======================================================= Cu DIGEST VOLUME 5 (1993) INDEX ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.01 (Jan 6, 2020) File 1--Index to CuD volume 4 (1992) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.02 (Jan 10, 2020) File 1--DoJ Has NOT "Authorized" Keystroke Monitoring File 2--Re: Dorm Room Raid (CuD #4.67) File 3--Reports on Ames Raid Available File 4--Hysteria from Forbes via NPR File 5--OECD Security Guidelines File 6--CU IN THE NEWS File 7--"Any one Who Owns a Scanner is a Hacker, or..." File 8--FYI: 3rd Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.03 (Jan 13, 2020) File 1--Moderators' Cornered File 2--STEVE JACKSON GAMES TRIAL DATE SET File 3--Re: COM DAILY ON F.C.C. File 4--with regards to the DoJ's keystroke logging notice File 5--Re: White Sands (SIMTEL-20) and copyrighted software File 6--Re: Dorm Room Raid (CuD #5.02) File 7--Follow-up to CuD #5.02 File 2 [Re: Dorm Room Raid (CuD #4.67)] File 8--CFP-3 Scholarships Available File 9--Canadian Media and BBSes File 10--United Kingdom Software Seizure Laws File 11--High Students charged in Computer Burglaries (Reprint) File 12--Comments on _Hacker_Crackdown_ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.04 (Jan 17, 2020) File 1--Steve Jackson Games case trial postponed File 2--MAJOR CHANGES AT THE ELECTRONIC FRONTIER FOUNDATION File 3--Newsbytes on EFF Reorganization File 4--Some Questions & Comments on EFF Reorganization File 5--Transcript of Secret Service Press Conference in Lubbock ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.05 (Jan 20, 2020) File 1--Balancing Computer Crime Statutes and Freedom File 2--Encryption issues File 3--Response to Mark Carter in CuD #5.02 and #5.03 File 4--Released GSA Docs Slam FBI Wiretap Proposal File 5--Attempted Mindvox Break-in File 6--Keyboarding Explosive Data for Homemade Bombs ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.06 (Jan 24, 2020) File 1--Introduction to Second SPA & BSA Issue File 2--Re: Taking a Look at the SPA (CuD 4.63) File 3--Reaction to SPA statements in CuD 4.63 File 4--SPA EDUCATES THE PUBLIC ON SOFTWARE COPYRIGHTS - NOT! File 5--A Comment on the SPA (Gray Areas Reprint) File 6--Nintendo News Release (Re: BSA APL Bust - Oct '92) File 7--The BSA, APL BBS, and Anti-Piracy Crackdowns ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.07 (Jan 26, 2020) File 1--Mark Carter Clears his Name... File 2--Reply to St.Catharine's "Porn" stories (RE: CuD 5.02) File 3--Legal Strategy on 2600 Nov. '92 Mall Harassment File 4--Re: "Explosive Data for Bombs" (CuD #5.05) File 5--Response to Prosecutor Citarella's Notes (CuD 5.06) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.08 (Jan 28, 2020) File 1--Response to "Resistance at Shopping Mall" (CuD 5.07) File 2--Offworld BBS Raided (StLPD File 3--Colonel Guilty of Sending Computer Porn File 4--ISPTS Organizing Information File 5--New case for EFF, ACLU, and CPSR File 6--Public Service for Cornell Hackers File 7--CFP Special Issue on Security [Change in Due Date] File 8--Talking with the Underground ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.09 (Jan 31, 2020) File 1--Media hype goes both ways (in re: Forbes article) File 2--Forbes, NPR, and a Response to Jerry Leichter File 3--Revised Computer Crime Sent File 4--Balancing Computer Crime Statutes and Freedom +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.10 (Feb 3, 2020) File 1--Steve Jackson Games Trial Summary File 2--More Background on SJG Trial File 3--Steve Jackson Games case (Day 1) File 4--Steve Jackson Games Update 1/28/93 Day 2) File 5--Houston Chron's View of Abernathy Trial (Reprint) File 6--the most wonderful thing happened at the trial File 7--Cell-phone encryption and tapping File 8--Clever Tactics Against Piracy File 9--Rusty and Edie's BBS raided by FBI ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.11 (Feb 7, 2020) File 1--Introduction to a Chat with the SPA File 2--A Chat with the SPA File 3--How does the SPA Calculate Piracy? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.12 (Feb 10, 2020) File 1--CPSR Sues Secret Service for 2600 Docs File 2--Clever Tactics Against Piracy File 3--SPA has Banner Year File 4--Mitch Kapor's Forbes Column on S.893 File 5--Re: Pirate Software File 6--In Re "Legal Strategy on 2600 Nov. '92" (CuD #5.07) File 7--Common Carrier Review Request File 8--Some Comments on "Approach Zero" (review) File 9--For your mailing lists/newsgroups ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.13 (Feb 14, 2020) File 1--Talking with the Underground File 2--System Surfing at U-Cal/Davis File 3--Unemployed Programmers Turning their Talents to Evil File 4--"Hackers" take on the UFOs? +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.14 (Feb 17, 2020) File 1--Re: CuD, #5.11 - SPA's Piracy Estimates File 2--Cu News: Pirate Amnesty, Toll Fraud Decline, etc File 3--Re: EFF in Time's Cyberpunk Article File 4--Behar's Response to Godwin File 5--Censorship in Cyberspace File 6--Undercover Rambos?? (NYT Story on "Hakr Trakr") File 7--Social Engineering (Re: CuD #.13) File 8--Cybersmut is Good File 9--Suggestions For a Hi-tech Crime-investigators' Seminar? File 10--Re: Unemployed Programmers Turning Talents to Evil (#5.13) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.15 (Feb 21 1993) File 1--MODERATORS' Corner (ah, sundry snippets) File 2--Re SPA/Piracy (CuD #5.14) File 3--TIME & Puzzlement File 4--Technology and Populist Publishing (GEnie Reprint) File 5--"Time Bomb" Detonated In Pennsylvania File 6--(fwd) CICnet rural datafication / ubiquitous access ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.16 (Feb 24 1993) File 1--Clinton's Silicon Valley Speech/SGI (transcript) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.17 (Feb 28 1993) Subject: File 1--Police motivations re. computer crime Subject: File 2--ACLU Interesting in Rusty & Edie's BBS? Subject: File 3--Re: File 4--Technology & Populist Publishing (#5.15) Subject: File 4--A Case for Electronic Publishing Subject: File 5--Obtaining Back Issues of CuD via FTP Subject: File 6--New Computer Viruses Run Amok (sort of) (Reprint) Subject: File 7--Netsys Startup +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.18 (Mar 7 1993) File 1--PKZIP Bankruptcy Rumor is a *HOAX* File 2--Hackers in the News (Orange County Register Reprint) File 3--GPO ACCESS - WINDO UPDATE File 4--London Times Educational Supplement Article File 5--FWD: The White House Communication Project ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.19 (Mar 10 1993) File 1--Author responds to Shopping Mall criticism File 2--Re: Hackers in the News (CuD #5.18) File 3--Internet Talk Radio (fwd) File 4--Call for Stories -- Reasons to Build the NII +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.20 (Mar 14 1993) File 1--Steve Jackson Games WINS! (fwd) File 1--On-Line GEnie Interview with Bruce Sterling +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.21 (Mar 21 1993) File 1--CuD Mirror Update File 2--New Info in 2600 Case File 3--Official virus-writing contest File 4--comments on proposed virus writing contest (Bontchev) File 5--Comments on proposed virus writing contest (Frisk) File 6--Response: virus-writing contest File 7--Comments on the Virus Writing Contest File 8--Bruce Sterling on GEnie (#5.20) File 9--Re: The White House Communication Project (#5.18) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.22 (Mar 25 1993) File 1--Judge Spark's Decision in Steve Jackson Games Suit ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.23 (Mar 28 1993) -- Response to Virus Writing Contest (#5.21) -- Akron BBS Sting Update -- Getting information to and from the White House +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.24 (Mar 31 1993) File 1--Special Issue on CFP III (introduction) File 2--Computer Freedom and Privacy III Conf. (Report 1) File 3--Computer Freedom and Privacy III Conf. (Report 2) File 4--Computer Freedom and Privacy III Conf. (Report 4) File 5--Computer Freedom and Privacy III Conf. (Report 5) File 6--Computer Freedom and Privacy III Conf. (Report 6) File 7--Computer Freedom and Privacy III Conf. (Report 7) File 8--Bridging the Gaps w/Law Enforcement (View 1) File 9--Bridging the Gaps w/Law Enforcement (View 2) File 10--Bridging the Gaps w/Law Enforcement (View 3) File 11--Bridging the Gaps w/Law Enforcement (View 4) File 12--A Few Final Words about CFP '93 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.25 (Apr 4 1993) File 1--CPSR Wins SSN Privacy Case File 2--Re: Debating the Virus contest - 1 (#5.23) File 3--Re: Debating the Virus contest - 2 (#5.23) File 4--Re: Debating the Virus contest - 3 (#5.23) File 5--USPS Freedom of Information Act Requests File 6--Collecting Cu Files (From "LOD") File 7--CU in the news File 8--Comments on SJG Decision (GRID News) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.26 (Apr 11 1993) File 1--Re: Debating the Virus contest - clarification File 2--"The Logic of the Virtual Commons" (Research Report) File 3--CUN News: Online Defamation Alleged / Pentagon Piracy ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.27 (Apr 14 1993) File 1--EFF and CPSR testimony against 18 USC 1030 Sent. Revisions File 2--CPSR Comments on 1030 Guidelines File 3--EFF Response to Proposed Sentencing Guidelines File 4--LEGISLATIVE DATA ONLINE -- AB1624 needs support File 5--AB1624 MANDATES ONLINE PUBLIC ACCESS TO LEGISLATIVE RECORDS File 6--Some comments on AB1624 re online legislative access File 7--AB1624 UPDATE#1--Making Leg. Data available Online +++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.28 (Apr 18 1993) File 1--NREN Wrap (or "Joe's Ride at the Houston Chron") File 2--Clinton Proposes National ID Card File 3--White House Crypto Statement File 4--Debate on Gov't Encryption Initiative (from CPSR) File 5--RU Sirius/Mondo interview (from GEnie) File 6--Rune Stone BBS (IIRG Home Board) Back On-Line +++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.29 (Apr 21 1993) File 1--LTES article and Gender on the Nets (Re: CuD 5.18) File 2--LTES article and Gender on the Nets--Response to Larry File 3--LTES Article -- The author Responds ++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.30 (Apr 25 1993) File 1--New disclosures in 2600 case File 2--Press release on "Clipper Chip" encryption initiative File 3--THE CLIPPER CHIP: A TECHNICAL SUMMARY File 4--Sysop jailed in Georgia (article by Lance Rose) File 5--Phone Fraud in the Telecom Industry +++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.31 (Apr 28 1993) File 1--Response to 'Gender on the Nets' (Re CuD #5.29) File 2--Re: Gender on the Nets (Re CuD 5.29) File 3--Re: Sexual Bias on the Net (Re Cud 5.29) File 4--A Female Response to the Gender Question in Cyberspace +++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.32 (May 2 1993) File 1--If you missed the Galactic Hacker Party of 1989.... File 2--SPA Needs A Different Direction File 3--Some thoughts on Clipper and the Constitution (1) File 4--Some thoughts on Clipper and the Constitution (2) File 5--Clinton Administration Freedom of Information Policy File 6--Hacker Accused of Rigging Radio Contests File 7--"Hacker" Executed in China File 8--Electronic Privacy Conf w/Oliver North & Chris Goggans ++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.33 (May 5 1993) File 1--Intro to CPSR/EFF Electronic "Hate-Crimes" Inquiry Responses File 2--SEA letter - Hate Crime File 3--EFF Response to NTIA "Hate Crimes" Inquiry +++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.34 (May 9 1993) File 1--Another response to gender issues File 2-- Response to Wes Morgan File 3--Cryptography and Mythology File 4--New NIST/NSA Revelations File 5--About the Clipper Proposal File 6--Dvorak criticizes the SPA File 7--New 'Zine (ORA.COM) by O'Reilly & Associates ++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.35 (May 12 1993) File 1--My Thoughts/questions on the "Clipper" chip. File 2--Response to Jerry Leichter on Clipper Chip File 3--Response to Rich Mackinnon on Clipper File 4--Another Letter of Concern to "Hate Speech" Inquiry File 5--FBI Raids Telco Manager's Home (TELECOM DIGEST SPECIAL) File 6--DEF CON I Update +++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.36 (May 16 1993) File 1--Yet Another "LOD" Pretender! File 2--Building Bridges of Understanding in LE & Comp. Community File 3--Crypto-Schemes/Mobile Digital Services in Australia File 4--More on Free Speech & Cyberspace File 5--Gene Spafford's Farewell File 6--UPDATE #3-AB1624 Online Access to Legislation / ACT BY 5/13 +++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.37 (May 19 1993) File 1--CPSR Brief in 2600 FOIA Case File 2--Response to Russell Brand (Re CuD 5.36) File 3--"Clipper" Chip Redux File 4--UPDATE #4-AB1624: Legislative Info Online File 5--AB1624-Legislation Online - Making SURE it's "right" File 6--CU In The News--Singapore Piracy / Ethics Conf. ++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.38 (May 22 1993) File 1--Here We Go Again - 2600 Magazine Threatened With Lawsuit File 2--Obtaining Whitehouse E-Publications File 3--UK Computer Misuse case File 4--CPSR Position Openings File 5--A little feedback on Bridges of Understanding ++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.39 (May 30 1993) File 1--The LOD Files - A CuD Critique File 2--Histories of BBSes (excerpts from the LOD files) File 3--LOD Project Summary and Contact Information File 4--An Interview with the LOD +++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.40 (June 02 1993) File 1--Bridges of Understanding File 2--MTV News, Nets, Feedback from Users File 3--CPSR NIST Crypto Statement File 4--AB 1624/Online Info Bill PASSES MAJOR HURDLE! File 5--UPDATE #8-AB1624--Press Freedom for Paper Pubs Only? File 6--Virus News INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 93 ++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.41 (June 06 1993) File 1-- LODCOM@ Mail Bounces Fixed -- File 2-- CuD (and other stuff) for Non-Internet readers File 3-- A New public CU BBS in Southern Italy File 4-- Sending E-Mail to Clinton and Gore File 5-- Electronic fingerprinting of welfare recipients in CA File 6-- Email "Etiquette" File 7-- Microstate: Old Empires and New (New Repub. Reprint) +++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.42 (June 10 1993) File 1--UPDATE #11-AB1624: Passed the Assembly, More to Do! File 2--Rusty and Edies's: More Information File 3--Timeline for a Network History File 4--Re: Fingerprinting Welfare Recipients in CA File 5--Call for Papers for Feminist Theory & Technoculture ++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.43 (June 13 1993) File 1--Hacker testimony to House subcommittee largely unheard File 2--CPSR Clipper Testimony (6-9-93) in House Subcommittee +++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.44 (June 16 1993) File 1--Interview with a Virus Writer (Gray Area Excerpt) ++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.45 (June 20 1993) File 1--LISTSERVE FOR CuD DESPERATELY NEEDED!!! File 2--Re: 2600 testimony to Markey's subcommittee File 3--Newsgroup Moderator Survey -- Respondents Requested File 4--CUnews - SPA sues software rental; Sega/ratings; Censorship File 5--Newsletter on work in computer industry File 6--Course on "Politics and Technology" File 7--GPO WINDO text here! File 8--Re-AB1624: dumbing-down leg displays w/o dumbing-down data File 9--6/17 AB1624: dumbed-down displays - ADDENDA +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.46 (June 23 1993) File 1--Re: File 6--Course on "Politics and Technology" File 2--A public experiment in how private our lives really are File 3--AB1624/Calif Legislature Computer Access -- Full Text File 4--Summercon Synopsis & Playful Precis File 5-- Defense Contractor Attacks Full Disclosure (Reprint) (#1) File 6--The "Offending" Full Disclosure Story (#2) File 7--The Harris Letter Threatening Litigation against FD (#3) File 8--The Full Disclosure Atty's Response to Harris (#4) ++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.47 (June 27 1993) File 1--Squelching the Rumor of the CuD ftp Sites File 2--Another Stupid Rumor Bites the Dust File 3--UPDATE #14-AB1624: bill-text as amended (*improved)* File 4--Re: Full Disclosure TRIGGERFISH Hassle (CuD 5.46) File 5--Response to Interview with a Virus Writer (CuD 5.44) File 6--Virus Hits White House ++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.48 (June 30 1993) File 1--Time to Review Law Enforcement Forfeiture Practices File 2--Reform of Civil Asset Forfeiture Act (HR 2417) +++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.49 (July 4 1993) File 1--*GEnie* Roundtable transcript of VIRUS/SECURITY File 2--CPSR Workplace Privacy Test File 3--JOB OPENING AT EFF File 4--CuDs on BBSes: "Other Side of Infinity" +++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.50 (July 7 1993) File 1--New information on Public Key Patents File 2--Galactic Hacker Party, '93 File 3--On-Line Congressional Hearing File 4--Hacker Listens to Secretary's Aides File 5--Virtually no Reality in "Virtual Reality" File 6--Donation Distinctions (By E-Zine Editors/Moderators)CONTENTS, #5.51 CONTENTS, #5.51 (July 11 1993) File 1--Introduction to the AIS BBS Controversy File 2--Response to RISKS' Anonymous Post attacking AIS BBS File 3--Response to Anonymous: AIS BBS File 4--A User's View of AIS BBS File 5--Fear and Loathing: On the Virus Code Trail at AIS File 6--Media, Anti-virus personnel, Ethics, and AIS ++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.52 (July 14 1993) File 1--Subjective opinion (Paul Ferguson Responds to #5.51) File 2--Update on 2600 Case File 3--BBSes Carrying CuDs File 4--Re: CRYPT Newsletter +++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.53 (July 18 1993) File 1--CPSR Urges Revision of Secrecy System File 2--CPSR/Berkeley Meeting on access to govt info File 3--CU in da Newz File 4--More CuD Sources for Non-Interneters --GEnie File 5--Hyde For Wiretaps File 6--Reply to Ferguson File 7--Re: Cu Digest, #5.51 --The AIS BBS Incident File 8--Viruses (Reply to Paul Ferguson) File 9--Another Reply to Paul Ferguson (RE CuD 5.52) File 10--CONGRESS ASKED FOR HEARINGS ON OWENS (INFO ACCESS) BIL +++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.54 (July 21 1993) File 1--B. Sterling and W. Gibson Comments on Cyberspace & Educ. File 2--An open letter to Frank Tirado (from Paul Ferguson) File 3--Response to The AIS BBS Incident File 4--AIS BBS "debate" ++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.55 (July 21 1993) File 1--"What is CPSR and how can we Join?" File 2--Incident Response Workshop info File 3--"Science & Tech Through Science Fiction" Conference File 4--New hearing set for E-Fingerprinting in SF ++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.56 (July 28 1993) File 1--Akron Anomaly BBS UpDate (Seizure Warrant) File 2--Call for Paper: Computer Network Use and Abuse Conference File 3--Credit Reports and National File 4--UPDATE #19-AB1624: PROGRAMMERS! START YOUR ENGINES! File 5--Community Network Survey Results Available +++++++ CONTENTS, #5.57 ( Aug 1 1993) File 1--Re: Hacker sentencing File 2--Criminal Records Subject to Abuse File 3--UPDATE: Ideas-Exchange listserv/ Legis Data Programmers File 4--Observations from a "non-cyberhead" File 5--Response to "Observations from a 'non-cyberhead'" File 6--Rep. Markey's Letter in re AIS BBS File 7--Response to Rep. Markey's Letter ++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.58 ( Aug 4 1993) File 1--An Apology to Joel Garreau File 2--The Complexity of Issues in the AIS BBS Affair File 3--Virus distribution ++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.59 (Aug 8 1993) File 1-- Unfair Newspaper Article on BBS Network & Replies File 2-- NIRVANAnet BBSes and the Media (CuD Commentary) +++++++ CONTENTS, #5.60 (Aug 11 1993) File 1--CuD #5.59 Glitch & Some Belated Thanks from CuD to "helpers" File 2--Computers, Freedom & Privacy, '94 -- Conference INFO File 3--Congressional Fellowships for PhD/s-telecommunications File 4--$50,000 Fine for "Software Theft" (Canadian News) File 5--SKIPJACK Review (Encryption Background and Assessment) +++++++ CONTENTS, #5.61 (Aug 15 1993) File 1--ERRATA in CuD #5.60 File 2--EFF Job Opening for ONLINE ACTIVIST File 3--NSA Seeks Delay in Clipper File 4--CPSR and the Nat'l Info Infrastructure File 5--Call for Papers IFIP SEC'94 Caribbean File 6--UPDATE #21-AB1624: *ACTION ALERT*: END-GAME APPROACHING File 7--Illinois BBS Sysop Busted for "porn-to-minors" File 8--In response to E-fingerprinting in Calif File 9--Re--NIRVANAnet (A View from Brazil) File 10--Public Domain Internet Information for Teachers File 11--Gory details about texsun (breakin) (fwd) ++++++ CONTENTS, #5.62 (Aug 17 1993) File 1--CU News ("Software felons," "Valuing Info," et. al.) File 2--CuNews ("Technofogies" and more) File 3--Another BBS Seizure in Hartford File 4--Call for Clipper Comments ++++++ CONTENTS, #5.63 (Aug 19 1993) File 1--Frequency of CuDs and Mail Service File 2--Akron BBS Update 6/30/93 - Seeking Equip't Return File 3--SAVE SIMTEL-20!!! File 4--UPDATE #23-AB1624: Clarification of Bill's Obstructors File 5--Digital Library Use (DLU) Project Information File 6--CPSR's 1993 Annual Meeting +++++ CONTENTS, #5.64 (Aug 22 1993) File 1--Has the EFF SOLD OUT?!? File 2--EICAR '93 conference / members' meeting File 3--Re SKIPJACK Review (CuD 5.60) File 4--CuNews ("Smart Kards," Comp Snooping at IRS/FBI, & more) File 5--CuNews -- ("Hackers need not Apply" & more) File 6--Table of Contents for Volume #1 (of P/H Msg Bases) File 7--Graduate Paper Competition for CFP-'94 File 1--Report on Summer Hack-Tic Conference in the Netherlands File 2--Another View of the Hack-tic '93 Conference File 3--Computer Culture and Media Images File 4--Media Images of Cu Digest - CuD Response to SunWorld File 5--CORRECTION on Graduate Paper Competition for CFP-'94 +++++ CONTENTS, #5.65 (August 24 1993) File 7--Graduate Paper Competition for CFP-'94 File 1--Report on Summer Hack-Tic Conference in the Netherlands File 2--Another View of the Hack-tic '93 Conference File 3--Computer Culture and Media Images File 4--Media Images of Cu Digest - CuD Response to SunWorld File 5--CORRECTION on Graduate Paper Competition for CFP-'94 ++++++ CONTENTS, #5.66 (Aug 26 1993) File 1--SPECIAL ISSUES ON BIBLIOS AND RESOURCES File 2--Computerization & Controversy (Biblio Resource) File 3--40Hex is now a print magazine File 4--"In a Different Format" (Review of gender/comp thesis) File 5--"Smoking Dope on IRC--Play/Performance in Cyberspace" File 6--Classifying Grad Theses & Dissertations as "private?" File 7-- O'Reilly Internet Information Service File 8--"The Internet Letter"--Internet's First Commercial Digest +++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.67 (Aug 29 1993) File 1--Having Problems Reading CuD with your Software? File 2--FERPA Redux--more on disses/theses as "private records" File 3--Cops plead no contest to selling data File 4--Article on Patient Privacy File 5--CuNews - Whitehouse Mail; SPA's "Cities of Pirates" File 6--Technology Conversion Conference File 7--"Dirty Dan" Teaches "anti-hacking" to 3rd Graders File 8--Calif Assem. Bill #1624 - Latest Full Text +++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.68 (Sep 1 1993) File 1--SPECIAL ISSUE -- THE INFORMATION SOCIETY (Biblio list) ++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.69 (Sep 5 1993) File 1--The Ware House BBS Case Reconsidered File 2--Additional Facts in The Ware House (Hartford) BBS Case File 3--Plea for money forwarded from the IIRG File 4--Calif AB 1624 *IMMEDIATE* ACTION NEEDED or 1624 will die! File 5--Model Letter in Support of Cal E-Access Law (AB 1624) +++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.70 (Sep 8 1993) File 1--World Wide Web Newsletter Information File 2--Big time hacker from the small town File 3--Re: A Class Like None Other [revised] File 4--Imaginary Government Reply to Jim Warren's Model Letter File 5--'Zine Watch: CRYPT, GRAY AREAS and BOARDWATCH File 6--Other BBSes Carrying CuD File 7--Phrack now only available on the CuD shadow archives File 8--EFF Position Opening--DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS File 9--Canadian Document Database File 10--UK Privacy International Conference File 11--CALIF E-ACCESS BILL (AB #1624) PASSES!!! +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.71 (Sep 12 1993) File 1--Law enforcement in the Elansky case File 2--The Elansky Case and the (edited) Anarchy Files Reprinted File 3--More Non-Net Sources for CuDs, Phrack, etc +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.72 (Sep 16 1993) File 1--Still more on the Elansky/Hartford BBS Case File 2--Thoughts on the Elansky Case - A Response File 3--Attitude TV show about hackers in Australia File 4--CuNews File 5--CPSR Annual Meeting +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.73 (Sep 19 1993) File 1--U.S. Gov't Begins Attack on Moby Crypto File 2--Phil Zimmermann's Comments on the Moby Crypto Incident File 3--Crypto Witchhunt? File 4--PRESS RELEASE--Clinton Appoints Sci/Tech Czars (satire) File 5--Libertarian Responsibility of The Cyberpunk Movement (Reprint) File 6--CuNews File 7--Summary of Boys in front of Computers (Thesis) File 8--UPDATE #30-AB1624: Gov Has Until Oct.10th File 9--NETSYS.COM - Public Access availability +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.74 (Sep 22 1993) File 1--Phil Zimmerman Comments on Encryption Flap File 2--NEW State Dept FLASH on Moby Clipper (Grady Ward) File 3--"Secret Science" File 4--Comment on Elansky BBS/Conn. Law File 5--Fingerprinting Welfare Recipients File 6--Gov't Computer Databases & Right to Privacy (Thesis Abst) File 7--Revised WH E-mail FAQ +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.75 (Sep 26 1993) File 1--THE ANARCHISTS AMONGST US: Is PBS One of *THEM?* File 2--Elansky/Hartford BBS Update, 25 Sept '93 File 3--Raising the Issue of Copyright on the Nets File 4--Ethics of reposting File 5--Number of CuD Articles File 6--CuD Posting Policies and Processes (A Response) File 7--September 29 BBLISA meeting] File 8--The State of Security of Cyberspace (SRI Research Summary) +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.76 (Sep 29 1993) File 1--Bruce Sterling on ABC/Australia's Attitude (excerpts) File 2--the Cyberspatial Copyright File 3--Forum for Research on Virtual Culture File 4--Computer-Mediated Comm Volume -- Call for Papers File 5--Question EFF yielding of crypto authority to NIST File 6--PGP/Zimmermann News Clippings Needed! File 7--EFF's Comments to NIST on Encryption/Escrow File 8--Three Cheers for Legal Action; Re: Mody Crypto File 9--PumpCon II +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.77 (Oct 3 1993) File 1--Grady Ward DOES NOT Encourage Illegality File 2--Response to Jerry Leichter in re Moby Crypto File 3--EFF RESPONDS TO PGP CASE File 4--Summary of BBLISA meeting (CuD 5.75) File 5--E-Jrnl of Virtual Culture--Gender Issue Call For Papers File 6--B. Sterling's Keynote address at EFF/EFF-Austin Crypt Conf File 7--Summary of EFF/EFF-Austin Cryptography Conference +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.78 (Oct 6 1993) File 1--The Elansky Case (A Response to CuD's Editors) File 2--CuD and the Elansky Case (Response to L. Detweiler) File 3--CA state Legislative Info Bill File 4--U. Minn. Campus Police Investigate Software Theft Ring File 5--Computers & Writing Call for Proposals File 6--ACTIVIST ALERT-CPSR Solicits CLIPPER/SKIPJACK comments +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.79 (Oct 10 1993) File 1--FOIA Releases 10-4-93 File 2--CPSR Key Escrow Comments File 3--Sea Joins the Encryption Game File 4--Re: ITAR and export regulations File 5--Sexual harassment via computers (newspaper article). File 6--The Net and Netizens (Paper) File 7--E-mail Announcements From O'Reilly & Associates File 8--A Few More CuD-Carrying BBSes File 9--Survey: what harassment _is_ there on the Net? +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.80 (Oct 13 1993) File 1--CALIF AB1624 signed into law - PUBLIC INFO ACCESS! File 2--Thanks to The folks who made AB1624 possible File 3--Response to Cohen in re ITAR & Export Regs File 4--Space computer hacker gets bond. File 5--all eff.org machines moving 10/15-10/18 File 6--IGC Wins Public Interest Aw File 7--Response to PGP Encryption Flap (RE:CuD 574) File 8--Elansky/Hartford bbs Hearings - Case Continues +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.81 (Oct 17 1993) File 1--Another BBS/Bombing Connection (Ill.) File 2--BBS "Porn" Bust in Oklahoma - Another LE Misstep? File 3--A Few Biblio Items (Paulsen, Encryption, & P. Zimmerman) File 4--Fourth Annual HOHOCON File 5--"Hacker" Documentary Proposed File 6--CuNews File 7--Student Pugwash Conference File 8--Response to CuD 5.80 - Itar article ++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.82 (Oct 20 1993) File 1--Fair Info Practices with Comp. Supported Coop Work File 2--LA Times does cyphertech; odds & ends File 3--IGC Wins Social Responsibility Award File 4--Full Description of Proposed "Hacker" Documentary" ++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.83 (Oct 24 1993) File 1--CuD is taking TWO WEEKS OFF (Returning 7 November) File 2--Elansky Accepts Plea Agreement (Hartford BBS update) File 3--A Foreign Embassy Information Infrastructure File 4--DES Broken? File 5--Computers & Sustainable Society File 6--Students Suspended For Electronic Documents File 7--NOMA (Nat'l Online Media Association) BBS Org. Formed File 8--A Reporter meets "cyberpunks" (news item) File 9--"Cyber Comics" (Monterey Cty Coast Weekly Summary) File 10--Belated response to F. Cohen (CuD 5.80) ++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.84 (Nov 7 1993) File 1--Computers, Freedom, and Privacy '94 Conference File 2--CFP '94 Scholarship Announcements File 3--Korea 94: Call for Papers File 4--CPSR NII Paper File 5--DES: Broken! File 6--NAFTA mandates software patents (fwd) File 7--Phiber Optik Sentenced to One Year in Prison ++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.85 (Nov 10 1993) File 1--Electronic 'Zine List ++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.86 (Nov 14 1993) File 1--Details on Phiber Optik Sentencing (Newsbytes Reprint) File 2--Sentencing in Elansky Case set for Nov. 19 File 3--BCS Community Technology Publication Available File 4--NII Call for Action File 5--On-Line Access to Gov't Info in Texas File 6--CPSR NII Call for Action File 7--DOS 6.2 BUG!!! ++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.87 (Nov 17 1993) File 1--Mike Godwin's Letter to Judge Stanton (in re phiber optik) File 2--Another Comment on Phiber sentencing File 3--CuD Commentary on Phiber Optik Sentencing File 4--CPSR Crypto Resolution File 5--Operation "Root Canal" File 6--ANNOUNCEMENT/Cyberculture Documenatary (fwd) File 7--Internet Encyclopedia (Interpedia) group project/mailing list File 8--Dos Bug (Re CuD 5.86) File 9--Students Suspended For Electronic Documents File 10--U.S. Law and the Constitution File 11--DES Key Search Paper Available +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.88 (Nov 21 1993) File 1--Michael Elansky ("Ionizer") Sentenced / Saga ends File 2--Electronic Bill Of Rights and Responsibilities File 3--Student sues to regain Internet access File 4--Toll Fraud on French PBXs--Phreaking File 5--Brendan Kehoe File 6--Advertise your skills! +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.89 (Nov 28 1993) File 1--Cyberspace and Social Struggle File 2--Computers and the Poor: A Brand New Poverty File 3--A Psychopunk's Manifesto File 4--ANNOUNCEMENT: Markey Bill debuts in House File 5--Response to Steshenko case (in re CuD 5.88) File 6--What's a "CuD?" File 7--CuD has Moved to a New LISTSERV at UIUC ++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.90 (Dec 1 1993) File 1--Conference in Russia File 2--HR 3627 - Export Controls on Cryptography Software File 3--Psuedospoofed again File 4--re: Student sues to regain Internet access (CuD 5.88) File 5--Re: Cu Digeset, #5.89 File 6--Commentary on Cyber-issues in Elansky/Ionizer Sentence ++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.91 (Dec 5 1993) File 1--Anarchy Gone Awry File 2--PC Security books reprints material from AIS (Review) File 3--Apple Computers bitten by Conservatives File 4--GAO Report on Computers and Privacy File 5--New Docs Reveal NSA Role in FBI Digital Tele Proposal File 6--REMINDER: CFP '94 SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINE APPROACHING File 7--DIAC-94 Call for Participation +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.92 (Dec 8 1993) File 1--Senator Simon Introduces Privacy Bill File 2--Cantwell & Markey bills, GAO report, etc. online at EFF File 3--ANNOUNCEMENT: DPSWG Crypto-Policy Statement to White House File 4--A Superhighway Through the Wasteland? File 5--Health Privacy Radio Program File 6--Apple "Accepts" Texas Bigotry +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.93 (Dec 12 1993) File 1--Internet Resources -- U.S. Federal Gov't Information +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.94 (Dec 15 1994) File 1--EFF Policy on Cryptography and Privacy / 8 Dec '93 File 2--CPSR Clipper Letter to Clinton File 3--EFF Statement on Markey Infrastructure Bill File 4--Child Porn Bust in North Carolina File 5--Complaints prompt Patent Office hearings on SOFTWARE PATENTS File 6--Edited ASIS '94 Mid Year Meeting Announcement ++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.95 (Dec 19 1995) File 1--CUMMULATIVE SUBJECT/TOPIC INDEX TO CuDS - Vols 1 to 4 ============== END CONTENTS, VOL 5 =================== ------------------------------ End of Computer Underground Digest #6.01 ************************************