==Phrack Inc.== Volume One, Issue Four, Phile #1 of 11 ==Phrack Pro-Phile I== Written and Created by Taran King 3/13/86 Welcome to Phrack Pro-Phile I. I started thinking about it and personally had always been interested in people's backgrounds, especially those who are around a lot, have been around for a long time, or are sysops. This new feature of Phrack Inc. will present info about various members of the phreak/hack community ranging from personal to public. This month's interviewee.... Crimson Death ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ Crimson Death is the sysop of Hell Phrozen Over, a private phreak/hack bulletin board in Philadelphia, PA. (215). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Personal ~~~~~~~~ Handle: Crimson Death Call him: Robb Past handles: The Sorcerer (before he was a phreak, a pirate handle) Handle origin: AD&D Monster Manual II Date of Birth: February 17, Age at current date: 16 years old Height: 5'3" Weight: 110 lbs Eye color: Brown outlined with green Hair Color: Dark brown Computer: Apple //e with 10 meg hard drive Sysop/Co-Sysop of: Hell Phrozen Over, Missing Link, Skull Kingdom ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crimson Death started out in the BBS world in 1984 with a public board, Spirit World, which was run on an Apple //e, 2 floppies, GBBS, and 300 baud. He had originally gotten his Apple computer in January of 1984. Then, on one memorable day, The Videosmith logged onto his board and they became friends. In February of 1985, he started phreaking. When his 10 meg Sider came, he started Hell Phrozen Over as a private bulletin board system. Death called a few memorable boards, including the Army BBS, Shadowland, The Missing Link, The Labyrinth, as well as his own. His phreak teacher was The Videosmith. Robb goes to a public school and has skipped a grade, so he is currently one grade ahead of his time. His phreaking is unknown at school except to a few. He considers himself pretty well versed in programming, and from the way his board runs, I would agree. CD's girlfriend is The Silver Fox, (note the word "Fox") that he met on Datanet, and popular opinion says she is REALLY decent looking. Crimson Death does no hacking right now, but in the future when he gets a bit of free time, he plans on learning about it. Mentioned earlier was his involvement in Phreak Klass 2600. Red Devil has taken it down, and they are looking for a replacement board, Phreak Klass II. Death has met various phreaks, old and new, and those of who really stuck out in his mind were: The Videosmith, Mark Tabas, TUC, Telenet Bob, The Sprinter, and Dr. Who. He listed others too, but he felt that these were the "mentionables". Just thought I'd let a few out there know. Hell Phrozen Over is co-sysoped by Silicon Swindler, and the Phreak Adviser is The Videosmith, a 300/1200 baud, 10 meg system. He was, in the past, in PhD, which stands for Phreak/Hack Destroyers. This eventually evolved into Camorra. PhD was run by The Executioner (301), members included Red Devil, Silver Sabre, and Scorpion among others. He is quite a comedian also, he wishes for all of you to have his last name, address, and credit card number (heh heh). The following are excerpts from his Death Plan File, Inc. project. I hope you find this phile interesting. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interests: Krista, Computers (programming my BBS), telecommunications (modeming, phreaking), reading books (Sci-Fi/Fantasy) and magazines (movie mags, Psychology Today, Omni), movies (circa 1930's to present), writing (short stories, raps, poems for my girlfriend), music (listening (rap, rock, jazz, some pop, classical, an occasional love song), playing guitar and keyboard), origins/beliefs of religions (although I am not religious at all), mysteries of the Universe, RPG's (rare these days), the arts (painting/drawing/sketching, music (as mentioned), art museums), trivia, parapsychology, comedy. Crimson Death's Favorite Things ------------------------------- Women: Krista Denise (I won't say last names) Cars: Black Lamborghini's and 1935 Dusenbergs. Foods: Italian food, Chinese, Chocolates, peaches (when perfectly ripe). Music: Doug E. Fresh, Run-D.M.C., The Fat Boys, Kurtis Blow, UTFO, LL Cool J, RUSH, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Billy Ocean, Newcleus, The Rolling Stones, John Williams (w/ The London Symphony), Authors: Piers Anthony, Stephen King, David Eddings, Arthur C. Clarke, Robert Aspirin, Kahlil Gibrahn, L. Frank Baum. Books: The Tarot Trilogy, The Xanth Series, The Belgariad, Elfquest, The Myth Conceptions Series, 2024, 2024. Performers: Bob Hope, Jerry Lewis, Abott & Costello, John Garfield, Stacey Keech, Sean Penn, Eddie Murphy, Sir Lawrence Olivier, Marlon Brando, Gina Davis, David Letterman, Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, Scatman Crothers, Pee Wee Herman. Most Memorable Experiences -------------------------- My father dying Falling in love Meeting Krista for the first time Getting Leukemia Vomiting in a Hawaiian Punch bottle Tabas with one leg over the balcony at The Palace Being chased by a 6' 8" homo at P-Con IV Some People to Mention ---------------------- Schoolgirl (the nicest person on Datanet [Hugs!]) The Heretic (Bizarre, but cool..) The Warlock Lord (although we occasionally have our differences) Dire Wraith (Hm. Not much to say) Tuc (One of the coolest) Capt. Zap (a pretty nice guy) Bit Man (just learn to not talk so much!) Blue Buccaneer (for all he has done (u/l, posts, etc), and being a cool guy) Maxwell Smart & The Baron (just cool people..) People Crimson Death would like to say a few things to ------------------------------------------------------ Krista (the person I hold dearest to my heart, who I love and cherish even more-so than I do myself; and for being herself) Silicon Swindler (For being my best friend for the past few years. I would like to thank him for sticking with me through A LOT of bad times) The Videosmith (for introducing me the mystic world of phreaking, being my mentor in this "mystic world", but most of all being a friend) The Executioner (who can be an egotistical asshole at times, but showed me he really does care at Phreak Con, when a 6' 8" ogre wanted my ass) Red Devil (who has put up with all of my cut-ups and not kicked the shit out of me, even though he could. Sorry about that) The People at Data-Tek (who put up Datanet in which without it, I would have never met Krista) Everyone Else who I didn't mention (for the one's who I know care; and the people who put up with my faults) *TOTAL LOSERS*: The Sting (Otto) (414), Black Majik, Bloody Sabath. The above three people have busted on me for having had an illness. In May, of 1983 I was struck with Leukemia, cancer of the blood. Luckily, I was cured of this disease, and now lead a normal life. Yes, I was bald at one period of time, but I am not now. Even so, that is nothing to bust on. I don't care who it is, and what they have done to you, because busting on an illness is is pure idiocy. No one understands...until they or someone they love is struck. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you enjoyed this phile, look forward to more Phrack Pro-Philes coming in the near future. Oh, and one last thing, I'm taking a poll from all interviewees. Of the general population of phreaks you have met, would you consider most phreaks, if any, to be computer geeks? Crimson Death says "No". Thanks for your time Robb. TARAN KING SYSOP OF METAL SHOP PRIVATE ==Phrack Inc.== Volume One, Issue Four, Phile #2 of 11 Ringback Codes for the 314 NPA (Incomplete) Dial the code from below instead of your exchange, plus the last 4 #'s of your phone. Flash switch hook and wait for tone, then hang up. Prefix CODE Prefix Code ------ ---- ------ ---- 432 575 867 552 521 557 868 573 522 452 869 574 524 557 872 571 567 574 921 972 569 978 991 552 694 972 993 952 831 552 994 573 837 557 997 977 838 573 227 852 839 952 527 877 Data Line. 12-85. Volume One, Issue Four, Phile #3 of 11 False Identification By Forest Ranger The objective of this file is to teach one to change his or her current drivers license to make one 21, without taking apart the drivers license itself. This will be taught to you in a quick, inexpensive, easy to understand process. The materials used are laminated sheets (easily obtainable from a school supply store for around a dollar to two dollars for a number of sheets), pair of good scissors, and a copy machine. The first step in the process calls for the copy machine (a copy machine at the supermarket works good). Make two copies of your drivers license. Take one copy and search for a digit on one of the copies that will change the current year on your license to one that will change your age (21). Once you have found the digit on one copy cut it out so just the digit is there (a square segment with a little trim around the edges is a good cut). Then take the other copy and cut out the current last digit of the year you were born in basically the same shape as the last. Put the cut out digit under the copy that you had cut out your current digit of the year you were born. Now having a little trim around the cut out digit from the first copy will assist you when lining it up under the second copy when you put it in the copy machine. Now that you have the new digit from the first copy sitting underneath but showing on the second copy place it in the copy machine and make a copy so that you will have an original of the new base part of the license. Now since most copy machines are black and white you will have to cut away the states license on the top of the license (e.g. Illinois License). Now place the new base of the license with the cut away license name over the old base of the current license. The new base might not match up like it should but line it up as a good as possible. Now place a piece of the laminated sheet cut out to configure the license on top of the new base. Cut away any overlaps of laminated paper and iron over the license with Mom's good old iron. Notes: This process has been proved to work. If you are the type of person that looks very young then do not bother to make an ID. You will just get caught and get into a lot of trouble. Also, be very careful at well known bars and over 21 hang out spots. The employees at these places tend to flash a flash light underneath the card to see if it is transparent. It is supposed to be. With this process it is a little hard to see through the ID so be careful with it if you do go to a place such as this. If you are pulled over by the police then take a corner of the license and rip. It will not affect your original license though it maybe a little sticky but, that should not be to big of a problem. If any bubbling occurs just iron over it and l ==Phrack Inc.== Volume One, Issue Four, Phile #4 of 11 Profile of MAX long distance service Written by Phantom Phreaker Presented by The Alliance 618-667-3825 MAX is a long distance service that is part of Lexitel. Lexitel is soon going to merge with Allnet. MAX is also going to be a Carrier when our area gets Equal Access, along with GTE Sprint, SBS, US Telecom, ITT, AT&T, and a few others. The MAX dialup local to me is not in a CCIS area. First off, you will get the dull tone of the extender when you call. If you don't input any touch tones for 15 seconds (approx.) MAX will go to a recording telling you 'We have received insufficient digits to process your call. Please call customer service.'. I believe that MAX dialups all use the same recordings. Input a 6 digit code, followed by Area Code,Prefix and Suffix of the number you're trying to reach, plus a four digit accounting code which can be any four digits. If you have an invalid code, a clear ringing will be heard right after you input the last digit of the Suffix, and will go to a recording 'You have dialed an invalid authorization code. Please call customer service.' If you have a good code you won't hear this ringing after the suffix and will be allowed to enter the four digit accounting code. If you make an error in typing in your code, you can hit either the # or * keys on your phone to return to the initial tone. You can only abort back to the start while you are entering digits, not after you hear the ring going to recording. 2600 Hertz can be used to kick back the extender, thus after getting a bad code, send 2600hz, and you'll be back at the initial tone, (similar to Sprint) and can try more codes. After getting a code on a MAX service don't let the call go through. If you don't hear the ringing going to recording then hang up and save that code for later use. Some notes on MAX: ----------------- If you wait at the initial tone more than 15 seconds, it will go directly to a recording 'We have received insufficient digits to process your call. Please call customer service.'. MAX cannot be used to Blue box unless the dialup you have doesn't return to the initial tone after sending 2600 Hertz. MAX cannot be used to reach certain exchanges such as 976 numbers, 800 INWATS numbers, and Dial-it 900 numbers. Also certain exchanges belonging to the telco cannot be reached through MAX. International dialing is not possible through MAX as far as I know at this time. To identify a MAX dialup, enter 6 digit authorization code+700+555+XXX+XXXX. You will then get a recording 'Welcome to the MAX long distance Network.' All recordings on MAX begin with 'All XX dot YY'. In my area the first XX is always 13. The second YY is a number assigned to the error you have made. 01='All XX dot 01. You have dialed an invalid authorization code. Please call Customer service.' 02=Unknown at this time 03='All XX dot 03. We have received insufficient digits to process your call. Please try again or call Customer service.' 04='All XX dot 04. Your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please check the number and dial again.' 05=Unknown 06=Unknown 07=Unknown 08=Unknown 09='All XX dot 09. I'm sorry, we are unable to complete your International call. Please try again or consult your local phone book for dialing instructions.' 10='All XX dot 10. Welcome to the MAX long distance network. Thank you for using MAX.' After dialing a number that cannot be reached through MAX you will hear a dull tone for approx. one second then the ring to 'All XX dot 04' recording. Note each recording will be played twice, then you will get a re-order. Autovon tones A,B,C and D entered at the initial tone will automatically go to recording 03. No MF tones break the initial tone, except for 6. The information in this file cannot be guaranteed 100% accurate. MAX dialups may operate differently in different areas. -End of file- 02/21/86 ==Phrack Inc.== Volume One, Issue Four, Phile #5 of 11 |&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&| |Breaching and Clearing Obstacles| |~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~| |%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%| Taken from The Infantry Platoon and Squad FM 7-8 (Infantry, Airborne, Air Assault, Ranger) Army Issue By Taran King Sysop of Metal Shop Private Special thanks in obtaining the manual goes out to Dragon Master %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% For those of you into the war-aspects of having phun, this is a little phile to tell you about the breaching and clearing of obstacles. The techniques can be used by the anarchist to provide havoc in the city or by the mercenary to help him out in any battle/battle games-type situation. ABATIS ~~~~~~ An abatis is an obstacle created by cutting down trees so their tops are criss-crossed and pointing toward the expected enemy direction. It is most effective for stopping vehicles in a forest (or along a tree-lined street). The trees are left attached to the stumps as high as possible to make removal more difficult. This obstacle may be reinforced with mines and boobytraps. Ex: _______|\\_______ /||_______ ||\\ / \ //|| <--fallen tree still attached || \:: ::/ || || :::::::: || || /::::::\ || / ^ \ | leaves and branches block the roadway To clear an abatis: 1> Suppress the enemy covering the obstacle. 2> Secure whole area of all enemy elements. 3> Reduce the obstacle. Mines and boobytraps must be found and can be disarmed by pulling their tripwires with grappling hooks and long ropes. Use pioneer tools or explosives to cut the trees from their stumps and then pull the logs out of the road with a strong car/truck. LOG CRIBS ~~~ ~~~~~ A log crib is an obstacle constructed of logs, earth, and rocks. The logs are used to make triangular cribs which are filled with earth and rock. These are used to block narrow roads and defiles. Ex: ____________ / \ \-------/ \\earth// <--logs form a triangle, kind of / \\rox// like a sandbox, and is filled / \\ // \ with earth and rocks. / \|/ \ / \ To clear a log crib: 1> Suppress the enemy covering the obstacle 2> Secure whole area of enemy elements. 3> Reduce the obstacle. Use direct fire weapons, explosives, pioneer tools and vehicles to reduce the obstacle. CRATERS AND TANK DITCHES ~~~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~~~ Craters and tank ditches are holes in the road or terrain that are put there to stop the passing of vehicles, and are blown in there by explosives. Sometimes, in tank ditches, barbed wire, mines and chemicals are placed in to make the tank crews have a harder time. These are cleared otherwise, though, by bulldozing dirt into them by pushing in the sides of the holes. Explosives may also be used to blow down the sides. WIRE ~~~~ Wire is used to separate infantry from armor and as roadblocks against wheeled vehicles. To clear wire obstacles: 1> Suppress the enemy covering the obstacle. 2> Secure whole area of enemy elements. 3> Clear a lane through the wire. Use wire cutters, or explosives to remove the wire (or a bangalore torpedo if you have one [riiiight...]). Watch for mines and boobytraps and mark them with engineer tape, cloth, or anything recognizable. 4> Destroy the marked mines with explosives or grappling hooks. 5> Mark cleared lane. ...And for those really involved... MINEFIELDS ~~~~~~~~~~ To maintain the momentum of an attack, the group must be prepared to breach minefields. 1> Suppress the enemy covering the obstacle. 2> Secure whole area of enemy elements. 3> Clear a footpath/lane and mark the mines that are found. The preferred way to clear a lane through a minefield is to use a rocket-propelled line charge or a bangalore torpedo (Army style). However, the only way to clear a minefield without special equipment is to probe with pointed sticks. Bayonets should not be used because they can detonate AP mines and other type magnetic mines. One squad probes while the platoon overwatches. The squad probing the footpath/lane through the minefield uses two probers: one in front, clearing a lane wide enough to crawl through; and a second one clearing 10 meters behind the first prober and slightly to one side so that their lanes overlap. The probers should not carry their weapons, field packs, load-carrying equipment, helmets, etc. Their equipment is carried by other squad members. Two other men crawl along behind to secure the probers, to carry additional supplies, or to take a prober's job if one becomes a casualty (how pleasant...). The probers should be rotated often to keep them from getting tired and careless. The remaining squad members overwatch the probers. The probers mark mine locations with sticks, engineer tape, cloth, or toilet tissue. They do not try to remove mines. 4> Secure the far side. As soon as the squad has cleared a footpath/lane, it moves through the lane and secures the far side of the minefield. 5> Destroy the marked mines with explosives. 6> Mark cleared lane. 7> Move the group through the obstacle. This phile is more written for the anarchist than the military gamesman out there, since there is a large lack of them, so please, feel free to use these techniques in having a little phun rather than ragging on me about how you never play war-games. TARAN KING Sysop of Metal Shop Private ==Phrack Inc.== Volume One, Issue Four, Phile #6 of 11 Crashing DEC-10's by The Mentor 3-13-86 Occasionally there will be a time when destruction is necessary. Whether it is revenge against a tyrannical system operator or against a particular company, sometimes it is desirable to strike at the heart of a company...their computer. What follows is a fairly detailed explanation of how to go about crashing a DEC-10 computer running any operating system. The user will have to be able to create and execute assembly level and high level language files, as well as having a good working knowledge of programming. The first step is to obtain an account. Whether this be a default account like 5,30 (pw: GAMES) or an account that you hacked by some other method, you have to be able to access the system. Superuser access is not necessary, however, for this method to work. At the heart of every mainframe computer is the central processing unit. The CPU handles all instructions, fetching them from memory, decoding them, and executing them. A DEC has what is called a DMA (Direct Memory Access) Controller that functions as a small CPU handling all the input and output from memory and peripherals, freeing the main CPU to execute instruc- tions. We take advantage of this fact in crashing the system. Theory: The CPU depends on the DMA Controller to handle all memory access. If the DMA can be crashed, the CPU grinds to a halt and the sysop has to run DSK:RAT to restore all the files on the system (a one hour process, deadly at peak operating time.) We cause the DMA to crash by slowing it down incredibly and overflowing the system stack. Practice- There exists an area known as 'Job Data Area' at octal 20 through 140 of the user's memory. This stores all relevant information about the current task executing. The individual locations each have a 6-bit mnemonic starting with .JB in each case. These must be introduced into a symbol table as ext- ernal references. The highest core address available to the user is stored at .JBREL in the Job Data Area. If you try to access more core than you are allowed, you will get an interrupt and it will crash. The first step is to disable the interrupt. This is done by setting bit 22 in the AC to 1. This is done with a mask as follows... APRENB AC MOVEI AC,20000 (octal) The interrupt is now shut out. Next, you must start snatching up all available system core. This cannot be done by directly meddling with .JBREL. Instead, you must alter AC (accumulator) to contain the highest desired address and then move it into .JBREL. This can be done with the following subroutine. CORE AC, TOP: MOVE AC,.JBREL## AOJA AC,.+1 CORE AC, BRA TOP At first, incrementing only by one looks like a slow way to grab core, but since it is only allocated in chunks of either 1K or 2K words, you can quickly suck up a lot of memory. (Following this file is a complete sample program in MACRO-10 showing how to increase the core to a certain limit.) Now that we have all the core we can get, the system is already more than likely slowing down. This is good. Now we put in the fatal blow. You should already have prepared a program that relies heavily on recursion. The choice languages for this are either C or Pascal. Simply set up a simple recursive program (Towers of Hanoi with 100 rings, for instance), and tell it to execute. What will begin to happen is that the DMA stack will start filling up, slowing the system down even further. Eventually, after between 5 minutes and 15 minutes (longest it's ever taken me), you get the nice beep and... ;;OPSER- DEC SYSTEM-10 NOT RUNNING I've only had to do this on three systems that the sysop really pissed me off (not counting the system where I go to school, on which I do it all the time when I'm bored...) It's kind of an extreme measure, but it can be an effective one. The following program is a sample for those not familiar with MACRO-10 assembly language. 32 START: TITLE SAMPLE MOVE P,[IOWD 3,MEM] MOVE [PUSHJ P,PDLOV] MOVEM .JBAPR## MOVEI AC,600000 APRENB AC, SETZB CT MOVEM AC AOS PUSHJ P,S1 JRST .-3 S1: IDIVI AC,10 HRLM N,(P) JUMPE AC,.+3 PUSHJ P,S1 SKIPA PUSHJ P,S2 HLRZ N,(P) ADDI N,60 OUTCHR N POPJ P, S2: SOJG CT,.+4 OUTCHR [15] OUTCHR [12] MOVEI CT,10 MOVE T,P OUTCHR [40] AOBJN T,.-1 POPJ P, PDLOV: PUSHJ P,LIMIT SUB P,[1,,0] JRSTF @.JBTPC## LIMIT: CAIL 1000 ;CHANGE TO WHATEVER YOU WANT! EXIT POPJ P, MEM: BLOCK 10 END START ==Phrack Inc.== Volume One, Issue Four, Phile #7 of 11 Centrex Renaissance "The Regulations" By Leslie Albin * (See Note) From: On Communications (October 1985, Vol. 2,No. 10) By Jester Sluggo Regulatory changes across the country have made new bargain available to telecommunications users. Centrex -- the homely old central office service AT&T planned to bury only a couple of years ago -- has been regroomed, revitalized and often rebaptized. As Centrex, Centron, Caroline or Essx -- the various regional trade names of Centrex service -- it is cheaper and more powerful than ever in mosy parts of the country. The bargain will only get better in regions where the Bell operating companies (BOC) have seized on Centrex not only as a logical step in their progression toward an integrated services digital network, but also as a key to the lucrative telecommunications aftermarket -- as long as those regulatory changes do not shift. The Centrex service the regional BOC's were left with after divestiture was deliberately undernourished, as part of AT&T's migration strategy to bolster sales of Western Electric private branch exchanges. Centrex was lacking in technology and marketing innovation, and users were abandoning it. But, in a little more than a year and a half, the RBOC's (Regional Bell Operating Companies) have managed to win over state regulators to the idea of a thriving Centrex, gaining their approval of trunk equivalency rates, innovative tariffs, rate stabilization plans, actual detariffing and -- in one case -- complete deregulation. At the federal level, challenges to this revitalization have been rebuffed or have stalled before the FCC, and the RBOCs are pitching for greater leeway in providing the customer premises equipment to go with their Centrex service. "The regulators have been bending over backward to give Centrex every competitive advantage," said Albert Angel, a lawyer with the Washing D.C. firm of Wood, Lucksinger & Epstein, which represents the North American Telecommunications Association (NATA). "Ultimately, there will be a clear finding that the preferential treatment of Centrex is not justified," added Angel, and should that happen, Centrex customers -- even those with price stability packages -- could find themselves committed to a service beset by escalating rates. Most of the federal issues involving Centrex regulation developed as a response to actions taken in the states. For instance, NATA has sternly objected to "trunk equivalency" rates authorized by a number of state commissions. The concept evolved when the FCC imposed its $6 monthly customer access line charge on new Centrex lines along with regular business lines. Because Centrex uses lines much less efficiently than a PBX does, "the net impact is very different on a Centrex subscriber than it is on a PBX subscriber," said Greg Laken, division manager of Centrex and central office services for Bell Atlantic Corp. Centrex requires one twisted pair for each station, whereas a PBX requires one trunk for six or seven stations. Trying to keep Centrex viable with a built-in customer access line charge burden six to seven times greater than that incurred by a comparable PBX would have been a tough proposition. Bell Atlantic's BOCs, like virtually every other BOC in the country, won permission from state regulators to offset the higher line charges for Centrex so that customers would pay at the same level as owners of similarly sized PBXs. To NATA, this amounts to nothing more than "taxing all other customers for the benefit of Centrex customers," NATA attorney Angel said. But the FCC decided in summer 1985 that the trunk equivalency rates do not undermine its access charge policy. and the lower rates for Centrex users remain in effect. Beyond whittling down customer access line charges, a number of BOCs have had fresh Centrex tariffs approved by state commissions that chop the service's rates and offer innovative pricing schemes. Bell Atlantic's BOCs, for instance, have won approval for tariffs cutting Centrex rates 30% to 35%. "The net effect," said Lakin, "is that it is a very price-competitive entry." To NATA, the service's price competitiveness arises from the BOCs' continuing monopoly position in the local market, although BOC officials state firmly that Centrex is not priced below cost and, in fact, generates revenue to subsidize other services. According to Angel, a Washington, D.C. residential customer pays a cost-justified rate of between $15 and $17 for the local loop and central office switching capability. A Centrex customer using an identical local loop connected to the same central office pays only $12. Many of the new tariffs being filed by the BOCs recognize two of Centrex's traditional headaches: instability and distance sensitivity. Now many of the new tariffs offer users price guarantees and incentives for signing the long-term contracts that give telephone companies some stability in their Centrex base. By locking in rates and either capping the associated costs or typing their increase to the Department of Labor's cost-of- living index, BOCs have been able to offer customers much of the same predictability that a PBX does. Most tariffs give customers the choice of three-, five- or seven-year contracts, the incentives rising with the length of the agreement. Centrex customers in the Chicago Loop area, for instance, were paying a $12.52 per-line monthly charge if their system used 250 lines. Under a tariff approved last fall, however, those customers saw the monthly charge drop to $10.94 and could drive it down even further by signaling long-term contracts: $10.09 per-line under a three-year agreement, $9.84 under a five-year agreement and $9.54 under a seven-year agreement. "Slightly less than half of our 400,000-line total base has gone on contract," said Lee Armagost, Illinois Bell's division manager for tariffs and costs. And the concepts success is continuing." For all of the BOCs' success in winning lower Centrex rates, some companies have fared even better -- they have convinced state regulators to detariff Centrex service for new customers and, in one case, to deregulate it entirely. Northwestern Bell seems to be the current detariffing and deregulating champion among the BOCs, having won approval for detariffed Centron service in all of its states except Iowa. Iowa simply deregulated it. While detariffing allows the BOCs more freedom to negotiate with large Centron customers, deregulating takes Centron assets, expenses and revenues right out of the rate base and removes the service from the regulators purview. According to Tom Smith, vice-president and chief executive officer of Northwestern Bell Iowa, the company's first move toward deregulation occurred in 1983, when the Iowa State Legislature passed a Bell-inspired bill that called for competitive services to be deregulated. The following year, Northwestern Bell succeeded in getting in getting more legislation passed that declared Centron ready for detariffing because of its competitive nature. After reviewing the legislature's actions, the State Commerce Commission decided that if the lawmakers were convinced Centrex was competitive and services were to be deregulated, it would skip over the detariffing of Centrex and simply deregulate it, Smith said. What followed was what Smith called "nine months of intensive work," as regulators, company officials and consultants from Anderson & Co. sorted out the procedures for carving Centrex away from the rate base and set up safeguards against cross- subsidies. "A central office is not something that has this little compartment that says 'for service A' and that little compartment that says 'for service B'" Smith said of the accounting problem. NATA agrees with that description and, according to NATA attorney Angel, argues that because competitive Centrex services must operate commingled with regulated facilities, the FCC should halt the detariffing and deregulating of the service or order it to be sequestered in a separate subsidiary with other competitive products. But the FCC has not acted on NATA's complaint. Meanwhile, the first customer has signed up for Iowa's deregulated Centron -- the state of Iowa itself. The state had solicited bids to replace its Capitol Hill complex's Centrex service in Des Moines when deregulated Centron became available. The new rates negotiated by Northwestern Bell and the state's staff produced a savings of about $1 million for the state over the three-year life of the contract, according to Glen Anderson Jr., director of state communications for Iowa. While Anderson called the deregulated Centron service prices "a dramatic savings," he also pointed out another incentive for signing up. "The other factor was political," he said. "We did not have an appropriation to proceed with the procurement of a switch." When the Centron agreement runs out, the state will be in the market for a PBX again. A member of Anderson's staff said the staff remains convinced it can enhance its own program with its own switch. At some BOCs, the once feature-poor Centrex has caught up with PBXs in many respects. Where telephone companies are pushing digital capabilities onto their networks, they are also pushing digital capabilities onto Centrex. Pacific Bell, for instance, can offer fully digital Centrex service from many of its metropolitan central offices. A number of BOCs concur with Bell Atlantic's position that digital Centrex is a natural rung on the ladder to an ISDN -- among them Pacific Bell and New York Telephone Co. Many are upgrading Centrex service with PBX-like features short of fully digital service, including several versions call forwarding, call waiting and speed dialing. Given the current strictures in the FCC's Second Computer Inquiry and the Modified Final Judgement, the expanded features list was bound to be called into question. NATA, which has been leading the charge against the changes in Centrex service, is fighting its battle on four fronts at the FCC: 1) Last fall, it asked the FCC either to halt the detariffing and deregulation of Centrex by the states or order a separation of commingled facilities. The FCC has not acted on the complaint. 2) Soon after filing that complaint, NATA filed another -- this one questioning the provision of competitive, enhanced features by a regulated, basic telephone company. The FCC acted on that complaint last summer, deciding that features such as speed dialing, call forwarding and customer station changes are adjuncts to basic service and can be offered by a regulated telephone company under Computer II. Only customer-dialed account recording was found to be and enhanced service, but the BOCs can request waivers to continue offering it. Until the waiver requests are considered, the FCC has granted immediate, temporary waivers so the BOCs can continue providing customer-dialed account recording to existing customers -- including the U.S. Army. Meanwhile, the BOCs and NATA are seeking reconsideration of the FCC's decision in petitions the FCC will address this month or next, according to the FCC staff member handling the issue. 3) Late last year, NATA asked the FCC to to stop Ameritech and Nynex Corp. equipment subsidiaries from selling basic phone services, including Centrex, through their unregulated customer premises equipment subsidiaries. When the FCC agreed to permit the joint marketing, it did so with the provision that non-Bell companies would also be signed up as sales agents for the basic services. As evidence of the problem, NATA pointed to the sparse number of non-Bell sales agents being signed up and the revenue moving from the BOCs to their sister customer premises equipment subsidiaries in the form of sales commissions. The FCC has not acted on the complaint or NATA's original petition seeking a reversal of the sales agent decision. Bell Atlantic, backed by the majority of RBOCs, is seeking FCC permission for an inverted version of the sales agent decision that would let Bell Atlantic serve as sales agent for another vendor's customer premises equipment when submitting Centrex bids. 4) In July 1985, NATA filed an even more sweeping complaint, a Centrex pricing action that argues that the BOCs are using their monopoly power to favor Centrex over other customers and to the detriment of PBX suppliers. The complaint bridges a number of issues, including trunk equivalency rates, pricing below cost and Computer II concerns. The BOCs argued that Centrex is a state concern and, although the FCC has preempted state jurisdiction in other matters, the FCC paused to consider the jurisdictional question -- a pause that could last six months or extend "indefinitely," according to lawyers working on the matter. NATA attorneys do not seem daunted by the chilly reception they've gotten at the FCC, apparently expecting the temperature to rise as regulators worry less about the viability of the divested BOCs and begin to examine the economics of Centrex. "All rates apart from Centrex are rising dramatically. Centrex rates are decreasing," NATA attorney Angel said. "The BOCs would have you believe that Centrex provides a subsidy to other services. But, in fact, documented studies show just the opposite, that Centrex derives a subsidy." If Centrex is priced below cost, why are the BOCs so delighted with it? According to Angel, the answer lies in the financial structure of a regulated utility. "Centrex uses many more loops than necessary. This leads to new construction budgets, which lead to new investment, which leads to a rate of return for the investors." Investors, Angel added, "make make money by putting loop and plant all over the place." NATA's objections to the recent changes in Centrex rates and services, objections that do not extend to opposition to traditional Centrex, have generally been characterized by BOC officials and regulators as protectionist actions taken by a PBX industry that did not really want the full competitive environment for which it clamored. "NATA is frequently described as the whiner in the corner, as though it holds all the cards," Angel said. The seven RBOCs are far better financed, he added, yet, "they have been successful in painting themselves as the underdogs." * Note: Leslie Albin is a freelance writer based in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Watch for Part 1 of Centrex Renaissance: "The Technology". Written by John D. Bray. The above text was written primarily for people in marketing telephone technologies. In the interest of the phreaking world, I hope that you can focus on the business side of telecommunications which may be in your future. There are more to PBX's than 0-700-456-1001. Any comments, questions, or corrections can be e-mailed to me at Metal Shop Private, or to: J. Sluggo P.O. Box 93 East Grand Forks, MN 56721 This file is dedicated to Bambi for bringing me my fondest memories -- There is "No One Like You!" -- The Scorpions. / \ / luggo !! Volume One, Issue Four, Phile #8 of 11 THE TRIED AND TRUE HOME PRODUCTION METHOD FOR "METHAMPHETAMINE" Also known as:"CRYSTAL","METH","CRANK","SPEED" etc.......... Written and tested by: The Leftist. Have you ever heard of speed? No, not those little pills that are shaped like hearts, not black beauties, or magnum .357's, but real crystal. This is the exact drug that Hitler used on his troops in WWII to make them fight for days on end. This is the drug, that in the 60's, caused a "smack" uproar in New York's "Needle Park". Now, you can make this very same drug, in your own dangerous kitchen, safely and easily. Once you do this a few times, you will get the hang of it. I no longer have to read the directions to produce it. What to do with it once you have made it. ----------------------------------------- Take a ball about the size of a lead pellet, and wrap it in tissue, and swallow, or you can put it in capsules and use it. You can smoke it, mix it with vitamin B-12, and snort it like cocaine. You can also sell it, for about $65-70.00 a gram, and don't forget to cut it. Remember, this is pure stuff!! =============================================================================== List of chemicals and materials ------------------------------- Dilute Hydrochloric acid--> This may be purchased at the hardware store. It's sold as a brick and driveway cleaner. They call it muriatic acid. Sodium Hydroxide--> This, you probably already have. It's called "lye" at most places; it's drain cleaner. Ethyl Ether--> You'll probably have to make this. Don't worry, it's a breeze. Just go to your local K-mart or Auto parts store, and get a can of that "STARTING FLUID" it comes in a spray can. It's used for cold weather starting of gasoline engines. "VICKS" nasal inhalers-->USE ONLY VICKS!! No other kind will work that I know of. These are at any drug store or grocery, etc.. You need 12 of em, but don't buy em' by the dozen, unless its winter time, then you can just say yer from some nursing home, and you're stockin up for the patients. Otherwise buy em' 2 at a time, if possible. Get a friend to help you. The druggists at the drug store usually will know what's goin on if you buy quantity. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ LIST OF EQUIPMENT ----------------- Two large eyedroppers- ten small glass bottles- one large glass or porcelain bowl- coffee filters- one small jar with a top- one Pyrex baking dish- one glass test tube. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -==*(> N O T I C E <)*==- PLEASE! DON'T SMOKE IN THE SAME ROOM WHEN YOU DO THIS. OPEN A WINDOW IN THE ROOM IF POSSIBLE. FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY. THIS RECIPE HAS BEEN TESTED AND THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO DO IT. DON'T TAKE SHORTCUTS, AND DON'T EVEN START TO DO THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE ABOUT 3 HOURS SPARE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PREPARING ETHER! (DO THIS FIRST) Take one of the small bottles and spray starter fluid in it till it looks half-full. Then fill the rest of the way with water, cap the bottle and shake for 5 minutes. Then, draw off the top layer with the eyedropper, and throw away the water layer. Repeat this until you have about 3 oz. of ether. Put the cap on it, and put it in the refrigerator if you can. (If you can't, don't worry about it) You'll use this in the procedure below. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% THE TRIED AND TRUE HOME PRODUCTION METHOD (1) Break open the inhalers, a pair of real sharp scissors does this good. Place the cottons that were inside in a jar and close the lid. (Remember you use all 12 cottons.) (2) In the bowl, combine 1- 1/3 oz. water and 2/3 oz. muriatic acid. Shred cottons in this solution, and knead for 5 minutes with hands. (ALWAYS BE SURE THERE'S CLEAN RUBBER GLOVES on your hands.) You can do it bare-handed if you've got tough skin. Squeeze all juice out of filters after you knead, and throw em away. (3) Filter the remaining liquid into the quart jar. It will be necessary to do this several times to get that awful smelling oil out. The chemicals in the inhalers have been bonded to the HCl, and the oils have been filtered off. Throw the filters away. (4) Pour enough of the solution into a small bottle to fill it 1/3 full. Save any leftover juice for the second batch. (5) Pour 1/4 teaspoon of the lye crystals into the bottle and agitate. Do this carefully, as the mixture will become hot, and give off a gas. Repeat this step until the mixture remains cloudy. (6) Fill the bottle from step (5) up the rest of the way with ether. Cap the bottle, and agitate for about 8 minutes. It is very important to expose every molecule of the free-base to the ether for as long as possible. (7) Let the mixture settle. There will be a middle layer that is very thick. Tap the side of the bottle to get this layer as thin as possible. (8) Remove the top layer with the eyedropper, being careful not to get any of the middle layer in it. Save the top layer, and throw the rest away. (9) Fill a bottle half-way with water, and about 10 drops of acid. Pour the top layer from step (8) into the bottle, and cap it. Shake the bottle for 2 minutes. When it settles, remove the top layer and throw it away. The free base has now been bonded to the HCl/water mixture. (10) If there is anything left from step (3), repeat the procedure with it. (11) Evaporate the solution in the Pyrex dish on low heat. You can do this on the stove, but I have found that if you leave it on top of a hot-water heater (like the one that supplies hot water to your house) for about 2-3 days, the remaining crystals will be Methamphetamine. Some notes: Police are now calling this the "New Cocaine". It is very easy to become delirious off the ether fumes, so be sure you are well ventilated, I mean it!!! Small, aspirin, or experiment bottles seem to work the best for smaller batches. The measurements are not exact, so you don't have to be either. In step 9, be sure you don't use too much water. Remember, this is the water you have to use to evaporate. ==Phrack Inc.== Volume One, Issue Four, Phile #9 of 11 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ///\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\\\ Metal Shop PRIVATE\\\ Phrack World News Issue 3 Part 1 ///_ _ _______ Metal Shop AE \\\ ///| \/ | / _____/ Metal Shop Brewery \\\ Compiled by /// |_||_|etal/ /hop \\\ /// _________/ / Present PWN III \\\///\\ Knight Lightning //\\\/// /__________/ --------------- \-^^^^^^-^^^^^^^^^-/ Triad _______________________________________________________________________________ MCI Working With BOCs --------------------- PacBell and MCI have combined forces to make the Security Pacific Data Transmission Corporation. Also it has been announced that field trials are currently being held for Project Victoria: an integrated voice-data-video service for homes and small businesses. BOC stands for Bell Operating Company, and it refers to the small companies that were formed after the breakup of AT&T. _______________________________________________________________________________ 2600 Magazine Vs. Computel Wednesday, February 26, 2024 -------------------------- The following post was seen on Stronghold East Elite on the above date. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We're seriously thinking of taking some action against those nasty people at Computel. We published a letter this month which implied that the whole operation was really a fairly sophisticated FBI scam. We need to know as many facts as possible. Please contact us on Stronghold East thru e-mail, in person, or call (516) 751-2600. If we're not around, leave a message saying when you'll call back and we'll try to be there. Tell us if you've had personal experience with Computel or if you know others who have. If anyone has cancelled checks or the equivalent, let us know! Also, if anyone can send us a Computel ad, which somehow everyone here at 2600 managed to miss, it would be helpful. Send that to: 2600 PO Box 99 Middle Island, NY 11953 Note: That's not our subscription address. Subscriptions are at PO Box 752. We may not be able to get these people prosecuted, but we can sure raise one hell of a stink trying. 2600/eg Let it be said that hackers and phreaks will never stand aside and be ripped off! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At this time we at Phrack have been able to uncover nothing more about the Computel situation. Information provided by (of course) 2600 Magazine _______________________________________________________________________________ Mister Carding Busted --------------------- Mister Carding first started in the profession of which his name comes forth in the summer of 1984. Since then he has accumulated roughly $45,000 worth of merchandise. He was caught once before in the summer of 1985 by Federal agents. However, as the investigation went on, they didn't have enough material and dropped the charges. Somewhere around the fourth week of February he was caught again, this time by local authorities. Here is how it all started: "Two months ago, I had tons of stuff coming in and had another guy picking it up. One night two weeks or so ago I had him go out to pick up a 20 meg 3 1/2 inch hard drive. It was only the second time I had used that place as a drop spot. Unfortunately, he walked right into a police stakeout and he was followed, first to my house and then to his own." The next day the police went to the house of the friend and arrested him. He willingly signed an affidavit stating that Mr. Carding was the mastermind behind the whole operation and that he was just an accomplice. The court date has not yet been set but his crimes are as follows: - Fraudulent use of a credit card. - Possession of stolen merchandise in excessive amounts. - Computer Invasion (Hacking). On March 6, 2024: - The police confiscated his modem. It had been carded. - He had a meeting with the detectives, in which he had to take a lie detector test. They asked him if he was lying about any part of the case, if he hacked into computers, and if he was using one specific person's card. - He failed the test. The police believe he hacked into the computer of a bank in New Jersey, Mr. carding denies all of it. However it is the truth. Most people didn't know it but Mr. Carding was one of the better hackers around and should be remembered. He is pleading innocent to all charges and has signed a reverse affidavit stating that the other guy was the mastermind. He, as of this writing, has not been arrested but expects to have full charges brought on him within the next week. Information provided by Mister Carding _______________________________________________________________________________ Boston Strangler Caught Scanning -------------------------------- The Boston Strangler was caught scanning, he wasn't scanning an extender, he was scanning a prefix in his home town. The phone company shut his line off and now Boston Strangler may have to go to court, he claims he is under 1XB but this is doubtful. An employee of the phone company actually called him and told him to not use the phone because his supervisor was checking for trouble on the line. Apparently Boston Strangler scanned the entire prefix and once he was finished the phone company called and said that he was in a lot of trouble. Information provided by taRfruS _______________________________________________________________________________ AT&T Suing The BOCs ------------------- American Telephone and Telegraph is allegedly filing an 80 million dollar lawsuit on the Bell Operating Companies. They filed a complaint with the FCC in January 1986 that claims that certain BOCs owe AT&T 80 million dollars because they failed to perform specific duties which were part of their billing and collection contracts. It is not known how much each company owes with the exception of Northwestern Bell who owes $2 million. Information provided by Jester Sluggo _______________________________________________________________________________ Speed Demon Elite; Will It Return? ---------------------------------- The rumors are true, Radical Rocker did forget to pay his phone bill, and as a result Speed Demon Elite was shut down. Any talk about SDE being busted for having credit card information on the board should be ignored as it is completely false and only one phreak's interpretation of past events. Radical Rocker has stated that everyone should expect Speed Demon Elite to return in the near future. Speed Demon Elite 415-522-3074 Information provided by Radical Rocker Thanx to Investigative Reporting by Taran King _______________________________________________________________________________ Private Sector Damaged/Returning -------------------------------- The Private Sector, which was supposed to have been returned by the 16th of February, 1986 had been damaged in the hands of the authorities. According to them, "one of the cards blew up." They say that this happened before they had the chance to erase the two "illegal" files they found on the hard drive. So now then they had to hold onto it a bit longer. Naturally 2600 Magazine suspected intentional foul play and stepped up the pressure on them to return Private Sector. 2600 suspected the card they authorities were referring to was the hard disk controller. They wouldn't stick another controller from another machine in and they wouldn't let 2600 Magazine even look at the machine. What an outrage! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On Friday, February 28, 2024 Magazine announced the following. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Private Sector has finally been returned, and is in the process of being repaired. It will be back up in the near future at the same number as before; 201-366-4431. Call 2600 Magazine at 516-751-2600 for more details. At the current writing of this article, Private Sector is up and running. Only time will tell if it will ever be the great bbs it once was. Information provided by 2600 Magazine _______________________________________________________________________________ TelePub'86 ---------- The 1986 TelePub meeting (originally planned up by Sigmund Fraud) was held on the second floor of the Days Inn Hotel at 440 W.57th St. New York, NY. Supposedly the first Telepub meeting since 1980, when one was held in Washington DC. The meeting room was called by some "The Colosseum." There was a $10 admission fee to the meeting room. Supposedly Chesire Catalyst's girlfriend (who some said was blind and had a seeing eye dog) was collecting the money and handing out the name tags. Some say there were about 25-30 people there in total, but Broadway Hacker stated that there was only 23. This included: Broadway Hacker Chesire Catalyst + girlfriend Dr. PHATE (P>hreaks H>ackers A>nd T>elecom E>nthusiasts) Karl Marx Lou Dolinar (reporter from Newsday Magazine in Long Island) Ninja NYC Private Sector + girl (Incidentally the programmer of the NEW Private Sector BBS) Sammy Junkins Scan Man Sigmund Fraud + friend Slave Driver The Bootleg The Cracker The Lineman 2600 Magazine - Tim and Paul Most noted for not showing up were TUC and TWCB Inc. Since this meeting was generally supposed to be about the revival of TAP Magazine, it was VERY surprising to some that TWCB didn't go. To others however, this was expected. Their reason (excuse) has something to do with late plane arrivals and legal problems (probably dealing with restrictions due to their probation. Supposedly TUC's phone number was posted on the board at the front of the meeting room for those who wanted to get in touch with him. There was basically chit chat until around 11:15 am when Chesire Catalyst began talking about CCIS (Common Channel Inter-Office Signaling). His speech really told nothing new but the best part of the discussion came out of the many questions that were asked by the audience. Also around 11:15 is when Tim and Paul from 2600 Magazine showed up. A little later, Scan Man and The Bootleg started to discuss the possibilities of satellite phreaking, and up & down linking. A little later, Private Sector appeared and with him came an ad from Personal Computing Magazine. The ad was from none other than Computel. Computel, the supposed and almost definite fed operation magazine was discussed for quite a long time. Chesire Catalyst began to distribute the final issue of TAP. It was issue #91, Spring 1984. It included articles about credit agencies and UNIX, from BIOC; Hacking Western Union, by TUC; Phreaks and hackers Morality, by Big Brother; Passport check sums, and Bell Pie, among others. 2600 Magazine gave out their latest issue, February 1986, Volume 3 Number 2 as well as other promotional items. Sigmund Fraud was giving out older issues of TAP. Among other things, BBS numbers were passed and there were all sorts of telecommunication magazines lying around. There was a break for lunch. When they returned Scan Man started in on Chesire about the money that MANY had sent in to TAP and never received the magazine or their money back. Chesire replied, "It went to pay my bills." He also made other remarks about how he hasn't spent it all and how he may send it back but he really didn't ever answer the questions that Scan Man put to him. Much of this information came from Slave Driver and Sigmund Fraud _______________________________________________________________________________ Metal Shop Brewery ------------------ There is a NEW member to the Metal Shop family, thus completing the Metal Shop Triad. Announcing... _ _ _______ | \/ | / _____/ |_||_|etal / /hop __________/ / /___________/ _______ ________ ________ __ __ ________ _______ __ __ / ___ \ / __ \ | _____| | | | | | _____| / __ \ | | | | | |___| | | |__| | | |__ | | __ | | | |__ | |__| | | |_| | | / | _ _/ | | | | | | | | | | | _ _/ \_ _/ | ___ \ | | \ \ | __| | |_| |_| | | __| | | \ \ \ / | |___| | | | \ \ | |_____ | | | |_____ | | \ \ | | \_______/ |__| \__\ |________| \____________/ |________| |__| \__\ |_| 314-DWI-8259 300/1200 Baud, No Parity, 8 Data Bits, 1 Stop Bit. Sysop: Beer Wolf Co-sysop: Cheap Shades ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- System Configuration: - IBM PC with 2 Half Height Teac 360k Floppy Drives - 20Meg MiniScribe Hard Drive - Hayes SmartModem 1200 - Epson LQ-1500 Printer - Total of 448k of RAM and expecting 2 Meg soon ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While Metal Shop Brewery is mainly an IBM Pirate Board, it also has interesting message bases. Some of them include these topics: - New Users - Bulletin Boards - General Schtuff - Programming - Things that go BOOM! (Anarchy) - Hacking - Phreaking ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Metal Shop Brewery is run on DoubleDos and is a strong supporter of Phrack Newsletter. IBM Pirates Call Today! _______________________________________________________________________________ ==Phrack Inc.== Volume One, Issue Four, Phile #10 of 11 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ///\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\\\ Metal Shop PRIVATE\\\ Phrack World News Issue 3 Part 2 ///_ _ ________ Metal Shop AE \\\ ///| \/ | / ______/ Metal Shop Brewery \\\ Compiled by /// |_||_|etal/ /hop \\\ /// _________/ / Present PWN III \\\///\\ Knight Lightning //\\\/// /__________/ --------------- \-^^^^^^-^^^^^^^^^-/ Triad _______________________________________________________________________________ TAP Revival ----------- The TAP meetings in New York hadn't been going well, every week less people would show and it was becoming pointless to attend. Chesire Catalyst makes roughly $1000 a month without printing TAP, and really he sees no reason to restart. Now TAP is being taken over by The W(hack)o Cracko Brothers, INC. Chesire Catalyst has officially given the TAP name over to TWCB Inc. or has he? These answers still remain a mystery. TWCB plans to change the name of the mag but not until after issue one is out. Supposedly, Chesire had over 500 articles that never saw print that he has been holding until the re-opening of TAP. It is unknown if TWCB and the new TAP Staff will acquire these articles. Also it is unknown as too if some of those articles were the ones in issue 91 of TAP that was recently distributed at TelePub'86 in New York City. This new TAP has announced its editors as follows: West Coast Editors: The Bootleg (Chief), The Cracker, and TUC East Coast Editor: Susan Thunder & Scan Man Central Editors: Knight Lightning and Taran King TWCB, has stated that on the day the first issue of TAP sees print, they will quit phreaking, as they will undoubtedly be watched very closely from then on. The status of Whackoland bbs is uncertain. However TWCB has announced plans for a UNIX or Motorola system. The Staff members include: TWCB Inc., Knight Lightning, Taran King, Scan Man, The Firelord, Final Impulse, Ninja NYC, Sigmund Fraud, Silver Spy, The Bootleg, The Cracker, Surfer Bill, and The Marauder. Also unconfirmed reports state that the LOD will be taking an active part in this new magazine. Subscription rates are as follows: $4.00 Singular issue $20.00 Half year/6 month subscription $35.00 Year subscription $100.00 Corporate year subscription, for businesses or government agencies The $35/One year subscription includes: o A years subscription to Tap Magazine (12, 30+ Page Issues). o A free account to TWCB's Unix system (Limited offer). o A free account to TWCB's Watson Message Center (Limited offer). The magazine will consist of 30-40 color pages and will be using the same type of paper as most common everyday magazines (ie. TIME, Newsweek etc). TAP will be published every month. Tele-Pub meetings will be held once a month at TAP offices in St.Louis, MO. TWCB is supposedly in the process of organizing a TAP-Tele-Pub Convention to be held in St. Louis at the Marriot Hotel (most likely). TWCB says it will be THE Largest Phreak/Hackers convention EVER held! They are planning it for the Summer of 1986. For more information on how to become a staff member to to subscribe to TAP call 314-527-TWCB. TAP Offices are located at 12072 Manchester Road, Suite 21, Des Peres, MO 63131. Send all subscriptions there in money, checks, or money orders made out to Tap Magazine. (Editor's note: It is uncertain as to the true existence of this office. There is always the possibility of it being a mail forwarding service). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some of the articles to expect in the first issue are interviews with The Bootleg, Scan Man, Surfer Bill (concerning the Teltec Busts), files from Bootlegger Magazine Issues (including those from issue #7 which has not yet been released, this includes articles from MCI World Magazine, such as the MCI World/MCI Security Interview), and NRK 01. TWCB claims to have received over a 100 articles from TOP Hack/Phreakers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As to the reasons concerning TWCB not appearing at the TAP-TelePub'86, Tim posted the following on the Phrack/TAP subboard on Metal Shop PRIVATE: "Well the meeting totally got screwed I couldn't make it, mainly because Cheshire sorta fucked TAP over. I think he was just in it for the money. He was supposed to set up a PRIVATE meeting for TAP and it was going to be before the big meeting, well I called some people at the Days in at about 4:00 AM in the morning from the airport, the morning of the meeting, and they say well Cheshire says that the Private meeting is going to be after the Big Meeting and everyone already knows where were going." "Anyway I couldn't make it cause my plane landed at Laguardi and I was to take the plane back at 11:30 AM, well it takes 45 minutes to get to the Days Inn and didn't want to go to the big meeting because of serious LEGAL troubles." (Editor's note: The way I heard it directly from Tim, is that they called from St. Louis International to NYC and heard about the changes and knew about their late plane situation and decided to blow it off.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following is the story of how TWCB got started with TAP: At first, there it was... Metal Shop standing proud, the home of Phrack Newsletter. TWCB saw this and put up Whackoland, which many of you may notice was made specifically to look like MS. Furthermore, TWCB was gonna have a magazine originally called "Whackoland Gazette" until TWCB realized that with Metal Shop and P-80 backing it and not just Whackoland, they would have to change the name. Phrack was supposed to be reprinted in this mag. The list of boards backing it grew quickly. Still however it was a magazine without a name. Then TWCB started hearing about the revival of TAP and how the meetings were not going very well. They called Chesire Catalyst and started working out the preliminary details, which brings us to where we are today. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are those however who would NOT like to see TAP restarted. Among them, 2600 Magazine and Project Inform. Who could blame them? No one likes competition. This was okay however until, TWCB got a call from TUC, Lex Luthor, Susan Thunder, and Mark Tabas (the staff members of Project Educate). They claimed they want TWCB to publish for them, TWCB refused. Later they received a threatening call from TUC, in which they were informed that TUC would have security people watching TWCB all the time and when they slipped up...*BOOM* Now TWCB says that TUC later called and now is fully behind TAP and has accepted editorship with TAP. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALL information in this article, excluding the short history and investigative sections, was provided by TWCB Inc. Especially the parts about Project Inform, TUC, Lex, etc. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TAP's Motto: Help US fight Your fight! - Join Tap's WAR! _______________________________________________________________________________ Phrack/Tap Status Report ------------------------ Regardless of the TAP situation, Phrack will remain in publication. TWCB is not very happy about this but, we really don't care. The reasons that the Teltec Bust story did not appear in this issue of PWN is that most of the info we have on it was supplied by Surfer Bill in an interview he did with TWCB. I have the taped interview, but as it was done by TWCB it therefore was TAP property. However, should TAP issue #1 not be in print by the time Phrack V is ready, the Teltec story WILL appear in Phrack World News Issue Number IV. :Knight Lightning _______________________________________________________________________________ Monty Python Retires -------------------- The following message appeared on Stronghold East Elite on Sunday, February 9, 1986, 4:50:53 PM. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have formally retired from the phreaking world, permanently. I have *NOT* been busted or been given any heat by anyone or any corporation. I just have no time what-so-ever to devote myself to give phreaking the appropriate time it deserves. Schoolwork is bringing me down, and I have a big research paper coming up, plus lots of other work. Honestly, phreaking doesn't seem much fun anymore. I especially hate the attitudes of some phreaks (who shall remain nameless) who have their head in the clouds, and put down everyone else. It is quite a pain in the ass, and these people look like fools, cause they are usually nothing quite like what they think they are. My "retirement" entails the ceasing of myself of calling phreak boards, hacking, and trashing. If you want to call me up on a conference, don't bother (some of you have done so in the past). I don't have the time and I am not interested. Later on and be seeing you from time to time... Monty Python ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Editor's Note: Monty Python did ask for his account to be kept active at Stronghold East, so that he may see what's new, from time to time. Also Monty Python has further stated that he may return to the phreak world this summer. _______________________________________________________________________________ Demise of The Sprinter ---------------------- On the front page of the Wednesday, February 12, 2024 edition of the Seattle P-I were the headlines COMPUTER INVASION CHARGED. Kirkland youth accused of snooping. Some of the articles highlights were: One Michael P. Wilkerson (The Sprinter) was so successful in bypassing four companies computer security. He could copy or destroy data even the sysops couldn't touch. The 18 year old most notably tapped into MicroSoft's mainframe, along with 3 other companies, Kenworth Truck, Sunstrand Data Control, and Resource Conservation companies. Looks like the district attorney is asking for a 90 day sentence and will get it due to the cooperation (read plea bargaining) given by Sprinter. During the search, the police discovered a list of TRW dial-ups and passwords and a handwritten list of Visa, Mastercard, and Amex credit card numbers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It turns out that Sprinter is also under investigation for illegal credit card purchases in his home state of California. Most notably a $1400 bicycle. A real nice point made by the district attorney is that possession of the list of card numbers is NOT a crime. Only the use of them is illegal. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now that was the Seattle P-I's interpretation of those events, this is everything else we at Phrack Inc. have been able to uncover. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sprinter got busted for hacking on a large VAX/VMS system, and since it was local to him, he didn't bother to go through an extender. He didn't feel there was any danger considering he wasn't using a lead number. Sprinter was well known for his "bible" of Sprint codes that was always kept filled. His bible and all computer equipment were confiscated. Sprinter has 4 charges of hacking. One nice part about this is that since his bust, Sprinter has received several job offers for computer security, including an offer from MicroSoft Inc. (Editor's note: I wonder if MicroSoft will drop its charges against Sprinter as a part of the contract should he sign with them). The one interesting twist to this story is that Sprinter's bosses got into some deep shit. While people were going through Sprinter's computer things (which was in his bosses' office) they found some evidence that led them to believe that Sprinter's bosses were large cocaine dealers. Sprinter's bosses haven't been heard from since. Later reports did however tell that 1 of them is now serving a 7 year prison sentence and the other is presumed dead. This part is very unspecific because it doesn't say what their basis for this judgement are. Did they find the body? Or is he just missing? Much of this information has been provided by Sally Ride (Space Cadet), The Guardian Demon, and Jester Sluggo _______________________________________________________________________________ Some Quick Notes ---------------- The Matrix, formally at 415-922-1370, is down due to the hard drive being broken. Dr. Strangelove says that as soon as he can get another hard drive, the Matrix will return. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spectre III, run by the Overlord of 815, is back up. Overlord requests that all former users of his system please call it back again. The number is 815-874-8534. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unconfirmed reports say that OSUNY, in New York, will soon be returning. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GTE Sprint and U.S. Telecom have merged in order to become a stronger competitor against MCI and AT&T. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Compuserve is now linked with MCI Mail. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pit Fiend of NESSUS was busted for trying to obtain $3500 dollars in gold bars by way of credit card fraud. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Missing Link BBS is back. It is now a public board (or so it is believed). The number is 806-799-0016. Sysop: Egyptian Lover. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Because of problems dealing with Phoenix Phortress as well as a growing number of rodents, Metal Shop PRIVATE has changed its general password. It is no longer "REQUIRED". Contact Taran King, Knight Lightning, or Cheap Shades for the new general password, if you haven't been contacted yet (and you were/are a member). See story on Phoenix Phortress in this issues PWN. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The phreaks in Massachusetts and many other nearby areas are in quite a frenzy right now due to a possible bust of Dr. Who 413. It appears that while at school, his parents were showed a search warrant by the Secret Service, who then searched through his computer equipment as well as his notes etc. He eventually went home and is currently waiting for results. There is a very high probability that he has by now been busted. Look for a future story on his bust and its after-effects in the next Phrack World News. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Phreak Klass 2600 originally died because Red Devil became bored of phreaking. Now Crimson Death (Sysop of Hell Phrozen Over) and Videosmith are looking for someone to run Phreak Klass 2600 II. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feyd Rautha was NOT busted but did retire from the phreak world. In his own words, he is "phazed out" or bored of phreaking. A word to all, especially sysops, there is another Feyd Rautha now. He is in the 612 (Minneapolis) area. Do not confuse him with the old elite mentioned here. ==Phrack Inc.== Volume One, Issue Four, Phile #11 of 11 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ///\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\\\ Metal Shop PRIVATE\\\ Phrack World News Issue 3 Part 3 ///_ _ ________ Metal Shop AE \\\ ///| \/ | / ______/ Metal Shop Brewery \\\ Compiled by /// |_||_|etal/ /hop \\\ /// _________/ / Present PWN III \\\///\\ Knight Lightning //\\\/// /__________/ --------------- \-^^^^^^-^^^^^^^^^-/ Triad _______________________________________________________________________________ Extasyy Revisited ----------------- This is a continuation of the article that appeared in Phrack World News Issue Number One, about the breakup of Extasyy Elite. The following are statements were told to Phrack by The Mentor: 1) I am NOT an FBI Agent. 2) The Poltergeist turned in all of Extasyy. I have copies of the statements he made in Fort Worth to the FBI and to the Fort Worth Police Department to get me busted. I do not know if he gave them Bit Blitz's information or not. 3) Yes, I made Bit Blitz return a computer. Bit Blitz promised me a 212 AppleCat in exchange for an Apple //e. Then he failed to deliver the modem after I gave him the system. This can be verified. 4) Crustaceo Mutoid is in the Racketeers, which Apple Rebel reassembled. Former Racketeers members who are now regrouped include: Hot Rod, Warezird, and The Micron. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The above information should be considered as direct quotes from The Mentor. The Apple //e referred to is one of the many stolen Apple //es talked about in the story below. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A little background on Extasyy. Extasyy hung out on Hack Net BBS and FWSO, a bbs in Colorado. Poltergeist was always bragging about how he was a master computer thief. The Mentor wanted to try his luck as well. In his case, a not very wise idea. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He and two others went to a high school computer room in Hayes County, Texas. The room was separate from the rest of the building and one of the windows was unlocked. One of the other two people that went was a student at the school. It took three car trips to transport all the computers, most of them were kept in friend's apartments. The Mentor gave many of the computers away to friends of his, which helped his popularity greatly. He also gave two monitors to Poltergeist. However he neglected to scratch the serial numbers off them. A more or less fatal mistake. Each of the apartment owners were allowed to keep one computer, as well as the other two accomplices. Gradually the people with the apartments began to hide or give away some of the computers themselves. The Mentor finally took all the rest of the computers to a storage warehouse and then gave away or sold what was left of them. One month later... In Fort Worth, Texas, The Poltergeist was busted, mainly for credit card fraud, but there were many other charges as well. He talked all about Extasyy and its members and when the police found the Mentor's phone number, Poltergeist talked some more. Among his confiscated equipment were two monitors. The serial numbers were checked and this led the police and FBI to the now one month old computer theft in Hayes County. Meanwhile, one of the apartment owners was trying to sell off one of his computers to an ex-girl friend. Unfortunately she knew they were "hot" and told the police. (Advice here guys don't try to sell "hot" items to ex-girl friends). Soon after the police took him in and were going to press charges on him as being the mastermind thief. Until he told them the truth about where he got the merchandise, implicating The Mentor and the others. Soon after, the police and FBI had The Mentor, and even though he no longer had any of the stolen equipment, a warrant and search turned up many other interesting illegal items. His family being prominent in his town, his dad wanted him to cooperate fully with the authorities. Phreaking was basically unheard of by the police in 512 and they wanted to know how everyone was doing it. The Mentor's response was "Blue Boxing". His town is now equipped with 2600 Hertz detectors on the phone lines. Too bad for Southwestern Bell that Mentor lied about blue boxing. Mentor's dad always had something against The Protestor, if for no other reason than the fact that he was the one who got Mentor started into phreaking. The police were interested in the phreak boards, so Mentor's dad suggested they call Protestor's Shack, where The Mentor was a remote sysop. About this time Mentor had to use the bathroom, or so he told the police. On his way to his restroom he stopped in the kitchen and called The Protestor. He kept it very brief with the one way conversation consisting of roughly these words, 'Get all the illegal shit off your board now! I'll explain later, just do it!' Never the less, they called Protestor's Shack, only to discover that it was busy. Protestor's Shack went down on February 24, 2024. At first it was thought that Kleptic Wizard, a former Extasyy member, would take over the board in 314 (St.Louis, MO). However, Protestor later decided that maybe it was time that the board died. He did add however that he may release his board program as a ware sometime in the near future. Most likely to be found on Kleptic Palace AE first. He also does plan to one day return to the pirate/phreak/hack world. The above information was provided by The Protestor with some parts by The Mentor _______________________________________________________________________________ The Radio Station BBS --------------------- Where once stood the famous bulletin board "The Broadway Show", now stands The Radio Station. When Broadway Hacker thought he was moving to Washington D.C. he took down the Broadway Show and gave the line, 718/615-0580, to another who would run this new bbs. Since then however Broadway Hacker under the handle of Program Director is once again running the board, but the remote sysop Sigmund Fraud is now in total charge. He validates, he hires the subboard sysops. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sysop: Program Director Remote Sysop: Sigmund Fraud <-- Runs the board Subboard Sysops: General: Pirate Pete Sports/Entertainment: White Lotus Computer Discussion Forum: Lotus Pirate/Trading: No one (The Cheetah was fired) Anarchy: No one (The Merc was fired) Chemical & Explosives: The Wild Phreak (Gray Mouser was fired) Advanced Hacking and Phreaking: No one (Iron Soldier was fired) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you wish to become a subboard sysop, please leave mail or feedback to Sigmund Fraud. The Radio Station is where many LOD members and other old elites hang out. Its also among the first to receive new LOD G-Philes. The Radio Station receives about 15-20 new posts a day. Their general board is among the most popular for real world controversial topics. Program Director has put more time and effort into the debugging and upkeep of his board than ANY other sysop I've ever known. Some of the nice features on his board are the message responses which can keep a particular subject going without interfering with other related subjects. The Radio Station is a strong supporter of Phrack Newsletter. Give it a call! 718/615-0580 300/1200 Baud _______________________________________________________________________________ Phoenix Phortress Stings 7 415 Under Siege -------------------------- --------------- On March 5, 2024, the following seven phreaks were arrested in what has come to be known as the first computer crime "sting" operation. Captain Hacker Doctor Bob Lasertech The Adventurer The Highwayman The Punisher The Warden Many of them or other members of Phoenix Phortress belonged to these groups: High Mountain Hackers Kaos Inc. Shadow Brotherhood The Nihilist Order (Based in Fremont and Sunnyvale) Of the seven, three were 15 years old; two were 16; one was 17; and one, 19. Their charges include: Several misdemeanors Trafficking in stolen long distance service codes Trafficking in stolen credit card numbers Possession of stolen property Possession of dangerous weapons (a martial arts weapon) Charging mail-order merchandise to stolen credit card numbers Selling stolen property Charging calls internationally to telephone service numbers Conviction would mean forfeiture of their computer equipment. Other phreak boards mentioned include: Bank Vault (Mainly for credit card numbers and tips on credit card scams) Phreakers Phortress (Mainly of course for phreak codes and other information) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After serving search warrants early Wednesday morning on the seven Fremont residences where the young men live with their parents, police confiscated at least $12,000 worth of equipment such as computers, modems, monitors, floppy disks, and manuals, which contained information ranging from how to make a bomb, to the access codes for the Merrill Lynch and Dean Witter Financial Services Firm's corporate computers. The sysop of Phoenix Phortress was The Revenger, who was supposedly Wally Richards, a 25 year-old Hayward man who "phreaked back east a little" in New Jersey. He took the phone number under the name of Al Davis. However he was really Sgt. Daniel Pasquale of the Fremont Police Department. When he introduced his board to other computer users, he called it the "newest, coolest, phreak board in town." (Editor's note: The word for today is ENTRAPMENT!). Pasquale said he got the idea for the sting operation after a 16-year old arrested last summer for possession of stolen property "rolled them over (narced) He told us all about their operation." Pasquale used a police department Apple //e computer and equipment, with access codes and information provided by eight corporations, including Wells Fargo Bank, Sprint, and MCI. Pasquale said he received more than 2,500 calls from about 130 regular users around the country. The police started to make their first case three days after the board went up. "We had taken the unlisted phone number under the name Al Davis," Pasquale said. "In six days, these kids had the name on the bulletin board. I would have needed a search warrant to get that information." The arrests were made after five months of investigation by Dan Pasquale. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally compiled by Maxwell's Demon of The Dange Gang, recompiled by Knight Lightning. This file contains parts of articles found in the following newspapers: ** The Mercury News ** The Palo Alto Times-Tribune ** The Daily Review _______________________________________________________________________________ .