNEWTO U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBOKEEF U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBOZ U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBPEARL U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBQAL U Calif Berkeley MV 8000 AOS UCBRENOI U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBROSE U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBSEYMO U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBSHADO U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBSIM U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBSRC U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBSYLVI U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBTOPAZ U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBTULIP U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBUGS U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBUNIXS U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBVANGO U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBVAX U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBVIOLE U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBWEYL U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBZOOEY U Calif Berkeley UNIX BSD UCBCED U Calif Berkeley SUN UNIX UCBSOE U Calif Berkeley SUN UNIX UCBSSL U Calif Berkeley UNIX UCBBKYAS U Calif Berkeley VMS UCBCCHEM U Calif Berkeley ULTRIX UCBJADE U Calif Berkeley Campus UNIX BSD UCBJANUS U Calif Berkeley Campus ULTIX UCIVMSA U Calif Irvine Comp Ctr VMS UCIVMSC U Calif Irvine Comp Ctr VMS UCLATMOS U Calif LA UCLA Atmos Science VM/SP UCLAVM U Calif Los Angeles Acad Comp VM/SP UCLAMVS U Calif Los Angeles Acad Comp MVS/SP UCLAVMB U Calif Los Angeles Acad Comp VM/XA SF UCLASSCF U Calif Los Angeles Soc Sci Facil VM/SP UCRVMS U Calif Riverside Acad Comp Ctr VMS UCRPHYS U Calif Riverside Phys Dept VMS UCSFCCA U Calif San Fran Comp Ctr UNIX BSD UCSFHC U Calif San Fran Hosp & Clinics VM/SP UCSFVM U Calif San Francisco VM/SP SBHEP U Calif Santa Barbara VMS UCSBVM U Calif Santa Barbara Comp Ctr VM/SP UCSBUXA U Calif Santa Barbara Comp Ctr BSD UNIX UCSBUXB U Calif Santa Barbara Comp Ctr BSD UNIX UCSCMVS U Calif Santa Cruz CATS IBM (MVS) MVS/XA UCSCHU U Calif Santa Cruz H&A UNIX BSD UCSCLICK U Calif Santa Cruz Lick Obs UNIX UCSCA U Calif Santa Cruz Unix A UNIX BSD UCSCC U Calif Santa Cruz Unix C UNIX BSD UCSCD U Calif Santa Cruz Unix D UNIX BSD UCSCE U Calif Santa Cruz Unix E UNIX BSD UCSCF U Calif Santa Cruz Unix F UNIX BSD UCSCG U Calif Santa Cruz Unix G UNIX BSD UCSCH U Calif Santa Cruz Unix H UNIX BSD UCSCI U Calif Santa Cruz Unix I UNIX BSD UCSCJ U Calif Santa Cruz Unix J UNIX BSD UCSCK U Calif Santa Cruz Unix K UNIX BSD UCSCL U Calif Santa Cruz Unix L UNIX BSD UCSCM U Calif Santa Cruz Unix M UNIX BSD UCSCVM U Calif Santa Cruz VM VM/SP PORTAL U Calif Santa Cruz VM VMS UCSCO U Calif Santa Cruz VM SUN OS UCCVMA U Calif System-wide Admin VM/HPO UCICP6 U California Comptng Fac CP6 BUCLLN11 U Cath Louvain VM/SP HPO R4 2 UCF1VM U Central Florida VM/SP UCFCS U Central Florida Comp Sci Dept UNIX BSD UCHIMVS1 U Chicago Computation Ctr MVS/SP UCHISTEM U Chicago Crewe Laboratory VM/SP UCCCMVS U Cincinnati MVS/SP UCCCVM1 U Cincinnati VM/SP IRUCCIBM U College Cork VM/SP IRLEARN U College Dublin VM/HPO RELEASE 4 2 COLORADO U Colorado Boulder Comp Svcs VMS COLOPHYS U Colorado Boulder Physics VMS UCONNMVS U Connecticut MVS UCONNVM U Connecticut VM/SP HPO DKUCCC11 U Copenhagen Comp Ctr IBM VM/SP R5 BMSUEM11 U de l'Etat Belgium VM/SP R5 BLIULG11 U de Liege VM/SP HPO R4 2 BLIULG12 U de Liege VM/SP R4 BLIULG13 U de Liege Belgium VM/SP R5 PTEARN U de Lisboa IBM VM/SP IPGUNIV U degli Studi di Perugia IBM VM/SP R3 UDCVM U Dist Columbia Comp Ctr VM/SP UDCVAX U Dist Columbia VAX VMS DDOINF6 U Dortmund CC Dept UNIX 4 2 BSD DERRZE1 U Erlangen IBM VM/SP R3 UFGATE U Florida CIRCA VMS UFPINE U Florida CIRCA VMS UFENG U Florida Col Engr VM/SP UFFSC U Florida Faculty Sup Ctr VM/SP CGEUGE52 U Geneva DEC VMS HGRRUG0 U Groningen NOS HGRRUG5 U Groningen VMS 4 2 UOGUELPH U Guelph VM/CMS VM/SP UOGVAX2 U Guelph, CIS UNIX BSD DHVMHH1 U Hannover IBM VM/SP R2 01 UHCCUX U Hawaii Comp Ctr ULTRIX UHPLATO U Hawaii Comp Ctr NOS UHCCMVS U Hawaii Comp Ctr, Hon, USA MVS/SP 1.3.5 UHCCVM U Hawaii Comp Ctr, Hon, USA VM/SP/HPO 4.2 UHCCVX U Hawaii Comp Ctr, Hon, USA VMS DHDTRN1 U Heidelberg Immunol Inst IBM VM/SP HPO R4 2 FINUHCB U Helsinki Phys Comp VMS UHUPVM1 U Houston Comp Ctr VM/SP UHNIX1 U Houston Comp Ctr ATT UHNIX2 U Houston Comp Ctr ATT UHRCC U Houston Research Comp Ctr VMS UHRCC2 U Houston Research Comp Ctr 2 VMS IDUI1 U Idaho VM/SP NCSAVMS U Ill Ntl Crt Sprcomp Appl VMS NCSAVMSA U Ill Ntl Ctr Sprcomp Appl VMS NCSAVMSB U Ill Ntl Ctr Sprcomp Appl VMS UIUCNPL U Ill- Urb-Champ Nuc Phy Lab VMS UICVM U Illinois Chicago VM/SP UICMVS U Illinois Chicago MVS/SP UICPHY U Illinois Chicago VMS UICVM2 U Illinois Chicago VM/SP UICVMC U illinois Chicago AISS/ACC VM/SP UICMVSA U Illinois Chicago AISS/ACC MVS/XA 2.1.5 UIUCMRL U Illinois Comp Ctr VMS UIUCHEPA U Illinois High Energy Physics VMS UIUCHEPB U Illinois High Energy Physics VMS UIUCVME U Illinois Urbana-Cham Comp Svcs VM/SP UIAMVS U Iowa MVS/SP UIAECE U Iowa UNIX BSD UIAPRB U Iowa PRIMOS UKANVM U Kansas Comp Srvs VM/SP UKANMED U Kansas Med Ctr Dpt Info Sys VM/SP DKAKFK51 U Karlsruhe Rechenzentrum VMS DKAUNI14 U Karlsruhe Rechenzentrum IBM VM/SP R4 UKCC U Kentucky Comp Ctr VM/SP UKCCB U Kentucky Comp Ctr VM/SP UKCCS U Kentucky Comp Ctr VM/SP HPO UKWANG U Kentucky DP Ctr WANG VS UKMA U Kentucky Math Sci UNIX BSD DKIUNI0 U Kiel TOPS-10 LAVALVM2 U Laval VM/SP HLERUL53 U Leiden VMS 4 5 HLERUL2 U Leiden MVS/SP 1 3 HLERUL5 U Leiden VMS 4 1 HLERUL51 U Leiden VMS 4 1 HLERUL54 U Leiden Medical Infor VMS 4 1 HMARL5 U Limburg VMS 4 ULKYVM U Louisville Ctrl Comp VM/SP ULKYVX02 U Louisville VAX Cluster VMS ULKYVX04 U Louisville VAX Cluster VMS ULKYVX05 U Louisville VAX Cluster VMS ULKYVX03 U Louisville VAX Cluster VMS ULKYVX06 U Louisville VAX Cluster VMS ULKYVX07 U Louisville VAX Cluster VMS MECAN1 U Maine Computer Appl Network VMS MAINE U Maine Computing Center VM/SP PORTLAND U Maine Portland Comp Ctr VM/SP UOFMCC U Manitoba Comp Ctr UOFMCCX U Manitoba Comp Ctr VM DMARUM8 U Mannheim SIEMENS BS2000 UMDARS U Maryland College Pk ARS Lab VMS UMDARS1 U Maryland College Pk ARS1 Lab VMS UMCINCOM U Maryland College Pk Comp Sci Ctr VMS UMDB U Maryland College Pk Comp Sci Ctr VM/SP UMDC U Maryland College Pk Comp Sci Ctr VM/SP UMDT U Maryland College Pk Comp Sci Ctr VM/SP UMD2 U Maryland College Pk Comp Sci Ctr OS 1100 UMBC1 U Maryland Comp Info Serv VMS UMDACC U Maryland Computer Admin Compt Ctr. VM/SP UMDD U Maryland Computer Science Ctr VM/SP UMES U Maryland Eastern Shore VM/SP UMDENP U Maryland Experimental Nuclear Phys VMS UMDHEP U Maryland High Energy Physics VMS UMAB U Maryland Medical School VM/SP UMUC U Maryland U College VM/SP UMASSVM U Mass Sch of Engineering VM/SP UMASS U Massachusetts at Amherst NOS 2.5.2 DGOGWD01 U Max-Planck-Ges Goettingen OS 1100 UMICHUB U Mich Comp Ctr. MTS UMICHUM U Mich Comp Ctr. MTS UMDSCVM U Mich Data Sys Ctr VM VM/SP UMDSCXA U Mich Data Sys Ctr XA MVS/XA 2.2 UMIPHYS U Mich HEP VMS UMINN1 U Minnesota St. Paul Comp Ctr VM/SP UMMVSA U Missouri Central Facil MVS/SP UMVMA U Missouri Central Facil VM/SP UMCVMB U Missouri Columbia VM/HPO UMCECN01 U Missouri Columbia VMS UMCCSL1 U Missouri Columbia Campus - CC VMS UMKCVAX1 U Missouri Kansas City VMS UMKCVAX2 U Missouri Kansas City VMS UMRVMC U Missouri Rolla VM/SP UMRVMA U Missouri Rolla Campus VM/SP UMRVMB U Missouri Rolla Campus VM/HPO5 UMRUNIXA U Missouri Rolla Campus BSD 4.3 UMSLVMA U Missouri St. Louis Campus VM/SP UMSLVMB U Missouri St. Louis Campus VM/SP UMSLVAXA U Missouri St. Louis Campus VMS UMKCVAX3 U Missouri Truman VMS UDEM U Moncton MPE V UNCCHEM U N Carolina ACS VMS UNCVM1 U N Carolina ACS VM/SP UNCVX1 U N Carolina ACS VMS UNCSPHV3 U N Carolina Sch Publ Health VMS UNCSPHVX U N Carolina Sch Publ Health VMS UNCSPHV2 U N Carolina Sch Publ Health VMS UNLARS U Nebr-Lincoln Agric Res Srv VMS UNLAMC U Nebr-Lincoln Amer Math Comp. VMS UNLASVAX U Nebr-Lincoln Arts & Sciences VMS UNLVAX4 U Nebr-Lincoln CALMIT Lab VMS UNLCDC2 U Nebr-Lincoln Comp Res Ctr NOS/VE UNLVAX1 U Nebr-Lincoln Comp Res Ctr VMS UNLENVAX U Nebr-Lincoln Eng. Coll VMS UNLVAX3 U Nebr-Lincoln Eng. Coll VMS UNLPDVAX U Nebr-Lincoln Print & Dup VMS UNLTCVAX U Nebr-Lincoln Teach. Coll VMS UNLADVAX U Nebr-Lincoln VP Acad. Affairs VMS UNLVM U Nebraska Comp Svcs VM/SP/HPO UNLCDC3 U Nebraska Lincoln Comp Ctr NOS UNBMVS1 U New Brunswick MVS/XA UNBVM1 U New Brunswick VM/SP 5 UNMB U New Mexico Comp Ctr VMS UNFVM U North Florida Comp Svcs VM/SP IRISHMVS U Notre Dame Comp Ctr MVS/SP UNDHEP U Notre Dame High Ener Phys VMS IRISHVM U Notre Dame PC Lab VM/SP IRISHVM2 U Notre Dame PC Lab VM/SP IRISHVX2 U Notre Dame Physics Dept VMS NDRADLAB U Notre Dame Radiation Lab VMS ALASKA U of Alaska Comp Net VMS BANUIA51 U of Antwerp VMS ARIZVM1 U of Arizona CCIT IBM VM ARIZJVAX U of Arizona CCIT VAX VMS ARIZRVAX U of Arizona CCIT VAX VMS UBCMTSA U of BC Admin System MTS UCSFC450 U of California San Francisco ULTRIX 32M UCSFFFFT U of California San Francisco ULTRIX UCSFUSE U of California San Francisco UNIX HGRRUG52 U of Groningen VMS 4 2 UKAG U of KY Agri Data Ctr VM/SP CCOL U of Ky Community Colleges VM/SP HLERUL56 U of Leiden DIOS VMS 4 2 HLERUL55 U of Leiden DIOS VMS UC780 U of Maryland VMS ECSVAX U of NC Gen'l Admin Cent Office - Educat. UNIX BSDrvs OREGON1 U of O CC VM/SP UOTELG01 U of Ottawa Elec Eng VMS UTORDAIS U of T DAIS VMS UTKVX2 U of Tennessee VMS UTKVX3 U of Tennessee Computing Center VMS WATLAGER U of Waterloo, EERC VMS WISCAGE U of Wis, Inst on Aging VMS DOLUNI1 U Oldenburg IBM VM/SP R4 DOSUNI U Osnabrueck CGK BS 3 UOTTAWA U Ottawa Computer Ctr VM/HPO UOTCSI1 U Ottawa Computer Sci Dept UNIX UOTCSI2 U Ottawa Computer Sci Dept UNIX UOTADM01 U Ottawa Faculty of Admin VMS IPACUC U Palermo VM/SP PENNDRLN U Penn DRL Comp Facil VM/SP PENNDRLS U Penn DRL Comp Facil VM/SP HPO PENNLRSM U Penn Matter Lab VMS PENNHEP1 U Penn Physics VMS PITTVMS U Pittsburgh Comp Info Sys VMS PITTUNIX U Pittsburgh Comp Info Sys ULTRIX EMDUPM11 U Poli Madrid Ctr Calc IBM VM/SP R4 UPEI U Prince Edward Island VMS UQAM U Quebec Montreal VM/SP UREGINA1 U Regina VM/SP UREGINAV U Regina VMS 4 5 UREGINA2 U Regina Dept Comp Services UNIX BSD UORCHEM U Rochester Chemistry VAX VMS UORVM U Rochester Comp Ctr VM/SP UORDB2 U Rochester Comp Ctr VMS UORHBV U Rochester Comp Ctr VMS UORJVN U Rochester Comp Ctr VMS UORKV U Rochester Comp Ctr VMS UORKV2 U Rochester Comp Ctr VMS UORMVS U Rochester Comp Ctr MVS/SP UORUNIX U Rochester Comp Ctr UNIX BSD UORDBV U Rochester Computing Ctr VMS UORGSM U Rochester Grad Sch Mngmnt VM/SP UORHEP U Rochester High Energy Physics VMS UOROPT U Rochester Institue of Optics VMS SASK U Saskatchewan DEC VMS 4 7 BAGAMCOK U South Carolina Bus College VM/SP UNIVSCVM U South Carolina Comp Svcs VM/SP KYLARA U Southern Calif VMS MIRRIM U Southern Calif VMS ZAPHOD U Southern Calif VMS GEO U Southern Calif VMS BMSR U Southern Calif Biomed Simul Res VMS RAMOTH U Southern Calif Chemistry Dept VMS JAXOM U Southern Calif Eng Dept VMS MOUSE U Southern Calif Eng Dept VMS PERN U Southern Calif Engineering Sch VMS SC U Southern Calif Engineering Sch VMS USCVM U Southern California VM/HPO USMVAX U Southern Maine Portland Comp Ctr UNIX DS0RUS1I U Stuttgart IBM VM/SP R2 1 DS0RUS1P U Stuttgart IBM VM/SP R2 1 DS0IKE51 U Stuttgart Inst Kernenergetik VMS DS0MPA51 U Stuttgart Materialpruef DEC VMS 4 7 DS0RUS51 U Stuttgart Rechenzentrum VMS DS0RUS0 U Stuttgart, Germany NOS UTCVM U Tenn at Chatta Ctr of Excel VM/SP UTCMUSIC U Tenn at Chatta MUSIC Sys MUSIC/SP UTKVX1 U Tennessee VMS UTKSM1 U Tennessee VMS UTADNX U Texas Austin Comp Ctr VMS UTA3081 U Texas Austin Comp Ctr VM/SP UTA4341 U Texas Austin Comp Ctr VM/SP UTGATE U Texas Austin Comp Ctr VMS UTNET U Texas Austin Comp Ctr VMS UTAIVC U Texas Austin Comp Ctr VMS UTAIV1 U Texas Austin Comp Ctr VMS UTAIV2 U Texas Austin Comp Ctr VMS UTAIV3 U Texas Austin Comp Ctr VMS UTAIV4 U Texas Austin Comp Ctr VMS UTADP U Texas Austin Data Proc. Sys MVS/XA UTAPHY U Texas Austin Physics Dept VMS UTDALVM1 U Texas Dallas Acad Comp Ctr VM/SP UTEPA U Texas El Paso CC VM/SP UTEP U Texas El Paso Comp Ctr VM/SP UTSA4381 U Texas San Antonio OS/VS1 UTSAVM1 U Texas San Antonio Comp Res VM/SP UOFT01 U Toledo VM/SP UOFT02 U Toledo VMS NORUNIT U Trondheim IBM VM/SP R4 DTUZDV2 U Tubingen ZDV BASF MVS/SP DTUZDV1 U Tubingen Zent Datenverar IBM VM/SP R3 UTHSCSA U TX Hlth Sci Ctr Comp Resrcs VMS SEUMDC01 U UME$ CDC NOS 2 3 HUTRUU0 U Utrecht AOS/VE HUTRUU51 U Utrecht Neth VMS 4 6 UVUNIX U Victoria UNIX UVPHYS U Victoria VAX UVVM U Victoria VM VM/SP VIRGINIA U Virginia Acad Computing NOS UWACDC U Washington Acad Comp Ctr NOS UWAV1 U Washington Acad Comp Ctr VAX1 VMS UWAV2 U Washington Acad Comp Ctr VAX2 VMS UWAV3 U Washington Acad Comp Ctr VAX3 VMS UWAV4 U Washington Acad Comp Ctr VAX4 VMS MAX U Washington Acad Comp Srvs VMS UWAVM U Washington Academic Comp Ctr VM/SP UWAIS1 U Washington Admin Data Proc VM/SP HPO UWAMVS1 U Washington Admin Data Proc MVS/SP UWACHEM U Washington Chemistry VAX VMS UWASH U Washington Cmptng. & Commun VM/SP SAAM U Washington Ctr for Bioeng. VMS CPAC U Washington Ctr for Process Analy Chem VMS UWAEE U Washington Electrical Engr VM/SP UWAENG U Washington Electrical Engr VM/SP UWALOCKE U Washington Locke Comp Ctr VMS UWAPHAST U Washington Physics VAX VMS WATACS U Waterloo Adv Control Sys VM/SP WATACO U Waterloo Arts Comp Off VMS WATDCS U Waterloo Comp Svcs VM/SP WATCSG U Waterloo Comp Sys Grp VM/SP WATDCSU U Waterloo Dept Comp Svcs UNIX BSD WATMTA U Waterloo Dept Comp Svcs VMS WATSCI U Waterloo Facil Science VMS WATMAD U Waterloo Mapping Analysis & Design VMS WATER U Waterloo Math/ICR UNIX WATMNET U Waterloo MICRONET VM/SP UWF U West Fla Comp Ctr VM/SP UWOCC1 U Western Ontario VM/SP WINDSOR1 U Windsor VM/SP WISCPSLB U Wisconsin Dept Physics VMS WISCMAC1 U Wisconsin Madison Comp Ctr VMS WISCPSLA U Wisconsin Phys Sci Lab VMS WISCPSLC U Wisconsin Physical Sci Lab VMS DW0URZ0 U Wuppertal HRZ CDC NOS 2 3 WYOCDC1 U Wyoming NOS UWYO U Wyoming VMS DHBRRZ41 U. Bremen SIEMENS BS3000 MSP 20 FRUTC51 U.T.C. Compiegne, France DEC VMS DHDUB1 UB Heidelberg, Germany IBM VM/SP R4 UCLASAUP UCLA - Arch and Urban Plng VM/SP UCLACH UCLA Chem Dept. VMS UCLAUE UCLA Crystallog. Res. VMS UCLASTRO UCLA Department of Astronomy VMS UCLAPH UCLA Dept. of Physics VMS UCLAHEP UCLA High Energy Physics VMS UCLAIEPI UCLA IE Physics VMS UCLASP UCLA Space & Plasma Physics VMS UCLASS UCLA Space Science VMS SBITP UCSB Inst Theor Physics VMS UCSFCOPE UCSF Clinic for Lab Medicine ULTRIX BANUFS11 UFSIA, Antwerpen, Belgium VM/SP BANUIA52 UIA Antwerpen VMS 4 5 UIUCVMC UIUC - ENGR VM/SP UIUCVMD UIUC _ CSO VM/SP BBRBFU01 ULB/VUB NOS BLIULG14 ULG, Liege, Belgium VM/SP R5 BLIULG15 ULG, Liege, Belgium VM/SP R5 SEUMDC51 UMDAC Umea, Sweden DEC VMS GRATHUN1 UNATH, ATHENS, GREECE NOS 2 5.2 (678/670) UNC UNC Comp Ctr MVS/SP UNCCVM UNCC Compt. Srvs. VM VM/SP GRCRUN11 UNCR Heraklion, Crete, Greece VM/SP GRCRVAX1 UNCR, Heraklion, Crete, Greece VMS 4 3 FRUNES21 UNESCO MVS/SP DBTHRZ5 Uni Bayreuth RZ, Germany DEC VMS 4 6 DERDBS5 Uni Erlangen VMS DFRRUF1 UNI Freiburg, Germany IBM VM/SP HPO R4 DGIPIG5 Uni Giessen Physik, Germany DEC VMS 4 5 DHDURZ1 Uni Heidelberg IBM VM/SP R5 DKAUNI5T Uni Karlsruhe VMS DKAUNI0P Uni Karlsruhe (IPF), Germany PRIMOS REV. 20.0.4 DKAUNI0I Uni Karlsruhe (IRA), Germany UNIX 4 3 BSD DKAUNI12 Uni Karlsruhe, Telematik IBM VM/SP R3 DMZUK1 Uni Klinik Mainz, Germany IBM VM/SP R5 0 DK0RRZK1 Uni Koeln, Germany IBM VM/SP R4 DKNKURZ1 Uni Konstanz, Germany IBM VM/SP R5 HLERUL57 Uni Leiden VMS 4 5 HLERUL58 Uni Leiden, Netherlands VMS 4 5 HLERUL5I Uni Leiden, Netherlands SUN OS 3 5 DMSWWU0X Uni Muenster, Germany IBM IX/370 DMSWWU5P Uni Muenster, Kernphysik VMS HROEUR1 Uni Rotterdam, Netherlands VM/SP R4 1 HROEUR51 Uni Rotterdam, Netherlands VMS 4 CSGHSG52 Uni St Gallen, Switzerland DEC VMS CSGHSG53 Uni St Gallen, Switzerland DEC VMS DS0IND5 Uni Stuttgart, Germany DEC VMS 4.4 DS0ITA51 Uni Stuttgart, Germany DEC VMS 4 6 DS0RUS52 Uni Stuttgart, Germany DEC VMS 4 5 DS0RUS54 Uni Stuttgart, Germany DEC VMS 4 5 DS0MSV1 Uni Stuttgart, Germany IBM VM/SP R4 DS0SYN51 Uni Stuttgart, Germany DEC VMS 4 6 DS0IFU56 Uni Stuttgart, Germany DEC VMS 4 6 DS0IFF5 Uni Stuttgart, Germany DEC VMS 4 2 DTUMED1 Uni Tuebingen, Med. Rechenzent IBM VM/SP HENTHT51 Uni Twente VMS 4 HUTRUU52 Uni Utrecht, Netherlands VMS 4 6 HUTRUU53 Uni Utrecht, Netherlands VMS 4 4 CNEDCU51 Uni. Neuchatel, Switzerland DEC VMS DKARH01 UNI-C, Aarhus, Denmark (CDC) CDC NOS 2 4.1-630/628 DKARH02 UNI-C, Aarhus, Denmark (VAX) DEC VMS 4 4 DANPOST UNI-C, Aarhus, Denmark (VAX) ULTRIX DKEARN UNI-C, Lyngby, Denmark (IBM) IBM VM/SP HPO R4 2 NEUVM1 UNI-C, Lyngby, Denmark (IBM) IBM VM/SP HPO R4 2 DKUNIL51 UNI-C, Lyngby, Denmark (VAX) DEC VMS 4 5 NEUMVS1 UNI-C, Lyngby,Denmark (AMDAHL) IBM MVS/XA USUHS Uniformed Svrs Univ of Health Sci VMS UNION Union College VNS DBNINF5 Univ Bonn Informatik VMS UCLARUAC Univ Calif Los Angeles UCLA/OAC VMS UCCVMB Univ Calif System-wide Admin VM/HPO UCLAAIS Univ California LA AIS MVS/XA EMDUCM11 Univ Complutense de Madrid VM/SP UCHCECVM Univ de Chile CEC VM/SP UCHDCI01 Univ de Chile DESECI VM/SP CFRUNI51 Univ de Fribourg DEC VMS 4 4 USACHVM1 Univ de Santiago de Chile VM/SP UTALCAVX Univ de Talca VMS DD0RUD81 Univ Duesseldorf SIEMENS BS2000 V8 0 UGAIBM1 Univ Georgia MVS/JES3 UGA205 Univ Georgia VSOS LAVALVX1 Univ Laval VMS LAVALMU1 Univ Laval Music Sys MUSIC/SP DMZRZU71 Univ Mainz BULL MULTICS MR 11R DMSWWU1C Univ Muenster, Germany IBM VM/SP HPO R5 0 UNAMVM1 Univ Nat'l Auto De Mexico VM UNBSJ Univ New Brunswick St. John PRIMOS NUNO Univ New Orleans Admin DP MVS UNO Univ New Orleans CRC VMS ARIZMIS Univ of Arizona - MIS Dept VMS SOVSET Univ of Arizona - Soviet Studies VMS ARIZEVAX Univ of Arizona College of Eng. EVAX2 VMS UALR Univ of Arkansas Little Rock VMS UAFSYSA Univ of Arkansas Main Camp VM/SP UAFSYSB Univ of Arkansas Main Camp VM/SP HPO UAFMUSA Univ of Arkansas Main Camp MUSIC/SP UAMS Univ of Arkansas Med Sci VMS UBCMTSG Univ of BC General Sys MTS UBCMTSL Univ of BC Library System MTS NOBERGEN Univ of Bergen, Norway IBM VM/SP R5 UNCAEDU Univ of Calgary VMS UCSCZ Univ of California CC Series Z VMS UCSCCRLP Univ of California Comp Res Lab Pger UNIX UCSCCRLV Univ of California Comp Res Lab Vger UNIX UCSCCRLI Univ of California Comp Res Lab VM VM/SP UCSCCRLJ Univ of California Comp Res Lab, Jup UNIX UCSCCRLS Univ of California Comp. Res Lab Saturn UNIX UCSCLOA Univ of California Lick Observ UNIX UCSCERIS Univ of California Physics Bd UNIX 4.2 UCSD Univ of California San Diego Acad Gatwy SuSUN UNIX UCSDMVSA Univ of California San Diego AdCom Op MVS/XA UCDAVIS Univ of California, Davis UNIX UCDHEP Univ of California, Davis VMS UCHASTRO Univ of Chicago - Astron/Astrophy UNIX COLOLASP Univ of Colorad / LASP VMS COLOSPGS Univ of Colorado - Colorado Springs CS VMS FARRAND Univ of Colorado Boulder - Farrand Hall VMS CUDENVER Univ of Colorado Denver VMS UCOLMCC Univ of Colorado Health Sci Ctr VMS DAYTON Univ of Dayton VMS DUCAIR Univ of Denver Comptng & Info Res VMS IFASGNV Univ of Florida VMS CGEUGE53 Univ of Geneva DEC VMS CGEUGE11 Univ of Geneva IBM VM/SP CGEUGE54 Univ of Geneva DEC VMS UGACDC1 Univ of Georgia NOS UGA Univ of Georgia VM/SP UGABUS Univ of Georgia VM/SP UGAMUSIC Univ of Georgia MUSIC/SP UGAXA Univ of Georgia VM/XA/SF CCQC Univ of Georgia VM/SP SREL Univ of Georgia VMS TIFTON Univ of Georgia Coastal Plains Exp Sta VM/SP GRIFFIN Univ of Georgia Experiment Station VM/SP HARTFORD Univ of Hartford VMS UHHEPG Univ of Hawaii High Enrgy Phys Grp VMS FINUHB Univ of Helsinki VMS ISEARN Univ of Iceland VM/SP IDCSVAX Univ of Idaho VMS UIUCSCS Univ of Illinois Chemistry VMS UICBAL Univ of Illinois Chicago Biomolec Analy LaVMS UKANVAX Univ of Kansas VAX Sys VMS UKPR Univ of Kentucky Prim PRIMOS FINKUO Univ of Kuopio VMS CLSUNI51 Univ of Lausanne DEC VMS UMBSKY Univ of Mass at Boston VMS UMBMAP Univ of Mass at Boston VMS UMAECS Univ of Mass, Eng. Comp Svrs VMS UMBC2 Univ of MD, Baltimore Co VMS UMNACVX Univ of Minnesota Acad Comptng VMS UMNACBR Univ of Minnesota Acad Comptng VMS UMNACCA Univ of Minnesota Acad Comptng NOS UMNACUX Univ of Minnesota Acad Comptng UMAX 4.2 UMNADMIN Univ of Minnesota Admin Info Svcs MVS UMNDUL Univ of Minnesota Duluth VMS UMNHCS Univ of Minnesota Health Comp Sci VMS UMNHSNOS Univ of Minnesota Health Sci Cmptng Srvs NOS UMNHSNVE Univ of Minnesota Health Sci Cmptng Srvs NOS UMNMOR Univ of Minnesota Morris VMS SIMVAX Univ of Minnesota Sim Resource VMS UMNSOM Univ of Minnesota, Sch of Mgmt VM/SP UMSVM Univ of Mississippi VM/SP UMSMVS Univ of Mississippi MVS/SP UMSNOS Univ of Mississippi NOS UMSVSOS Univ of Mississippi VSOS UMSPHY Univ of Mississippi VMS UNMCVM Univ of Nebraska Med Ctr VM/HPO UNOMA1 Univ of Nebraska Omaha CC VMS UNOMA2 Univ of Nebraska Omaha CC VMS UNEV Univ of Nevada Sys CC NOS UNB Univ of New Brunswick MVS/XA UNHH Univ of New Hampshire VMS UNCVAX1 Univ of North Carolina CH VMS UNCG Univ of North Carolina Greensboro Acad CC VMS UNTVM1 Univ of North Texas Comp Ctr VM/SP UNTMUSIC Univ of North Texas MUSIC NTSUVAXA Univ of North Texas VAX A VMS NTSUVAXB Univ of North Texas VAX B VMS UOKMVSA Univ of Oklahoma Norman MVS/XA-JES2 UOREGON Univ of Oregon Dept. Comp. & Info Scie, UNIX BSD UONEURO Univ of Oregon Inst. of Neurosci VAX VMS UOXRAY Univ of Oregon Molecular Bio VAX VMS OREGON Univ of Oregon VAX 8800 VMS UOTADM02 Univ of Ottawa UPRENET Univ of Puerto Rico Ed Net VMS URVAX Univ of Richmond VMS UORNSRL Univ of Rochester VMS SCRANTON Univ of Scranton Comp Ctr VMS SCRVMSYS Univ of Scranton Comp Ctr VM/SP UDESVM Univ of Sherbrooke VM/SP 4 UDESMA Univ of Sherbrooke UDESMB Univ of Sherbrooke USOUTHAL Univ of South Alabama VM/SP USMCP6 Univ of Southern Miss CP6 UTCHP1 Univ of Tennessee - Chatta. MPE V/E UTKVX4 Univ of Tennessee Comp Ctr VAX4 VMS UTKCS1 Univ of Tennessee Computer Sci Dept VMS UTMEM1 Univ of Tennessee, Memphis VMS UTMEM2 Univ of Tennessee, Memphis VMS UTMEM3 Univ of Tennessee, Memphis VMS UTARLVM1 Univ of Texas - Arlington VM VM/SP UTARLACS Univ of Texas Arlington MVS/SP UTARLADM Univ of Texas Arlington MVS/SP UTARLG Univ of Texas Arlington VMS UTMBEACH Univ of Texas Med Branch at Galveston VMS UTSW Univ of Texas Southwestern Med Ctr Dallas VMS UTHVM1 Univ of Texas Sys Cancer Ctr VM/SP UTCHPC Univ of Texas Sys Ctr for High Perfor CmptVMS UTARL Univ of Texas Sys Off of Telecom. Srvcs VMS UTDAL Univ of Texas Sys Off of Telecom. Srvcs VMS UTEPD Univ of Texas Sys Off of Telecom. Srvcs VMS UTHOU Univ of Texas Sys Off of Telecom. Srvcs VMS UTHSA Univ of Texas Sys Off of Telecom. Srvcs VMS UTHTYL Univ of Texas Sys Off of Telecom. Srvcs VMS UTMGAL Univ of Texas Sys Off of Telecom. Srvcs VMS UTPB Univ of Texas Sys Off of Telecom. Srvcs VMS UTSA Univ of Texas Sys Off of Telecom. Srvcs VMS UTSYS Univ of Texas Sys Off of Telecom. Srvcs VMS UTTYL Univ of Texas Sys Off of Telecom. Srvcs VMS UTSPH Univ of Texas Sys Off of Telecom. Srvcs VMS UTCCSP Univ of Texas Sys Off of Telecom. Srvcs VMS UTMSI Univ of Texas Sys Off of Telecom. Srvcs VMS THENIC Univ of Texas Sys Off of Telecom. Srvcs VMS UTHDAL Univ of Texas Systems VMS JPNUTDME Univ of Tokyo VM/SP JPNUTINS Univ of Tokyo - INS OS IV/F4 MSP JPNUTKOM Univ of Tokyo Coll of Arts & Sci VM/SP JPNISSP Univ of Tokyo/Inst for Solid St Phy OS IV/F4 MSP UTORCSRI Univ of Toronto UTORSCG Univ of Toronto VM/SP UTORSCS Univ of Toronto VMS UTORGPU Univ of Toronto SUN BSD UTORMCL1 Univ of Toronto VMS UTORME Univ of Toronto Mech Eng UNIX UTOROCI Univ of Toronto OCI VMS UTORPHYS Univ of Toronto Physics VMS JPNTSUKU Univ of Tsukuba - SIPC DYNIX TULSA Univ of Tulsa CP-6 C01 UTAHCCA Univ of Utah CC VMS UTAHBUS Univ of Utah College of Bus CC VM UTAHLIB Univ of Utah Marriott Lib VM/SP UTAHMED Univ of Utah Med Sch Scie CC VMS UVMVM Univ of Vermont VM/SP UVMADMIN Univ of Vermont VM/SP UVMVAX Univ of Vermont VMS UWAJANUS Univ of Washington Astro. HST Project VMS UWAGEM Univ of Washington Gemini Comptng Faclty VM/SP UWAMATSC Univ of Washington Materials Sci Comp VM/SP UWAPA2 Univ of Washington Physics Theory Grp VMS UWOVAX Univ of Western Ontario VMS WINDSOR2 Univ of Windsor VMS UWPG02 Univ of Winnipeg DEC VMS 5 0 WISCCDE Univ of Wis., Cntr. Demog. VMS WISCPHEN Univ of Wisc Pheno Inst MICROVMS WISCGPS Univ of Wisc, Geog/PoliSci Depts VMS UWLAX Univ of Wisconsin - La Crosse VMS UWMCSD4 Univ of Wisconsin - Milwaukee UNIX UWSTOUT Univ of Wisconsin - Stout VMS UWEC Univ of Wisconsin Eau Claire CP-6 COO WISCSOC Univ of Wisconsin Madison Socio Dept VMS OSHKOSHW Univ of Wisconsin Oshkosh VMS WISCMAC3 Univ of Wisconsin, MACC VMS HROEUR0M Univ Rotterdam MUSIC/SP EBCCUAB1 Univ. Autonoma de Barcelona DEC VMS IMIBOCCO Univ. BOCCONI - Milano, Italy IBM VM/SP R4 FINUH Univ. of Helsinki, Finland VMS 4.5 FINUJO Univ. of Joensuu, Finland DEC VMS 4 7 FINTUVM Univ. of Turku, Finland IBM VM/SP R5 EBRUPC51 Univ. Politecnica de Catalunya DEC VMS 4 5 EMDICAI1 Univ. Pontificia Comillas, Sp DG AOS/VS 6 06 DK0RRZK0 Univer Koeln Regls Rechentrum NOS EMDUAHM1 Universidad Alcala de Henares DG AOS/VS 6 06 EMDUAM12 Universidad Autonoma Madrid IBM VM/SP R4 EMDUAM51 Universidad Autonoma Madrid VAX-VMS 4 7 EB0UB011 Universidad Barcelona - Spain VM/SP EBUBECM1 Universidad Barcelona - Spain IBM VM CMS REL 5 ELEULE11 Universidad de Leon, Spain IBM VM/SP R1 2 EOVUOV11 Universidad de Oviedo - C P.D. IBM VM/SP R3 1 IGECUNIV Universita Genova VM/SP IMEUNIV Universita Messina IBM VM/SP R3 1 ICSUNIV Universita' della Calabria VM/SP IBGUNIV Universita' di Bergamo Italy IBM VM/SP R4 IPRUNIV Universita' di Parma, Italy IBM VM/SP R2 IRMUNISA Universita' La Sapienza IBM VM/SP R4 IRMECOSA Universita' La Sapienza IBM VM/SP R3 IRMINGSA Universita' La Sapienza IBM VM/SP R3 ITNCISCA Universita' Trento, Italy DEC VMS 3 0 DBIUNI11 Universitaet Bielefeld HRZ VM/SP DHBRRZ45 Universitaet Bremen SIEMENS BS3000 MSP 20 DDOHRZ21 Universitaet Dortmund IBM MVS/SP 1 3.3 DERRZE0 Universitaet Erlangen CDC NOS 2 DE0HRZ1A Universitaet Essen IBM VM/SP R4 DGIHRZ01 Universitaet Giessen NOS DHHUNI4 Universitaet Hamburg, Germany SIEMENS BS3000 MSP 20 DHHUNI1 Universitaet Hamburg, Germany VM/SP R5 DMZRZU5P Universitaet Mainz, Germany DEC VMS 4 5 DSIHRZ51 Universitaet Siegen VMS DULRUU51 Universitaet Ulm, Germany DEC VMS 4 5 DHDURZ2 Universitaets-Rechenzentrum IBM MVS/SP 2 1.7 DE0WTZ1A Universitaetsklinikum Essen IBM VM/SP R3 CFRUNI52 Universite de Fribourg, Switz DEC VMS 4 6 CFRUNI53 Universite de Fribourg, Switz DEC VMS 4 6 UMTLVR Universite de Montreal VMS V4 6 FRUTRS51 Universite de Tours VAX VMS UQUEBEC Universite du Quebec VM/CMS 3 1 UQHULL Universite Du Quebec A Hull VMS FRP8V11 Universite Paris 8 VM/SP CGEUGE51 University de Geneve DEC VMS UNCA205 University of Calgary Cyber VSOS UDACSVM University of Delaware VM/SP UDPLATO University of Delaware Off of Instruct. TeNOS USCN University of Georgia NOS UHVAX1 University of Houston VMS UHVAX8 University of Houston VMS ELROY University of Houston VMS UHOU University of Houston VMS UHCL2 University of Houston/CL VMS UHDVX2 University of Houston/Downtown VMS UTKVM1 University of Tennessee VM/SP HPO UTOREPAS University of Toronto VM/SP UTORONTO University of Toronto VM/SP HPO 4 2 UTORMVSB University of Toronto MVS/XA 2 3 UTORVM University of Toronto VM/SP HPO 4 2 UTORMED University of Toronto UTOROISE University of Toronto OISE VMS SEUDAC21 Uppsala U Data Ctr IBM MVS/SP 1 3.0 SEMAX51 Uppsala Univ, Sweden DEC VMS URIMVS URI Academic Computer Center MVS/SP URIACC URI Academic Computer Center VM/HPO5 NCCIBM1 US EPA MVS/XA-JES2 USGSRESV US Geological Survey ISD VAX VMS GROGHE USC - Groghe VMS USCMVSA USC - System MVSA OS/VS2 MVS/XA USU Utah State U VMS UTORCCIE UTORCCIE VM/SP UVSOL UVic COMP UNIX SUN OS 3 2 UWAFRODO UW Radiation Oncology VMS UWARITA UW San Diego RUAC VMS VALPO Valparaiso Univ AOS VUENGVAX Vanderbilt U Engineering Sch VMS VUCTRVAX Vanderbilt Univ CC VMS VUCTRVX1 Vanderbilt Univ CC VMS VUCTRVX2 Vanderbilt Univ CC VMS VUHHCL01 Vanderbilt Univ HHCL VMS VULIBS Vanderbilt Univ Library IBM/DOS VUHEP Vanderbilt Univ Physics VMS VANDVM1 Vanderbilt Univ. A&S VM/SP VANDVMS1 Vanderbilt Univ. Physics VMS VASPSY Vassar Col Psych and Econ VMS VASSAR Vassar College VMS VASCHU Vassar College VMS VAS780 Vassar College VMS VILLVM Villanova Univ VM/SP VUVAXCOM Villanova Univ VMS VCUMVS Virginia Common U Comp Ctr MVS/SP VCUVM1 Virginia Common U IBM C.C VM/SP VCUJADE Virginia Commonwealth Univ VMS VCURUBY Virginia Commonwealth Univ VMS VCCSHOST Virginia Community Coll Sys MVS/JES2 VTCS1 Virginia Tech (VPI) VMS VTMATH Virginia Tech (VPI) VMS VTME Virginia Tech (VPI) VMS VTSDA Virginia Tech (VPI) VMS VTVAX3 Virginia Tech (VPI) VMS VTVAX5 Virginia Tech (VPI) VMS VTVM1 Virginia Tech (VPI) VM/SP VTVM2 Virginia Tech (VPI) VM/SP VTVM3 Virginia Tech (VPI) VM/SP VTHCL Virginia Tech (VPI) VMS VTOPUS Virginia Tech (VPI) ULTRIX-32 V2 VTCNSVM1 Virginia Tech (VPI) VM/SP VTCC1 Virginia Tech (VPI) VMS BBRVKI51 VKI, Rhode-St-Genese, Belgium VMS 4 7 VOLCANI Volcani Institute DEC VMS 4 5 FINVTT VTT, Finland DEC VMS 4 6 JPNWAS00 Waseda Univ VM/SP WSUVM1 Washington State U Comp Ctr VM/SP WSUVMS2 Washington State Univ - Comp. Srvs Ctr. VMS WSUMATH Washington State Univ - Math Dept VMS WSUVMS1 Washington State Univ Comp Serv Ctr VMS WUNET Washington U St Louis VMS WUBLUE Washington Univ MUSIC/SP WUGOLD Washington Univ MUSIC/SP WUGREEN Washington Univ MUSIC/SP WUMS Washington Univ Med Sch VMS WUVMA Washington University VM/SP WUVMC Washington University VM/SP WUVMD Washington University VM/SP WUVME Washington University VM/SP WUVMF Washington University VM/SP HDEDH1 Waterloopkundig Lab , Delft VM/SP 4 WAYNEST1 Wayne State Univ CC VM/SP WEIZMANN Weizmann Inst Comp Ctr IBM VM/SP HPO R4 2 WISVMS Weizmann Inst Dept of Chem DEC VMS 4 3 WISDOM Weizmann Inst Dept of Math UNIX 4.2 BSD WESLEYAN Wesleyan U Net Gate Comp Ctr VMS WESLYN Wesleyan University VMS WCU West Chester Univ of PA VM/HPO WVNMVS West Virginia Network MVS/XA WVNVAXA West Virginia Network VMS WVNVAXB West Virginia Network VMS WVNVM West Virginia Network VM/SP WVNSVC West Virginia Network VMS WVNVMS West Virginia Network VMS WVNET West Virginia Network VMS DMSWWU1A Westfael Wilhelms-U Muenster IBM VM/SP HPO R5 0 DMSWWU2B Westfael Wilhelms-U Muenster IBM MVS/SP 1 3.5 TWSUVM Wichita State Univ CC VM/SP WLUCP6 Wilfred Laurier Univ CP-6 WILLIAMA Williams College CC VMS WILLIAMB Williams College CC Admin VAX Sys VMS WILLIAMS Williams College Comp Ctr VMS DGOWISO1 WISO-RZ Uni Goettingen,Germany IBM VM/IS R5 WPI Worcester Poly Tech EE ULTRIX IBRDVM1 World Bank VM/HPO WSU Wright State Univ VMS AWIWUW11 WU-Wien IBM VM/SP HPO R4 2 WVNBSC WVNET - Bluefield St Col VMS WVNCC WVNET - Concord Col VMS WVNFSC WVNET - Fairmont St Col VMS WVNGSC WVNET - Glenville St Col VMS WVNNCC WVNET - Northern Comm. Col VMS WVNPCC WVNET - Parkersburg Comm. Col VMS WVNPSC WVNET - Potomac State Col VMS WVNSC WVNET - Shepherd Col VMS WVNSCC WVNET - Southern Comm Col VMS WVNWLSC WVNET - West Liberty St. Col VMS WVNWVIT WVNET - West VA Instit of Tech VMS WVNWVSOM WVNET - West VA Sch of Osteopathic Med VMS WVNWVSC WVNET - West Virginia St Col VMS XAVIER Xavier Univ Acad Comp Ctr VMS YALEMED Yale Med Sch - Biomedical Comp Unit VMS YALEADS Yale U Admin Data Svcs VM/SP/HPO YALASTRO Yale U Astronomy Dept VMS YALECS Yale U Comp Sci Dept UNIX YALEMVS Yale U Computer Ctr MVS/SP YALEVM Yale U Computer Ctr VM/SP/HPO YALEVMS Yale U Computer Ctr VMS YALPH2 Yale U HEP2 VMS YALEHEP Yale U Physics Lab VMS YALEZEUS Yale Univ Med Sch VMS TRYILDIZ Yildiz Univ VM/SP R3 YUORION York U Admin Stud Environ Sci VMS YUSOL York U Comp Sci Fac Sci VMS YUYETTI York U Comp Sci Research UNIX BSD YULIBRA York U Computing Services VMS YUVULCAN York U Glendon Coll VMS YORKVM1 York University VM/SP YORKVM2 York University VM/SP YUGEMINI York University VMS YUVENUS York University VMS YSUA Youngstown State Univ MVS/SP YSUB Youngstown State Univ VM/SP DTUZDV5A ZDV U Tuebingen VMS DK0ZA1 Zentralarch Sozialfors Koeln VM/SP CZHRZU1A Zurich U IBM VM/SP CZHRZU2B Zurich U IBM MVS/SP PENDING NODES AS OF 10/05/88 TOTAL NODES = 3 Node Site System -------- ---------------------------------------- -------------------------- - MHC Mount Holyoke Coll ULTRIX RADFORD Radford Univ AOS/VS WWU Western Washington Univ BERKELEY UNIX ========================================================================= ==Phrack Inc.== Volume One, Issue Six, Phile 13 of 13 -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ - *-=+^ Phrack World News ^+=-* Issue Five/Part 5 Compiled and Written By Knight Lightning -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ - Daniel Zigmond: Real Reporter or Freelance FED? May 20, 198 6 ----------------------------------------------- This article in no way endorses one view over the other, but will try to look at evidence and facts pertaining to both of the above statements. Daniel Zigmond; Wants to write an article on hackers and phreaks, our general social atmosphere, and our side of the story. He IS a contributing editor on the staff of Amiga World Magazine and he has lived at 6735 Forest Glen Road, Squrill Hill, Penn. and had the phone numbers (412)422-1979/7515 for at least 3 years. Reportedly he has accounts on ARPAnet, Private Sector, and Byte Magazine BBS. He has been on several conferences and been talking to several phreaks across the nation. To name a few: Blue Buccaneer, Cap/N/Crax, Compu-Phreak, Dark Cavalier, Dead Lord, Final Impulse, Holophax Phreaker, Knight Lightning, Ninja NYC, Scan Man, Sigmund Fraud, Slave Driver, The Bootleg, The Clashmaster, The Infiltrator, The Firelord, The Seker, and TUC. He tapes all his conversations and has tried to get people to call other phreaks on 3-ways in attempts to gain their phone numbers. He did however mak e some attempts to help Sigmund Fraud after his near bust (see story in this issue). There are a few extremely odd things about Mr. Zigmond. 1. He wants everyone to send him their codes, extenders, PBXs, diverters, etc . Even if they no longer work. When asked why, he answered that he needed something to show his boss so he wouldn't be turned down because of what would seem to be a b.s. article. Why doesn't he just make things up? After all he said that the stuff didn't have to be good. His reply to that was that his boss might check a few. Well if they were dead codes or PBXs or whatever then he would be up the creek anyway. Ok, forgetting about that for a moment, Zigmond also asked that people photocopy their notebooks and send those copies to him and that he would pay the postage and for the photocopies. This of course means he gets you r address and at the very least your township and such (that is if you don't leave a return address) from the postmark. 2. He has refused to give out a phone number to reach him at work or at Amiga World. Furthermore, he doesn't plan to have the article in Amiga World, but rather, he has stated that it would be sold to the Washington Post. Now I talked with people at the Washington Post and they know nothing abou t this. I spoke with people in several different areas and turned a blank. They didn't even know who Zigmond was. This leaves 2 possibilities. He either never really had any intention of submitting this article to them or was just sort of running with the mouth in search of glory and attention. 3. A PBX that Sigmund Fraud had found while hacking in a UNIX was given to Zigmond. It had never been used before, with the exception of a single conference to test it out, and within a week of giving it to Zigmond it wa s gone. 4. Another biggie is that Zigmond claims that by the time he submits this article in August 1986 (to wherever) that if he gets $900 for it, he would break even. He is saying this from his phone bills and other expenses on the article. Now only breaking even after all that time, work, and effort seems a bit worthless to me, why would he do it? You know, they say that fed informants get paid very well, not that I am suggesting that Zigmond is a fed informant. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Some other stuff that may be interesting to know is that Zigmond insists that he will be getting accounts to Metal Shop Private and Stronghold East when Taran King and Slave Driver have given very strong "no"s. He goes around telling this to people. His phone answering machine gives you less than ten seconds to leave a message, this is perhaps to prevent hacking, but nevertheless annoying. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now please everyone take this file in the way it was intended. This is not saying that Daniel Zigmond is helping the feds, he may be completely intereste d and wanting to learn about our society. From this I gather that he will learn that in the phreak community we try to protect each other from getting busted and that a reporter like him could literally destroy the phreak world if he wa s working with the feds and left unquestioned and unchecked. This article is a warning to all who may contact Zigmond to use your own good judgement in dealing with him. I'm sure that once he answers the questions raised in this article then everything will be alright. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - The only other thing I wanted to say is that in general reporters have hurt th e phreak/hack world tremendously in the past. They bring too much attention to the phreaks and bring us into the public eye. As a result there has been much more legislation creating news laws against us. Some examples are evident in this very issue of PWN. Blue Buccaneer points out all sorts of things in the new hacking laws article. Remember the new laws about sysops being responsible for the boards? Did you see how that was used in the Teltec busts ? It getting incredibly dangerous out there friends, lets try not to make it any worse. :Knight Lightning ______________________________________________________________________________ _ Defeat Richard Proctor In 4 Easy Steps! June 10, 198 6 --------------------------------------- Who is this new investigator Atlanta? What makes him today's newest and possibly greatest threat to the phreak world? The following information concerns an MCI investigator named Richard Proctor, alias; John Proctor. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Richard Proctor, who also introduces himself to others as John Proctor, is one of the various MCI investigators that now lurk the nation. He is in charge of most of MCI's security/investigation divisions, and is in charge of running th e southeast, east coast, and northeast MCI Investigations. He has also been involved with phreaks in the midwest and southwest. I am not sure of the extent of his "jurisdiction," but all users of MCI should be careful no matter where they are located. Holophax Phreaker and The Infiltrator can personally tell you how he runs the MCI Investigations as they have been under investigation twice to date. Holophax Phreaker is currently still under investigation by Proctor and even by his own local Bell Operating Company (BOC). The first thing most investigators would do when they find an access code has been abused is to wait until it has a large bill to act upon it (which may never happen). This is because it is unprofitable to the long distance servic e to try to find and prosecute a person who has made less than $500.00 worth of calls (depending on the LD service). Richard Proctor is a very different case. As soon as he finds an access code is being abused, he will take immediate action. The following is the series o f events which will take place once Proctor discovers an abused account. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - In the following steps, "you" are the phreaker in question that was making the calls (heaven forbid). The steps listed are for both "you" and the person(s) receiving the illegally made phone calls. Step 1: Proctor will personally call *EVERY* destination number on the accoun t and ask for information on who called them on the date(s) the call(s) were made. If it is a bulletin board, he will contact the sysop by voice or if there is no voice number available, he will send one or more investigators from the nearest MCI Investigations Department to question the sysop. He will ask them for information pertaining to the phreaker. Hopefully, your amnesiac friends will somehow forget all about you and be able to tell Proctor nothing. Step 2: Proctor waits a couple of days, then he again contacts the person(s) that received calls and says that he has found you and that you have told him that the people "you" had been speaking with also made those calls and that the Proctor will bust the person(s) who were called unless they would like to pay for the calls. (If this part pertains to you, that is if you were the one who received calls and Proctor or any agent said this then, at this point you should contact an attorne y as this is telephone harassment, a federal crime committed over an interstate communications carrier, and you could sue MCI or whichever company it involved). Step 3: If some of the person(s) called by you weren't as amnesiac as you would have liked when Proctor spoke to them and then Proctor calls yo u or your parents, then you should deny everything that Proctor accuses you of, no matter how many people he says turned you in. Proctor wil l be lying (one hopes) so deny everything. Step 4: Proctor will call you again in a couple of days and tell you that you have one last chance to turn yourself in. When you say no again, Proctor will try to scare you by telling you that MCI is going to mak e an example of you and prosecute to the fullest extent. If Proctor does this, then you know he has no evidence on you or at most, circumstantial evidence. You might get a couple of calls after that. Keep denying it and make sure you drop out of phreaking for approximately 1 1/2 - 2 months. If you get a call from your local phone company then drop out for at least 6 months to a year. They will most likely put a pen register or a DNR on your line. Proctor has PhDs in Psychology and Criminal Psychology so be very careful! He can't do anything to you if you follow the above guidelines unless he had a trace put on the account you were using. If that is the case, then he will show up at your door arrest you. Your best bet is to stay away from it entirely. Proctor's home phone is unlisted (of course), but his office number can be obtained from any MCI operator. Information Provided by Holophax Phreaker and The Infiltrator ______________________________________________________________________________ _ Quick Notes ----------- Stronghold East is now running on a new Apple //e thanks to their friends at AMEX. They formally ran SE off of a Franklin Ace. May 3, 2024 Most recently the hard drive at SE crashed and until they acquire the new ProDos Apple net, they will be running Phlash-Net written by Phlash Gordon. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Rumor has it that the Apple Wizard was busted for dealing and using coke. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - A guy named the CPTN was busted in Nevada for something pertaining to the Captain Midnight incident. He was also busted for carding and was caught with illegally obtained modems. Info by Death Angel . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - A member of the Underworld Elite, run by Night Stalker, got busted for calling the White House and making a bomb threat. The Secret Service came to his hous e and they knew he used illegal extenders to make the calls. This user decided to give them the number and his passwords to the Underworld Elite. He was deleted. Info by Night Stalker, 5/11/86...The Underworld (216)356-946 4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Telenet Bob was busted. The full story appeared in the April issue of 2600 Magazine. Nineteen year old from New Jersey. Name Robert Davenport. $500 fine, $890 restitution to AT&T. Info by Sally Ride:::Space Cade t ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Bad Boy In Black has given up BBSing and Phreaking (for the most part) so you probably won't be hearing from him again. He claims he has gotten bored of BBSing and have had little time since the summer is rolling around. Therefore, he decided to give it up all together. Info by [bad boy in black] 5/11/8 6 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Shooting Shark has also left the phreak world for the more or less same reasons plus the fact that he is going to college. Info by Shooting Shark . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - In Texas, some cop was running a bbs called the Tunnel. No one was busted, bu t names and handles of those posting illegal codes were collected. The cop has received several death threats. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - The Slayer was busted on April 25, 2024. Reportedly he was visited by agents from Metrophone, MCI, New Jersey Bell, and the FBI. His bust concerned Metro abuse. The Godfather, in Rhode Island, was also linked to this bust as well and as of now has quite the phreak world, but no further information is available on that. Most recently it has been discovered that the Slayer has been hired as a TSPS operator. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - More news on The Sprinter here; after all was said and done, Sprinter plea bargained (as expected) and plead guilty to the charges. He spent 14 days in jail, has a $2000 fine, 2 years probation, 200 hours community service, and of course those lawyer costs. He at this point has not accepted a job with MicroSoft. Info by Jester Sluggo . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - It has been reported that The Mentor and Crustaceo Mutoid are now writing for a newsletter in California called The Underground Informer. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - The Arabian Knight was busted for conferencing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - The Guardian Demon (215) was apparently busted for Metrophone abuse, but forma l charges have not been brought forth. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Jester Sluggo has officially retired from all board calling and is now into straight hacking. He will maintain his contacts in the phreak world. Sysops are asked to remove his accounts. ______________________________________________________________________________ _ ========================================================================= .